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17 Tips to Build Your Instagram Aesthetic Feed in 2023

It is a no brainer logic that an Instagram aesthetic feed is a clear winner. The classy and perfect Instagram feeds gain eyeballs yielding you more followers and leads.

Everybody loves high-quality, thematic feed brimming with vibrancy. When you are into some serious Instagram worthy business, this becomes a dire need!

SocialPilot suggests that more than 25 million businesses use Instagram to promote their services and products.

Why so much fuss?

More than 200 million users scroll through at least one business account every single day, while 74% of the users bought a product after coming across it on Instagram.

The marketing possibilities are endless since the world is hooked to this app. You can make use of this, and your business will thrive like none other by implementing just little tricks. A killer feed will always fetch you more followers.

If you want to be the next influencer in demand or be the business name that everyone has on the tip of their tongue, then these are must-tries. If you are wondering how to make your Instagram feed aesthetic or to give your Instagram feed design a refreshing look, these are worth a shot.

Now the blaring question is how to have an aesthetic Instagram feed?

Here is a compilation of 17 amazing tips to get an Instagram aesthetic feed so you can infuse life into it.

This Blog will cover the following:

Let’s begin without any further ado.

1. Choose a niche

One of the deadliest mistakes many bloggers are guilty of committing is starting without a niche. Sticking to one niche is important. Down the line, you will be known for that niche as you dive deeper into it.

Try writing down the ones sparking your interest or are related to your business in some way or the other. Scribble down the content ideas for your perfect Instagram feed.

Narrow down the ones where you can consistently generate content so you don’t burn out in just a week or less. You got to stick to this niche, so your followers come back for more of your expertise.

Similarly, for business accounts, people will follow you to know about your business and its offerings. Your feed will reveal a lot about the culture, your USP, new launches and announcements, testimonials, so on and so forth.

These all will be evident from your perfect Instagram feed.

2. Target audience

Once you zero in on the niche, your next circle in the actionable chart will bear this topic- Target Audience. You would want your followers to be your future customers.

Niche is still a dense jungle for lead hunting unless you have a set target persona. It will also help you create content that is currently in demand to increase engagement.

Know your audience and their demographics as age, gender, and roles so you can use your expertise to tackle their queries.

Say you run an account for selling hair products. It would help if you were asking yourself, “Who will buy them?”. May be customized hair products for girls in their teenage and mid-twenties will add better clarity.

Identify the convincing buyer persona and exhibit yourself by assisting them. It should be very well conveyed by your informative yet Instagram aesthetic feed, giving them enough reasons to hit on the follow button.

LOReal Paris

L’OReal Pariss picture-perfect feed shows beauty products for their lovely lady followers, tempting them to be their customers.

3. Strive for relevancy

Posting random images every day with no connection to the previous posts will make your audience lose interest. As a result, they will bounce away in utter confusion.

So strive for relevancy in the feed.

Now imagine if you are into the bakery business, you indeed would not be posting a picture of a Ferrari amidst the gooey chocolate muffins and fantastic cakes you baked.

Makes sense, right?

Start a thread. Have a central idea, so your feed weaves a storyline revolving around it. Make sure that everything seems coherent and not just some random out of the blue postings.

An occasional peep into a potential competitor’s feed will also let you fill in the gaps. You can even know what type of feed is working for them and whatnot, so you can plan yours accordingly.

Black Paris

Black Paris is slaying in an iconic black theme. The classy black feed gives a dominating yet powerful look to their feed, garnering instant attention.

4. Grid plan

Your Instagram grid layout must be enticing enough to captivate the attention of any visitor. Plan every square of the grid in your aesthetic Instagram feed to have a consistent layout. You can choose from the following Instagram grid template types:


This Instagram feed design uses a pair of complementary colors, which are used alternatively. It depicts the creative use of text and visuals.

Checkerboard Theme

Vertical line and diagonal

Reserve the middle tiles for the vertical line feed for a similar type of post in a single line. The right and left tiles bear a resemblance. It gives your feed a clean and sleek look. You can also reserve the tiles falling in a diagonal line for a diagonal theme.

