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7 Best Email Marketing Campaigns to Learn From

Did you know that 89% of businesses use email as their primary lead-generating channel? As a consequence, if you do not implement email marketing effectively in your company, you may find yourself falling behind. Developing a successful marketing plan is critical, and email marketing plays a crucial role in this.

On the other hand, email enjoys a user base of nearly 4 billion individuals. Furthermore, email marketing offers a return on investment of $38 for every dollar spent, which is an indication that it must be incorporated into every marketer’s toolkit.

Why is Email Marketing so Important?

Email Marketing so Important

Email marketing surpasses social media, search engine optimization, and affiliate marketing as the most effective marketing avenue. What is the reason for this?

Despite the rise of social media, many people still prefer email to other channels.

According to statistics, most of the population uses email, and the number expands every year. Since its beginning, email marketing has been a market leader, and no other marketing channel has been developed that is as cost-effective for content marketing.

Email marketing dates back to 1978, and businesses have been using it to sell their products & stay in touch with their users since learning from the best email marketing campaigns.

Furthermore, there’s no worry about algorithm updates reducing your reach. That’s why it’s getting more attention than ever to develop an effective and engaging cold email marketing strategy.

What are the Best Strategies in Email Marketing?

Best Strategies in Email Marketing

If you’re new to email marketing, it’s easy to become overwhelmed by all alternatives. It doesn’t have to be that difficult if you understand your email marketing goals and follow a systematic procedure to compose your emails.

You can always choose an email marketing service and learn from the best email marketing campaigns. We’ll lead you through 4 simple steps to develop your email marketing campaigns from scratch in this part.

1. Understand the Purpose

Before you wonder about creating an email campaign, you should figure out why you’re doing it. Ask yourself, what are your objectives for sending this email? Knowing the purpose of your campaign can help you focus your efforts and produce tangible results.

Ensure that your email marketing goals are aligned with your company’s overall goals and positively impact your bottom line, like the best email marketing campaigns.

2. Define Your Target Audience

Whatever industry you’re in, you’ll encounter many customers, each with its characteristics and desires. To boost conversions, you should categorize your subscribers for each campaign. After you’ve categorized your target audience, you’ll need to create an engaging, conversion-focused email to assist you in achieving your goal.

3. Choose Your Campaign Type

Brands send out engaging emails to achieve distinct objectives. Your objective and the intended audience will determine the type you select. The first email a subscriber receives after joining your email list or making a purchase is a welcome email series — or even a single welcome email.

Welcome emails, which have a 50% open rate, are a terrific method to introduce new contacts to your business, products, and services. Then there are cart abandonment campaigns, which are the emails sent to those customers who came to your business, added things to their basket, but departed without making a purchase.

Also, newsletters are often non-promotional and brands can use these to provide industry news and updates, tips, tactics, features, blog roundups, and other information to the subscribers. Furthermore, re-engagement emails are sent to inactive subscribers to entice them to engage with your brand and emails once more.

However, simply delivering the proper email marketing will not help you meet your objectives. In addition, you must send your email at the appropriate time, which leads us to the following stage.

4. Choose the Perfect Time

When it comes to great email marketing, timing is of top priority. Keep in mind that the best time to send an email depends on your target audience’s location and time zone, so make sure to factor that into your planning. Then use a email marketing software to get started.

One of the best ways to make sure that your email marketing approach is a triumph is to learn from others. Let’s explore some of the most successful email marketing campaigns to see what we can gain from them.

7 Best Email Marketing Campaigns to Help You Learn

It helps to learn from the best if you want to harness the power of email marketing to generate sales and grow your business in 2022.

To help you with your next digital marketing effort, we’ve compiled a list of 7 of our all-time best email marketing campaigns from big brands like Starbucks and Airbnb.

These ads teach us something about email marketing strategies, such as the necessity of good language and the effectiveness of asking for your customers’ feedback. You’ll be sure to see results from your next email marketing campaign if you use these innovative ideas and tried-and-true success methods.

1. Uber

Uber is a popular ride-hailing and taxi service that operates in several countries. Uber’s email marketing strategies have yielded significant results. Its email campaigns are really simple and easy.

The call-to-action (CTA) is obvious, and the newsletters aren’t long to read. They readily deliver all of the necessary information, which aids in delivering their message. They provide travel maps that make clients feel special in their tailored communications.


It would help if you took away from this because the content is vital, but so is a strong call to action. Instead of playing with eye-catching colors and photographs, you should focus on giving great content to your audience when designing email marketing templates and newsletters.

2. Netflix

Netflix launched a drive to reach out to a hitherto untapped demographic. It was simple for the company to identify such customers using its AI and machine learning tools. Then Netflix began sending personalized user emails based on their viewing history and preferences.

Netflix launched

This subscription campaign aided Netflix in enhancing its active user base by encouraging consumers to return to the service. The most important lesson acquired from this campaign is to take care of your users by giving them top-notch service.

Personalizing emails and notifications foster a sense of commitment and connection between people and your company, allowing you to expand enormously. That’s what you learn from the best email marketing campaigns.

When talking about Netflix, let’s not forget the back-end technology Netflix is made on – Node.js.

