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Facebook Marketing for eCommerce Store – A Definitive Guide

Are you tired of trying to market your store online? Facebook is still one of the great social platforms when it comes to increasing your brand awareness. It’s a powerhouse for helping you increase sales and marketing your online store growing your eCommerce business valuation. If you want to market your products, you have to market your store. If you put a bit effort every day, Facebook marketing is worth the work for you. Facebook drives lots of traffic to your online stores and it is helpful in building your business as well. Therefore, I have compiled few marketing strategies for your store that will help you a lot.

Facebook Marketing Guide

1. Define your goals:

Setup a goal

First of all, you need to set up a goal. If you have set a chosen goal, promoting your store on Facebook is going to be very easy for you. Without a specific goal, you will not achieve any of your desired results. Goals are your pit stops to ultimate success. You should set a goal for Facebook marketing that aligns with your goals for your shop. If you study your needs by using Facebook analytics, you could come up with goals such as:

  • Increasing Facebook Likes: Think about similar to building your email subscriber database for your blog or business.
  • Increase Engagement: This is where your subscribers, fans and followers can be nourished as part of your community from an initial level to a highly engaged fan.
  • Boost Sales: At last, likes are good and engagement is best but you do need calls to action to make sure that something happens.

Choose a goal that you think is achievable, but challenging. A challenging goal will be more meaningful to you and help inspire you to take steps to accomplish it. Take your time in defining your goals as this will help maximize the impact of your Facebook marketing.

2. Improve your Facebook fan page:

Improve your Facebook fan page

Secondly, if you have set up your Facebook page, now it’s time to optimize it. You may know a bit about eCommerce optimization in general, but adjusting its per your Facebook page is important.

Consider the Facebook page as a landing page. Generally, few people may come to check out your Facebook page. However, for those that do, you want them to come clicking. Either they click to like the page or they click to go check out your store. Here’s are the tips how can you do that:

i. Improve your cover photo design:

The cover photo is the first thing a visitor notices when they visit on your Facebook fan page. Therefore, try to convey your message through a great cover photo. You can include your store’s link in the cover photo. In addition, you can include a discount code in the cover image with a call to action (discount coupon works because people are more excited to check out a product when there’s discount). Make a collage of your cover photo that includes all the products so that visitor immediately knows what your store is all about. A collage also shows the variety of products you offer and attracts people to check out your shop.

ii. Add call to action to your page:

Facebook has a new feature. These are “call to action” buttons that you should use on your page. You can choose from a pre-defined set of action buttons that can be embedded into your page. You should choose “Shop Now” and enter the link to your shop. This way your viewers have a direct line of access to your website from your Facebook branding page.

iii. Include your store link in the “About” section:

In the “About” section, you can include few things such as a physical address, a video, brief description about your page, store, work and most importantly a link. Add your store link to your Facebook page’s “About” section. Anyone checking out your profile will be able to visit your store quickly and easily.

iv. Pin a post:

If you pin any post in your Facebook that stays on the top of your Facebook page no matter how many other posts you put there. A pinned post is kind of a promotional post for your Facebook page. It will always be the first post your visitors see each and every time they come to your page. You can pin post on your Facebook page at the time of seasonal promotion or you have something exclusive to promote. Other times, a pinned post may be used to showcase a discount on it.

v. Link the cover photo to your store:

The cover photo is just another photo where you can add the description. Also, you can use this space to add a link to your store. Include your store’s link in the cover photo’s description as well. If anyone is checking out your cover photo, will see the link and be interested in checking out your shop.

3. Make your daily plan: What and how to share:

Make your daily plan

Keeping up your daily posting schedule is a difficult part of Facebook marketing. If you want to make your Facebook marketing strategy work, keep your Facebook page active with the help of facebook marketing tools. In order to stay active on your page, make posts daily to your Facebook page. Daily posting doesn’t mean only 1-2 post per day; you can post multiple times a day. Let’s say you want to post 10 times on your Facebook page. Remember, you don’t want to make your page look cluttered. However, you do need to keep your page interesting with your products. You can schedule your posts by mixing it up by using:

  • 2 inspirational quotes
  • 1 interesting product video
  • 1 Funny GIF
  • 2 product items from someone’s store
  • 3 of your own products
  • 1 article related to your product

This is just as an example. Consequently, it is up to you to plan the posts that will make your page looks interesting. However, if you want to save time and effort by posting all these posts easily to your Facebook page, a social media marketing tool like SocialPilot can benefit you greatly.

4. Creating your outreach plan:

Creating your outreach plan

Only relying on scheduling your posts is not enough. You need to reach out to people, groups, admins and engage with them to increase your followers. As a result, the more fans and you have on your page, the more people will see your posts. If you want people will notice your Facebook page then here’s what you can do on daily basis:

i. Engage with Facebook group:

An important part of getting other people to notice you is by engaging or interacting with other people’s content. Therefore, you should interact in a Facebook group by liking and commenting on a few posts in the Facebook group. Also, share that post in your profile, page and give suggestions.

ii. Reach out to other similar Fan pages:

Reach out to page admins of other related pages. If you share their page on yours, they will also most likely do the same thing for you. This if referred to as a “Share for a Share” or “S4S”. This works best with pages that have the same number of fans as you do.

iii. Promote your product related post in Facebook group:

You also need to promote your product-related post. Instead of directly posting your product and link to the group, first you’ll need to promote that post on a Facebook page and then share that post in the group. With this, you can promote your product and your fan page as well.

If you want to maximize your reach, you need fans on your Facebook page. Consequently, many sellers have no business or fan page but still get traffic to their store through promoting in groups. So instead, focus on building your Facebook page with a simple daily plan and you’ll always have a marketing channel ready.

5. Evaluate the result:

Evaluate the result

In conclusion, there are lots of things you can try in Facebook marketing. First of all, you need to find out what works best for your page and eliminate what doesn’t. Make use of Facebook analytics tools to see what works the best. However, if you are not measuring the impact of your efforts, Facebook marketing can get a little boring. At last, check out how much traffic has come through your Facebook pages. Due to you completing all the things properly, you should see an increase in Facebook traffic. When you often evaluate the results of your efforts, you can get more ideas on what to do to make your Facebook marketing campaigns better over the long haul. Therefore, do not be afraid to change up and evolve your strategies with the changing times.

How do you market your eCommerce store on Facebook? What’s working for you? If you have additional tips to share for marketing eCommerce store then let us know in the comment box below.

Author: Darshan Ruparelia

Darshan Ruparelia is a B2B SaaS marketer. He is a SaaS enthusiast who helped many SaaS companies bring quality traffic through data-driven content marketing. In his free time, he loves to follow and play Cricket.