5 Facebook Publishing Tools for Massive Reach

The undisputed king of social media, Facebook, currently has over 2.91 billion active users as per Statista reports.

For everyone who wants to promote their brand through social media, Facebook is the platform that comes to mind first.

But to salvage the most out of the mammoth reach Facebook offers, one needs to be smart. One needs to share posts when the possibility of attaining engagement is highest. One needs to know how to schedule a post on Facebook. This can be done through Facebook publishing tools. You get numerous important features like video management, lead generation, and product sales.

Opting for a third-party publishing tool for Facebook can magnify your chances of success. Here are our top 5 picks for Facebook publishing tools to step up your Facebook game.

1. SocialPilot


Price: $75 for 3 users

By using SocialPilot, you can enhance the capabilities related to publishing and scheduling for your Facebook posts.

It is considered one of the most popular publishing tools on Facebook amongst companies that seek plenty of features at an affordable rate.

SocialPilot is primarily made to elevate brand awareness, reach, and traffic. Therefore, it serves as an avenue for easy and super-organized scheduling and publishing on Facebook.

Thousands of businesses trust SocialPilot as their Facebook publishing tool globally. You can upload posts in bulk and automate scheduling via the feature of RSS feed automation. You can also identify popular content and automatically publish it.

Why use SocialPilot to attain a massive reach?

  • SocialPilot offers multiple scheduling options such as saving posts as drafts, adding to queue, sharing immediately, repeating some evergreen posts, and sharing in the next time slot.
  • Curated content discovered by SocialPilot through intelligent insights is shared automatically.
  • SocialPilot also provides a calendar view of each post scheduled for publishing on Facebook.
  • The tool also provides Canva integration that facilitates sharing varied content like GIFs, infographics, carousel, images, videos, etc.
  • You can schedule as many as 500 posts on Facebook through bulk scheduling.

What are people saying about SocialPilot?

Cindy C.

What I like most about SocialPilot software is that it saves me time! I have connected my Facebook, Twitter, and LinkedIn social media accounts to SocialPilot, and I manage my accounts directly from the dashboard! This software is smart and easy to use. It is designed in such a fantastic way that anybody can learn to use it. It is so easy to schedule posts to my various social media platforms ahead of time. I just love the efficiency of SocialPilot!

Jenna D

It took me a solid 3 weeks to compare and contrast every single social media scheduling tool on the market, but I’m glad I did it! SocialPilot was BY FAR the best service for the best price. I get more from SocialPilot than I do from HootSuite or Buffer at a fraction of the cost… AND their customer support is unbeatable! Thanks for all you guys do! You’ve helped me and my business more than you’ll ever know!

Lisa D

I am a freelance SMM with a handful of clients and a growing portfolio. I tend to serve smaller businesses and entrepreneurs looking for affordable services. When looking for a content planner, it was important for me to have very specific features while also keeping the cost low so that I could pass saving on to my clients. After researching several options, Social Pilot was a great solution. Since subscribing, I have also been very impressed with their customer service. They are easy to get a hold of and to talk to. I don’t feel like I’m chatting with a robot or someone who only responds with vague prompts.

2. Buffer


Price: $120 per 10 social media profiles

Buffer is a name most social media marketers trust as their Facebook publishing tool. It is an easy-to-use tool as the user interface is highly user-friendly.

You can easily schedule your posts on Buffer and later add them to the queue to share at the best time. Buffer is considered an intuitive and affordable Facebook publishing tool.

You can also get engagement data and insights and keep a check on all your posts as they appear in one place.


  • The user interface is very good. Beginners can also use this tool with ease.
  • There is a tailored post feature that enables you to alter your posts based on the requirements of the platform you are posting them on.
  • The customer support offered at Buffer is pretty great. Whenever you encounter a problem, you receive a reply within seconds of putting up your query.

Amber C.

Buffer makes it easy to schedule your social media posts ahead of time, and you can also manage multiple different accounts from one place. At our marketing company, it’s also easy for clients to understand and use on their own time whether they’re on their phone or computer.


  • There are no advanced features for content curation. Such types of features are expected to step up the level of social media marketing.
  • You can post a maximum of 2000 posts for 25 social media accounts. This is insufficient.
  • It is not as affordable as it may appear. This is because features like performance insights are basic offerings of other tools, while here, they have to be bought separately as add-ons.

Darien C.

Quickly discovered that the platform could not suit my needs because of one insurmountable obstacle – price. The added features like direct Instagram Story & first comment seem interesting for me, but not at the cost of $663/annually when there are alternatives (be it with fewer features). With products such as “Reply,” “Publish,” and “Analyze,” featuring little to no immediately accessible descriptions, and each one carrying a different pricing structure & subscription requirement. Lastly, one feature I’ve found missing on Buffer is the ability to draft a single post that can be queued in multiple social media channels and customized for each channel.

3. Sprout Social

Sprout Social

Price: $169 per user

Sprout Social focuses primarily on Twitter, but it can also be used to manage Facebook publishing. It is considered one of the easy-to-use Facebook publishing tools that has strong automation features associated with it.

Sprout Social is not limited to managers and social media marketers. It is a complete platform that offers customer care, employee advocacy, and intelligence management in addition to social media management.