Node.js is a trending technology today that helps stream large amounts of content to millions of users worldwide. If you too are planning to build an app like Netflix, India is the best software development destination for you. Hire developers from India for developing your app on node.js as it can be beneficial for you to reduce the cost of app development and can help your company to scale and enhance user satisfaction.

3. Starbucks

Starbucks sells coffee, but other companies provide much better beverages. Their business is propelled by its creative marketing techniques and tactics.

Starbucks sells coffee

Starbucks sends out newsletters and promotional emails to its customers regularly, with vibrant colors and attractive visuals of coffee and other beverages. It makes customers drool over the items and encourages them to visit their businesses.

Email marketing is more than simply words on a page. You should add photographs and interesting stuff to it. Starbucks coffees are a perfect illustration of how you can enhance product sales with the correct combination of design and marketing methods.

4. BuzzFeed

BuzzFeed is a content-driven company, and no one knows emails as they do. To drive visitors to its website, BuzzFeed relies on email marketing. It uses email marketing to generate visitors by giving great content snapshots and artistic pictures.


It piques the email reader’s interest before strategically positioning a CTA to bring traffic to the company’s website. It explains that you should employ email marketing with a compelling CTA to improve website traffic if you run a content-centric website.

To do this, you’ll need an organic mailing list so you can send emails to the right people straight away. As your website’s traffic grows, so does its domain authority, and you begin to rank higher on search engine results pages.

5. Airbnb

Knowing your target audience is the major cornerstone of email marketing, so Airbnb routinely invites its customers to provide feedback via short surveys. Rather than focusing its efforts on promotional email marketing, Airbnb seeks customer input, inquiring about a customer’s booking experience.


Customers might complete the survey if the design is straightforward and the language is short. Airbnb takes a customer-centric approach to digital marketing by concentrating on data collection, a vital lesson for any aspiring email marketer.

6. Tuft and Needle

Online retailers face a huge problem with abandoned shopping carts. Tuft and Needle, a mattress firm, decided to address the issue with stronger digital marketing.

When consumers abandon their shopping carts on the Tuft and Needle website, they are sent a series of short emails about the mattress buying experience, starting with Tuft and Needle admitting how painful buying a mattress can be.

Tuft and Needle

They aren’t hesitant to be open and honest with customers about their shopping experiences. They make an effort to address any potential customer worries by reminding them of their guarantees and return policies so that customers can shop with confidence.

Tuft and Needle also take the time to educate customers about how they compare to other brands and what to look for when making a purchase, which makes their campaign one of the best email marketing campaigns. The tone is kind and helpful, leaving readers with the impression that they have received sound guidance.

7. Mint

Mint is a financial management tool from Intuit, a global company. The website enables users to keep track of their finances, from saving to investing. It’s similar to an all-in-one shop.


Mint sends customized birthday greetings to its consumers as part of an email marketing effort. It’s a tiny gesture, yet it has a big impact. Mint accomplishes this using automated email drip marketing and consumer data.

Mint does not include any marketing information or a call to action in such emails; instead, it simply wishes the consumer a happy birthday with no business expectation. However, this has a long-term impact on users, and the product expands due to the increased personalization.

Final Words

If you examine each of the best email marketing campaigns, you’ll see that they all have different aspects that contribute to their success. For some, the design was flawless. The copywriting for others was excellent.

Whatever stood out to you, it would be advantageous to utilize these email marketing campaign examples as inspiration for creating your own engaging email marketing campaigns for your subscribers.

Frequently Asked Questions

🌟 How can I entice customers to read my emails?

Users check emails that sound useful and are of interest to them. Hence, the 1st step is to be aware of your customer's demands and cope with their requirements. They answer quickly to communications that are seamless & user-friendly. Emphasize the value and benefits that you deliver to your customers. Incorporate appealing pictures, catchy CTAs & dynamic surprises to catch your user's attention.

🌟 When should I send marketing emails?

Another factor that varies greatly depending on your list is timing. Send an email once a month to build your visibility in someone's mind. Sending 2 or 3 times a month can build a connection while remaining neutral.

However, sharing emails 4 times a month can create relevant impressions. Because email frequency varies by industry, you'll have to experiment with what works best for your business.

🌟 How can I increase my subscriber list?

Offering an increment for registering yourself to get your emails is the best approach to creating your email subscriber count. You may promote this offer on your website, social media accounts, and landing pages you develop to get people to sign up.

Your leads will qualify themselves by opting in. Also, you can ask for permission to share emails & promotional materials, thereby creating more engagement!

🌟 How do I prevent users from unsubscribing?

When the subject line of your mail is irrelevant to them, users will regret it and might ignore your messages. If this happens again, people will become skeptical of you & unsubscribe from your mailer list.

To avoid this, send emails relevant to the customer's needs. Don't share emails that are solely pushed towards sales, coupons, deals & discounts regularly. To interact with customers, share details about your organization and services.

🌟 Which metrics should I be looking at for my emails?

The open rate and click-through rate are the two most essential indicators in email marketing. Subscribers will never see your entire marketing message if they don't read your emails, and if they do open them but don't click through to your site, your emails aren't converting.

You may also look at your email deliverability rate, which is the percentage of emails that made it to the inbox of the intended receiver.

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