5 Amazing Agorapulse Alternatives for Upscaling on Social Media

Are you searching for a social media management tool that would be the perfect alternative to Agorapulse?

Agorapulse is, without a doubt, probably one of the best digital marketing tools. Nevertheless, it is not the only one available on the market worth considering. Agorapulse is a well-known social media management solution that caters to companies of all sizes.

However, this does not guarantee that it is the finest. It, too, has several flaws and limitations.

There is no unified channel to display in Agorapulse because it has each network in categories. Neither does it integrate with Pinterest nor with Google My Business. Agorapulse only allows you to schedule one image at a time; therefore, you won’t be able to schedule a whole carousel post using it.

Agorapulse could also be too pricey for small-scale companies unless their free version with limited capabilities meets your requirements.

If these flaws concern or annoy you, it’s time to explore Agorapulse alternatives.

In this article, we’ll tell you about five Agorapulse alternatives that will automate several social media tasks and elevate your social media presence effortlessly.

Let’s explore them one by one!

1. SocialPilot


SocialPilot is one of the best Agorapulse alternatives on our list. It’s a low-cost, high-impact tool that can help you maintain and upscale your social media presence. SocialPilot is an excellent choice for everyone β€” from small businesses and agencies to influencers and regular folks.

It provides you with various solutions that can help you save time while effortlessly managing and promoting your brand image across all major social networking sites. You can automate several manual processes using SocialPilot’s advanced capabilities.

You can also improve your brand’s social media presence by being more consistent and driving meaningful engagement for better outcomes. Another reason why many people prefer SocialPilot is its exceptional customer service. They make every effort to respond and assist you as quickly as possible.

Why Pick SocialPilot over Agorapulse?

  • You may easily create, schedule, and publish content on social media using SocialPilot’s social media scheduling feature. You can use SocialPilot’s in-built search engine to add images, GIFs, and videos to make your content look unique and engaging.
  • SocialPilot allows you to bulk schedule up to 500 social media posts in advance, ensuring that your brand stays constant, reaches a larger audience, and brings in good and genuine engagement. This functionality ensures that you never miss a posting while your audience is active.
  • Compared to digital marketing tools that limit your research to ten or more keywords, SocialPilot allows you to research as many keywords as you require.
  • Analytics tools are a necessary part of social media management. SocialPilot has an advanced analytic tool that generates performance reports and insights for several popular social networking sites.
  • SocialPilot provides an analysis of the performance of the selected page, an assessment of the audience’s expansion, and a demographic breakdown.
  • By narrowing your research for content posted in the last few hours, days, or weeks, SocialPilot can help you discover the most current and relevant content ideas.
  • The social media calendar tool in SocialPilot allows you to see your content marketing strategy in action. This feature helps streamline your social media sites and increases engagement through planning, organizing, and implementation.
  • This tool automatically posts your favorite blogs to your social networking accounts. You can use SocialPilot to integrate your site’s RSS feed to any other site you desire.
  • When you click the add-on button feature, it instantly creates the foundation of a post by including the meta tag and link of the website you navigated to.
  • On web browsers like Google Chrome, Firefox, and Safari, the SocialPilot browser extension can be installed and used.
  • SocialPilot provides customized white-labeled reports that you can mail to clients or download as Pdf documents. This function eliminates the need to prepare reports every month manually.
  • Like many other social media tools with similar capabilities, SocialPilot does not require you to purchase a separate subscription for each feature, nor does it cost you per user.
  • Using its social inbox feature, you can handle your or your client’s messages and comments from a centralized point.

What Do Users Say About SocialPilot?

Jennifer W.

I love being able to schedule multiple posts for multiple accounts and batch content. The analytics are good too. We can have way more accounts vs. some of the other sites out there. I also love that I can set groups and select multiple accounts with one click. There is an option to export reports with your company logo on them to look very professional. Another feature that I absolutely love is the hashtag counter. SocialPilot is the only program I’ve seen that includes this, and it’s a game-changer!

Lindsey F.

I absolutely love being able to schedule all of my social media posts in one spot for the week across all platforms. It makes my job so easy, and I don’t have to remember to keep posting constantly.

Brian W.

I had been using another company to facilitate all of my social media posts; however, the number of accounts I needed took me out of the search for the free products and jumped up pretty quickly to some prohibitive pricing. SocialPilot fit a perfect price point and got me connected to all of my social media accounts very quickly. I can make my posts and schedule them as I like. Thank you!

2. Buffer


Buffer is one of the oldest and traditional social media tools, and it’s the next on our list of Agorapulse alternatives. It integrates well with Facebook, Pinterest, Twitter, Instagram, and LinkedIn. Buffer promotes itself as a social media marketing tool that enables engagement, posting, and monitoring.

Like the other social media sites mentioned earlier, Buffer has all the capabilities required for effective social media marketing. Buffer’s scheduling functionality is amazing, enabling you to schedule content up to a month ahead of time.

Buffer offers the benefit of allowing ad-hoc publishing, making your account more active. It also supports Zapier, CoSchedule, SharpSpring, WordPress, and other third-party app interfaces, services, and add-ons.


  • Buffer’s user interface is user-friendly.
  • It has its own link shortener called Buffly.
  • Buffer has a good customer support facility for its users.

Elizabeth H.

The ability to link to all different social media accounts. The extension for the web browser is amazing and easy to use. The app for the smartphone is also very easy to use. The free version also has a lot of features. If you do not have a lot of social accounts, the free version works perfectly. You can track the engagement and analytics of your posts. You can actually comment and engage on your posts from the website or app! It’s very inexpensive.


  • Buffer does not allow you to work or collaborate with your clients under a single platform.
  • Buffer’s premium version is not budget-friendly.

Charles F.

