How To Improve Your Social Media Reach – 10 Marketing Strategies

All social media platforms work with a single vision- To engage viewers with their content. While looking at the bigger picture of devising an effective social media marketing strategy, we often overlook the necessary minute details.

Yes, the small tests, experiments, and changes we can perform to our post and make it more interesting to increase your social media reach. All you have to do is to sprinkle your magic charm and play with your post to make it more compelling. Though experimentation could be a risky affair, it could be a good idea to perform a round of tests and establish metrics before trying out new social media marketing tactics.

Marketing experiments

The above infographic shows the various market tactics we can use to increase our reach on Facebook, a major social media platform. The options are galore. Some work, others do not. The need is to carefully analyze the ‘experiments’ that suits your product/service the most.

1. Use the Correct Words

Content is all about words. Words that leave an everlasting impact. They should have action, drama, emotions, and the power to convey the goal of the post.

Use the correct words

Listed above are some of the most powerful words that can make your posts more attractive and compelling. ‘You’ is the consumer. It’s omnipotent and should be emphasized continuously. ‘You’ is the conversational language and if you can connect to your audience in a conversational tone, you are a winner all the way!

Caption A- “How to make more money?”
Caption B– “5 ways in which you can boost your income

It is no secret that the second line leaves a greater impact. Simply, because it has the right choice of words!

2. Timing is Important

What we post on social media is important. Timing, albeit, is as crucial. Marketers must post their content on social media when it would be the most effective. Social media marketing tools make it easy for posting content in different time zones. Though it seems funny, people have their own time preferences when they like to read a particular content. For e.g. Funny, light, and upbeat content gets greater coverage on a Friday (people are supposedly happier……wierd!! but true). The ideal time to tweet is 12-3 pm and the peak time is 5 pm.

Timing is important

3. Customize Content for Each Platform

Are you catering to your post according to different platforms? A one-message-fits-all will not work here. You have to work your way to post your content correctly to get a uniform social media reach everywhere.

Stay Brief on Twitter

Customize content

In the above snapshot, Fast Company does not use its title, it just tweets a summary which is brief and to-the-point.

Strike a Conversation on Facebook

This is the Facebook post of IBM which is surprisingly interesting and appealing. Though otherwise technical and professional, this IBM post caters to the Facebook audience and has a relaxed tone to it.

Conversation on Facebook

Similarly, you can share images on Google +, use engaging visuals and videos for marketing on Snapchat, and engage in professional discussions on Linkedin. The idea here is to customize your content to make it more shareable and engaging

4. Play With the Tone of Your Message

The same food served on a fancy platter and presented opulently will taste better any day. That holds true for content also. Try and change the tone of your message to bring about a novel feel.

You can rephrase the same statement in the form of a question, exclamation, quirky tone, first person, third person, or anything that brings a refreshing twist.

Tone of your message

This offer was posted on Facebook By Einstein Bros Company. Instead of writing a lengthy article describing the offer, the caption just reads-‘Time is running out- Get this offer today.’

You can also use emojis and hashtags to add a tangy twist to your post, just like the snapshot below.

Use emojis and hashtags

Emojis not only add the visual flavor, they make the post easier to understand.

5. Tie-Up with Influencers for Optimum Social Media Reach

If you are looking for a sure-shot way to extend your reach, we’ve got one for you. Collaborating with influencers is one of the most effective ways to reach your audience.

Creators have the advantage of being trusted and relatable to the common folk. This makes them the best choice to create a fitting brand image for you.

But never make the mistake of underestimating influencers. They are experts at what they do, hence they have made themselves into brands whose social media reach we can leverage.

Social Media Reach

Michael Le, a huge presence on TikTok with more than 51 million followers on the platform. In the above still, he has partnered-up with clothing brand, Hugo to promote their products. Now imagine how much the brand is increasing its exposure by collaborating with him.

6. Motivate and Inspire

As per statistics, quotes get a 19% increase in retweets. They are highly shareable as they are effective and pep up the spirits.

Motivate and Inspire

The above snapshot is of Upmonk, a clothing and lifestyle brand, which uses a popular quote by Steve Jobs. It’s apt, correct, and goes with the branding of the product.

Create original content

As we see, Nike has a separate Pinterest account for its various segments. Since 80% of Pinterest users are women, Nike creates original content for Pinterest. It uses nice, motivational quotes for users to market their brand.

7. Incorporate User-generated Content

User-generated content is a great option as it engages the users to the post and also reduces the workload of the brand. Users come up with creative ideas that are showcased on the product’s page. Once you feature a customer or his services on your webpage, you will gain an ardent fan for life. You have given them the opportunity to shine and display their talent, for this, they will love you religiously.

User generated content

IKEA showcases design ideas by fans. When you show real customers using your products, it is a big social proof.

8. Balance the scale with Promotional and Useful Content

Thinking from a business perspective, you will always want to use the platform you have to promote your brand first and foremost. But let us tell you, people on social media are too perceptive these days.

If you constantly keep giving the same promotional content, it’ll backfire on you. So we’ll let you in on the perfect balance between promotional and useful content.

80-20 is the magic number. 80% of your content should be of the non-commercial kind, which does not outright depict your business agenda. Peppered in between should be your promotional content, which reflects your brand and its products clearly.

Keep it versatile with images, video, and other types of content that people would naturally engage with.

9. Increase Social Media Reach with Perfect Hashtags

We have experimented with fonts, color, tone, quotes, and even added interesting visuals. How about some extra spice? #Hashtags.

Use hashtags

The above snapshot is from the flowerona website. They use hashtags intelligently and subtly where instead of filling a single caption with hashtags, two captions are written. Hashtags have the potential to convert mundane messages into viral social media messages. They have a greater likelihood of being shared and read.

Kimgarst use hashtags lavishly

Kim Garst uses Hashtags lavishly in her posts. They make her posts more searchable. As she has used many hashtags for Facebook Friday, she will receive immense traffic in the search results.

Marketers should use hashtags not only on Twitter and Instagram, they can use them even on Facebook to increase their social media reach amongst the audience.

10. Call to Action and Landing Pages

To grab their attention- You have to appeal to your audience! So experiment with different call-to-actions to assess which attracts them the most. Keep experimenting until they are compelled to click and share whatever you present to them. Humor, fun, questions, contests, discounts, and fear, all draw the audience attention.


Call to action and landing pages

Grammarly guys sure know how to play with words. Check out how they use humor fabulously in the above picture.



The element of fear in the above ad will compel people to use the Allergy guard.



If you can convince the viewers that your product will make them happy and contended, they will go for it. Kurly Klips Extensions markets its services by educating people about curls, hair styling, and hair care. Added to that, it gives discounts, making the audience happy and elated. Hence, along with giving valuable info about hair care and styling, they promote their products in an effective manner.

So, what is the secret of some top-notch brands getting the highest number of clicks and shares? You can try various online marketing tips to stay on the top, but one simple formula never fails. Post quality content while balancing consistency and innovation with the help of free social media tools. The social media marketing success yardstick is exceptionally high, so keep improving your performance and churn out creative ideas for your posts. And of course, use the above-mentioned marketing tips to increase your hold on social media. These small trends and tools could make an everlasting impact and help your business grow exceptionally.

Author: Anwesha Ghatak

Anwesha Ghatak is a Content Writer at She writes informative blogs and tends to lose track of word count. A bookworm by nature, she finds solace in crime-fiction and historical dramas. Apart from reading and writing, she can be found watching Youtube videos on mythical folklore or fiddling with her camera.