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Hidden Gems Of Pinterest That Online Sellers Should Know

Let’s suppose you are in charge of running an eCommerce site. Undoubtedly, you want to make sure that when potential buyers are interested in the products you offer, they are able to find you before they find your competitors.

However, how do you ensure that you’re being as visible as possible online?

There are several ways to market your eCommerce products, however Pinterest is the best tool among them all. Pinterest is a visual platform that can be used by eCommerce sites to market and showcase their eye-catching products.  Having an active Pinterest presence will enable you to promote your pins to a wider audience and to make that possible lot of marketers are using variety of Pinterest marketing tools. Pinterest creates a huge opportunity for both consumer focused and business-to-business companies. Therefore, it is the goal of this blog to help you learn more about the hidden gem of this wonderful platform. Here I have compiled a list of lesser-known features that will help you to fulfill your business goals on Pinterest.

Hidden Gems Of Pinterest

1. Add Pins to Twitter and Facebook:

This feature saves you time for sharing your posts on Twitter and Facebook. This is because once you have created your pin you can directly share it on Twitter and Facebook. You are going to want to do this during the time you think your audience is engaged on those two social platforms. Post during the high traffic peaks and you can expect to get noticed more!

When you are sharing pins on a social network, try to make pin description about 200-300 characters. This is the best range in order to get more re-pins. For Twitter, 100 characters are best for engagement. When it comes to Facebook, posts of 40 characters receive higher engagement. So, when you are crafting your pin descriptions with the intent to share them on Twitter and Facebook, do your best to highlight the most important points in that first sentence. It’s usually fairly apparent what people on those platforms respond to the most.

Here’s what it looks this like on Twitter once it published. Do you see how the first characters shows up before it shares the Pinterest URL?

Add pins to Twitter

When sharing on Facebook, it will be shared on your Facebook personal timeline, not your Facebook page which is for business only.

Add pins to Facebook

2. Send message to pinners who follow you:

You can easily send pins to fellow pinners (if you both follow each other), Facebook friends or email contact and include a personalized message. This is also a great tool to send to your prospects. Invite popular pinners to collaborate on a group board. Email them a pin that they will find helpful or something to help them solve their problems.

Send message to pinners

Invite a pinner to collaborate on a group board.

  • Start a group discussion based on your content you have shared.
  • Send pins to your most engaged followers you think they would like to enjoy. Also send the link to your board or website where they can find more content like it.
  • You can interact with fellow pinners in the comments. Monitoring the comments section of your pins is a great way to get feedback on your content. This helps give your audience the personal interaction they want.

3. Rich Pins Make Pins More Useful:

Rich pins are the great way to have your content stand out among the Pinterest crowd and give your products better visibility. They also provide extra information. As a result, they make it easier for people to engage with them. In addition, a rich pin ranks higher in search results on Pinterest and gives your content broader reach. Right now, Pinterest offers five types of Rich Pins: movie, recipe, article, product and place. Here are the following Rich pins:

  • Recipe Pins: It shows ingredients, cooking time and serving details.
  • Article Pins: It shows article title, author and brief description of its content. You can use article pins to post content on your blog or other online material your audience will find valuable. They can use Pinterest to bookmark articles they want to read.
  • Place Pins: This Pin include a map, phone number, and address, you can collect them onto boards with map overlays. This Pin helps customers to locate their stores. You can also gather Place Pins your customers will find useful or interesting.
  • Movie Pins: It is useful to those in the film industry and includes reviews, cast members, and ratings.
  • Product Pins: It is a great eCommerce tool. It shows an item’s price, whether it’s in stock, and can alert pinners when the price drops.

4. Group Board Settings:

By creating a group board and collaborating with pinners who have a high number of followers, you can widen your reach on Pinterest considerably. Also, inviting a contributor to a board is simple. If you are the owners of a group board, you should ensure that you keep tabs on what Pinners are pinning on that board. However, actively check group activity on what pinners are pinning. This will help you in gaining new followers.

First of all, go to your board settings and decide which boards you want to receive an email notification from when someone pins on that board. It will helpful to gather market intelligence and to see what other content is popular out there. This in turn will increase your followers as well as increase the number of re-pins.

Group board settings

5. Label Your Boards and Pins with Keywords

Whatever you write on your Pinterest board, whether it’s a title or description, matters a lot. You need to add captions to all your pins and label your boards with keywords. This way your potential customer can find what they may be searching for. The title and description of your board should easily grab the eyes of the reader and they will pin your image. For example, if people are looking for the latest trends in eCommerce then you should name one of your boards “latest eCommerce trends” or have a caption for a pin related to eCommerce. Much as the people who started searching the information using Twitter, they will begin to do that with Pinterest as well.

6. Pinterest Analytics:

The Pinterest analytics feature helps you understand how pinners are engaging with content from your site and Pins from your profile. If you want to get Pinterest analytics, you will need to create the business account first. You can also easily convert your personal account to a business account. Once you create a business account, you will get an update on future products and services that will provide great ways of reaching and understanding your audience on Pinterest.

One of the features you’ll benefit from is receiving Pinterest analytic information is how your pins are performing. Just verify your account and you will see which pins are pinned from your website or blog. Knowing this kind of information helps you to see what’s working and what’s not. You can also use social media metric tools to monitor all your social media platform analytics, including Pinterest, under one roof.

There are three types of analytics:

  • Pinterest profile
  • Audience
  • Website
Pinterest analytics

7. Customize Your Cover Image:

As an online seller, you need to pin an eye-catching, yet attractive product image as the cover for your board. Therefore, if you found a really great image, choose that one to pin as the cover board image.  If you want to change board cover, go to the board and click “edit”. Next, click “change cover” and pick a new cover for your board. Afterward, adjust the picture to the frame by clicking or dragging. Click save changes to save the cover, then save changes to save the board. Pinterest even allows you adjust the viewable portion of the image so that you can get the best look for your board. You are in complete control in how your board is presented.

Which Pinterest features have worked for your business?

I am excited to hear from you which features are helpful to you and what works in getting more growth and success for you on this platform. Share your thoughts and suggestions in the comment box below.

Author: Chandraveer Singh

Chandraveer is a content writer at SocialPilot. Writing well researched and quality content is his forte. He is an avid reader of cat memes and tries very hard to put them in company blogs. He also loves to write his bio in the third person.

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