Vertical Theme

Row by row

In the case of this Instagram grid template, three tiles in a row need to be similar in terms of colors and style. It is best for experimentation, as every row becomes a new combination set.

Row Theme


This is the default Instagram grid layout where every tile speaks of a unique tale but has a generic font and color.



Every tile is a jigsaw piece, which gives a bigger picture when seen as a whole. This tricky layout has an impactful branding vibe.


5. Theme customization

It is fair to be dazzled by a plethora of themes. There is no rulebook to the perfect Instagram aesthetic feed theme. You can have your creative juices flowing while experimenting with them. Check out some themes right away.

You can go for the vibrant palette and follow these themes.

  • Tile theme
  • Rainbow theme
  • Border theme
  • Pastel theme

You can also play safe with these aesthetic themes.

  • White theme
  • Dark theme
  • Monochrome theme
  • Tropical theme

How to make an Instagram theme

You can come up with your own set of designs. You can either use some strokes and customized borders for each of your posts. Categorize the content to assign a different theme to it.

Suppose your niche is tourism. How would you like your feed to appear? Maybe mountain trips in one row, beaches in another. You can also segregate based on countries, seasons, or regions accordingly. Try nature, wildlife, beach, resorts, etc., giving each category a customized theme.

You can use Layout from Instagram and Boomerang too for this. You can explore A Colour Story also.

Instagram Layout

6. Colour palette

Every color follows certain philosophies.

So what is your brand philosophy, and which color will represent it the best?

You can either be loud or subtle with the color palette you choose. That color punch you can show in the font or the subject. You can use it as a plain solid background too.

The sunrise colors like red, yellow, and orange signify passion and positivity. The shades of green, blue, and purple are symbolic of calmness and relaxation. Black, on the other hand, has a mystery element associated with it.

Go for a primary one color palette or play safe with pure white. You can be bold with a dash of blue and a hint of green or even a vintage tint.

Choose at most of the 3 base colors and play accordingly with their gradients. If you want a bit jazzy, then have complementary shades like black and white, yellow and black, etc.

Play with the temperature toning and make sure to keep it consistent. If you choose to slide to the warmer undertone, follow the same throughout.

You can also try the blue effect of cool toning.


Yellow.aesthetics are bold with a sunny yellow theme feed. It draws immediate attention to the yellow bricked feed showcasing their firm belief in happiness.

7. Filter selection

Give your perfect Instagram feed an upgraded look with filters. There are multiple tools for adding filters with many customizations.

Filters intensify and improvise the light factor, highlighting the rudimentary. Adjust the saturation accordingly.

Some of the basic filters available on Instagram are as follows:

  • Juno
  • Ludwig
  • Aden
  • Lark
  • Clarendon
  • Lo-fi
Instagram Effects

8. Font and typography

Fonts and typography are emotion and impression builders. Your content might be spot on, but any hickory-dickory font might kill the purpose.

For the content of the posts, stick to one type of generic font family and typography. If you want some out of box fonts too for your aesthetic Instagram feed, then you can quickly browse to Igfonts.


All you need to do is to type out and choose the style you want. You can also design your very own font types and try different combinations.

But the important thing here is that it should appear cohesive and should not be fiddling with your audience’s mind. Make sure it is readable and has a good feel vibe in it.

Another hack to fix your Instagram feed like a pro is to design banner images about your brand. The image must be synonymous with your outlook towards the work or service you are providing, bringing out your style statement.

They do not need to be mainstreamed. Giving your feed a scrollable canvas look, focusing on detailing, so the bigger picture comes out nicely.

It can be quite a task. So you need to plan and work it out with utmost care.

Instagram Banner-instagram-aesthetic-feed

Banner image of nubleys is yet another mind-blowing example of an aesthetic feed.

10. Save is the new like

Save is the new like, yes you read it right!

The more people save your posts, the more new views it garners. So your posts should tempt your viewers to tap on the save icon. Save also implies that your followers are interested in you, and they are saving your posts to make a decision later in your favor.

Say you are into customized Lipstick making business and announce a giveaway alert. Your followers might find it alluring and save it to make a deal with you later.