If you’re using this platform from an agency perspective, meaning you have multiple clients and multiple internal and external stakeholders, this platform falls short. It lacks in critical areas, including not supporting multiple users, not having an option for client access.

3. Sprout Social


Lots of companies around the globe use Sprout Social’s social media management services, making it one of the top Agorapulse alternatives. It unifies your social media posting, management, engagement, monitoring, and analytics into one smart inbox.

Sprout Social is a single unified channel that showcases all of your social comments, messages, and mentions in one place. You can filter Sprout Social’s channel based on whatever networks you want to see or use. In addition, it excels at generating combined reports.

Sprout Social comes with several advanced features that might improve your company’s overall productivity. The tool’s uniqueness comes from Sprout Social Analytics, which provides an unrivaled range of reports. However, it comes with a rather high cost.


  • It has excellent team collaboration features.
  • Sprout Social’s dashboard presents every piece of information in an organized manner.
  • Its integration with the social CRM system ensures that social media administration is managed comprehensively.

Lila S.

Sprout Social is the easiest social media post scheduler out there. It’s simple and organized and works great for teams, especially the approval feature for content.


  • Sprout Social’s plans are very expensive.
  • Users have complained that Sprout Social’s customer service is not very supportive.

Lindsey L.

Sprout Social is a bit more expensive than other platforms, but you truly do get what you pay for. My only wish was that you could schedule Instagram stories from the desktop, but the app does make it really easy.

4. Hootsuite


Hootsuite is a feature-rich tool for digital marketers that different teams in a company can use. It outperforms other similar tools on the market in terms of analytics and interactive content calendars. In this interface, several app integrations work seamlessly.

Its web interface does not necessitate any additional installations. Hootsuite makes scheduling, publishing, monitoring, and analyzing your social media operations effortless. It provides features to boost your posts, gain genuine insights from social media engagements, and optimize social media marketing.


  • Hootsuite also provides flexible and dynamic social media management services for fast-growing businesses.
  • Hootsuite integrates with over 20 social media sites and 150 apps like Slack and Trello.
  • It offers a free version for its users.

Charity R.

As someone who uses Hootsuite’s “Free” plan, I’m incredibly impressed by what Hootsuite offers in the plan. My favorite tool on Hootsuite is the “Streams.” I can sort scheduled posts, past posts, mentions, and followers’ posts by social media platform using “Streams” on my dashboard.


  • Although it’s been on the market for social media management for a long time, Hootsuite is a relatively difficult tool to use.
  • Hootsuite’s advanced features are a bit pricey.

Joshua B.

The UI was way too busy on certain pages, but the calendar view was convenient and clean, so I could visualize what we had planned for the coming weeks. The price went up a few months ago, and it priced us out. It’s not worth the new pro prices they have listed.

5. eclincher


eclincher is the last on our list of Agorapulse alternatives and is a good choice for digital marketers and companies aiming to optimize their social media management. It has several functionalities that make it a promising alternative for social media publishing and successful community management.

You can use the social media management features of eclincher to automate a variety of operations from a single dashboard. All the top social media sites are integrated well into the user interface.

With eclincher, multiple social media profiles can be easily handled by coworkers. It includes an auto-post option to publish your content without scheduling it. eclincher connects with various marketing technologies, optimizing marketing management efficiency and productivity.


  • It allows you to schedule posts on top social networking sites and offers third-party integrations with applications like Google Dynamic Links, Canva, Google Analytics, Zendesk, and more.
  • It offers you a 14-day free trial to check out its functionalities.

Matt F.

Fits all my needs. Can post to Youtube, Instagram, Facebook, etc., all from a unified place. Also, I was really happy to discover their auto queues. I haven’t seen the tool before, but it seems unique. It allows you to have 50 old posts that are evergreen and recyclable to bridge the gaps in your social schedule.


  • eclincher’s premium version is not very affordable.
  • Its collaboration feature is only available in its paid version.

Jamie C.

Not very intuitive for users. Auto-post is confusing, and the ‘Add and manage accounts’ pop-up looks messy/is confusing. The app doesn’t keep me logged in. Customer service tried to help me with this and said it was an issue with the browser.

Summing It Up

Agorapulse is a perfectly functional tool with several functionalities. However, it may not satisfy your brand’s specific demands and will certainly not enhance your social media presence. There are various Agorapulse alternatives with reasonable prices that meet your brand and budget and are readily available on the market.

But in the end, the tool you choose should fit your social media requirements like a glove. Of these five Agorapulse alternatives, we recommend you use SocialPilot.

It is simple to use, inexpensive, and comes with excellent customer service to assist you anytime you need it. You can try its 14-day trial version and see how its outstanding functionalities perform like magic for you.

Frequently Asked Questions

🌟 What are the features an ideal social media tool must-have for agencies?

Here’s a list of features an ideal social media tool for agencies must have:

  • Advanced scheduling and publishing
  • Monitoring
  • Listening
  • Deep analysis and reporting
  • Ads
  • Team and client management

🌟 How often should I post on social media for better reach?

Experts recommend that posting once a day and a maximum of twice a day will help you gain better reach to upscale your social media presence.

🌟 What are the best Agorapulse alternatives?

Here's a listicle of a few Agorapulse alternatives that can help you automate several of your social media activities:

  • SocialPilot
  • Buffer
  • Sprout Social
  • Hootsuite
  • eClincher

🌟 Is SocialPilot a better choice than Agorapulse?

It depends on your preferences, wants, and requirements. However, SocialPilot is a better alternative than Agorapulse for managing and monitoring your social media accounts. It allows you to publish content to nine social networking sites at once, whereas Agorapulse has limited features to perform the same.

🌟 Does Agorapulse offer a free trial period?

Yes, Agorapulse offers a free trial period of 30 days to its users.

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