  • For personalization of the messages on your Facebook campaign, Sprout Social is a good option. There is a bot feature that can run Facebook messenger marketing separately for clients.
  • Through Sprout Social, you can post direct updates from your Feedly as you can set up a Feedly sync and an RSS schedule.

Madison W

It is easy to use and has great support staff. We use it to post on Instagram, Twitter, Facebook, and Linkedin. It is great to schedule posts, so I do not have to set a reminder to post them on my days off or after work hours.


  • Multiple account management on Sprout Social is a challenging task because of a lack of comprehensiveness. You will have to switch between distinct social accounts for individual streams.
  • SproutSocial is somewhat expensive for smaller organizations and agencies that have a few users. Although, there are some substitutes to Sprout Social that can be used for account management.

Fernando C

It is a bit expensive for companies with many workers since the program is per user and its cost too. In addition, the cost rises if you want to have more functions. I don’t like that the reports are much more prepared; I mean that a heat map can be the solution. Another element that interferes with the total productivity of the program is that it needs consistent interaction metrics on all social platforms; that is, it would be ideal that it could cover all, not just some.

4. dlvr.it


Price: $24.88 annually

dlvr.it is primarily a social media posting tool that only facilitates posting, unlike the other tools mentioned here. It offers the features of Facebook post scheduler and Facebook posting software.

Through dlvr.it, you can easily put up new content and schedule it to be published at a future time. It also offers additional features like filters, custom text, and auto hashtags, etc.

It is also fairly user-friendly for those who wish for automation of publishing on Facebook.


  • This tool helps in promoting Facebook stories.
  • By paying a dollar, you can spread your Facebook stories to search engines.

Gabriel D

You just specify the RSS feeds, connect social accounts, and set the interval. And the service does everything according to the schedule for you. Quite convenient and saves time.


  • The tool could have had a neater user interface.
  • There is no option for rescheduling and reshuffling posts.

Verified dlvr.it User

It happens that the authentication of accounts disappears, and there may be no notice about it. Also, sometimes limitations in the free version lead to the fact that the news is not as quickly published as you want. Also, the configuration process is not completely transparent and leaves much to be desired.

5. Coschedule


Price: $400 per 3 users

Coschedule can be considered a diverse platform. It has the feature of scheduling calendar and other features that help organize and manage the editorial calendar.

It offers easy integration with Hubspot and WordPress for the automation of social media publishing. Facebook publishing tools like this also facilitates easy planning of blog publishing right from the dashboard.


  • There is one dashboard for social media scheduling across multiple platforms.
  • It makes content publishing easy and delivers SEO suggestions.
  • The tool offers auto-posting for when you forget to schedule a post. Your best-performing content is posted.

Bruce M

CoSchedule removes a TON of friction from my social media workflow. That’s the biggest advantage for me.


  • The tool is not as smart as other tools because it does not offer integration with other tools.
  • The user interface is complex, and a beginner cannot use the tool.
  • Coschedule is too expensive for the range of features it offers.

Verified Coschedule User

It takes a lot to understand. It can be challenging to get your team on board as well. It is a lot to learn, which can take some time away from your day-to-day tasks. Look at the following comparison table between Social Pilot and Coschedule to make the befitting choice.


Choosing the Best Tool

Marketers with a big ambition opt for Facebook publishing tools because they know they need to beat the rest to be the best.

And the idea of beating the rest buds from managing not just Facebook but all the other social media platforms simultaneously.

While you need a tool that offers automated publishing, it should also offer deeper analytics and intelligent features for smart posting.

The eventual goal should not be restricted to increasing the reach but also increasing the effectiveness of your Facebook campaigns at a super affordable price. With SocialPilot, you get this and much more.

With exceptional features offered at an affordable rate, opting for SocialPilot is just what you need to see your Facebook reach, reach cloud nine.

Wait no more and get the finest for your social media marketing today!

Frequently Asked Questions

🌟 From where can I find the publishing tool on Facebook?

To find the publishing tools on Facebook, head over to the sidebar of your Facebook page. Here, you will see a dashboard that shows the metrics of your post and story. From here, you can create and schedule posts.

🌟 How is posting different from publishing on Facebook?

Upon posting something, the post appears on the Facebook page on which it is posted. This refers to a published post, and an unpublished post will only appear in the news feed.

🌟 How do I use Facebook publishing tools?

It is a simple task to use Facebook publishing tools. You will have to connect your social media with the tool and use it based on your content marketing strategy for all the third-party tools you chose. Here, you can salvage the tool’s capabilities like scheduling, immediate publishing, engagement building services, analytics reports, etc.

🌟 Why is it good to use Facebook posting tools?

Facebook posting tools make it easy to run targeted posts. Via features such as lead generation, video management, and product sales, Facebook publishing tools can make your publishing flawless through automation and streamlining.

🌟 Why is SocialPilot the best Facebook publishing tool?

Using SocialPilot as your Facebook posting tool, you can make your posts interactive, add geolocation to posts, schedule boost posts, manage lead ads, get reports for analysis, and bring in traffic through CTAs.

Author: Sweta Panigrahi

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