Your number of saves on quality feed posts thereby can give a rough estimation of your online sales at times too. Based on this, you can build your strategy accordingly. Break the monotony of your feed occasionally with exciting offers or collaborations to be saved.

11. Minimal photo editing

That additional lighting and cropping out irrelevant extras make stark differences. With multiple photo editing apps, not owning a professional camera setup doesn’t hurt much.

Start small and decide the matter. Take a bunch and pick out the best.

If this seems like an ordeal, you can always take aid from Unsplash for HD images.

Remember, 1080px by 1080px is the appropriate Instagram post size but experimenting with the portrait and landscape approximations gives astounding results.

VSCO is the favorite go-to photo editing app for most of the Influencers having various filters for free. Afterlight, Snapseed, and A Colour Story are runners up. In addition, the BeFunky editing tool helps you create unique posts and stories that bring in more followers on your Instagram profile.

Blur and focus, add a vignette to the borders, straighten, and rotate the image to get that perfect angle.

12. Approve tags

With great branding comes lots of tagging. It can distort your tagged feed on Instagram. So leverage the hide post feature.

Instagram notifies every tag, so make sure you check them once manually before they appear in your Instagram aesthetic feed.

You can do this by toggling to settings from the Photos of You tab and enabling the “Manually approve tags” option by clicking on Edit.

It will ensure that every tag goes under your proof check surveillance.

You can also opt to Remove or Hide a particular image if it does not go as per your taste and style.

13. Location-specific offers

Make sure you add the location whenever you are posting. It not just adds credibility to the post but also attracts views from that location.

90% of the accounts follow Instagram. The ones with location have 79% better engagement than the ones without location tags.

Your followers get to know your business location almost instantly, which piques the interest of local Instagrammers. You can also have campaigns based on your location favorites and trends, which will flood in engagement with the least amount of effort.

14. Consistency key

Be it the timing of posting or the filter you are using, the Instagram algorithm loves consistency, and so does your audience. Be active and seize the consistency factor.

If you have a quote posted on Monday, then block all Mondays for that.

The tone you use in your posts to address the audience must be consistent too. Try using the second person narrative in your post content. Be consistent with the theme also. Don’t switch between themes abruptly, as it might trigger your dear followers.

Lastly, try posting more because the more you post, the more visibility you attain once visibility is achieved, engagement and click rates increase, and sales growth.

15. Leveraging story

Build curiosity with Instagram stories. Keep your followers hooked to your profile with new alerts and announcements. Tempt them to follow you so they don’t miss out on anything and stay updated.

2.5 stories are the average story count per week by top brands, as revealed by SocialPilot.

Whenever you post, make sure you build the hype with a story feature after or before posting it, so a great many people engage with you. You can also use Instagram polls and questionnaires to interact with your followers directly. It will also help you in coming up with new content ideas.


To maximize the impact of your Instagram stories, consider finding the right Instagram influencers who have a strong following in your niche and partner with them. You can see examples of influencers using Instagram stories above.

16. Hashtag play

Hashtags are trending not just on Twitter alone but on Instagram as well.

70% of the hashtags on Instagram are branded.

It also brings you on to the field for a neck to neck competition with others.

A post with no hashtags has the least engagement, whereas posts with five hashtags do incredibly well.

Digital Marketing Hashtag

Elevating the visibility rate, hashtags make your aesthetic Instagram feed discoverable. Reaching out to your identical tribe becomes easy with hashtags in place.

17. Planned schedule

Now that the feed plan is ready, execution is next. Please don’t waste time posting manually but schedule the posts instead.

This saved effort you can utilize in designing the post content rather than staring at the clock to post at that perfect time to gain visibility.

If you handle multiple accounts, then the tracking becomes an added menace. With SocialPilot, you can do all these and much more in a few clicks.

You can also get in-depth metrics and complete analysis, so you never lose track of any likes, follow, and comment. Say no to delayed replies with social inbox, which lets you respond to messages of all of your social media handles in one place.



You are all set to enter into the pro clubs of must-follow Instagram accounts. Now you know how to make your Instagram feed aesthetic.

Use these 17 tips quickly, and you will get the results you deserve.

Never miss out on any day without posting, and keep on adding the jive to your feed.

Let’s make scrolling fun!

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