IGTV Guide for Every Social Media Marketer

Just when IGTV video had picked up the pace with Instagram creators and influencers, reels happened.

And in this buzz of overrated short video content, IGTV took the backseat.

Instagram had high hopes with the IGTV launch in 2018. It was their sincere attempt to change the existing landscape of the video content.

But to their great dismay, IGTV didn’t go down as well as it should have. Rumours became even more prominent when Instagram waived off the IGTV icon from the Instagram feed screen as it lacked vital user interaction.

But is this the end of it?

Definitely, NOT!

IGTV video is not going to die any sooner, for sure. On the contrary, Instagram has some cartful of updates like shopping tabs and IGTV story postings in the regime, encouraging Instagrammers to use it.

So before this oldie can make a successful comeback to our Instagram feeds, let’s have a recap of the Instagram IGTV deal in detail.

What is IGTV?

IGTV app is an app by Instagram, where one can view and share videos. You can directly access it from Instagram if you want to save some ram, skipping another app download.

But there is one characteristic feature that makes IGTV an outlier from the rest of the video-sharing platforms.


Unlike platforms like Youtube, Instagram IGTV has long-form video content in vertical format. It makes IGTV the best platform for smartphone obsessed groups.

Yes, you don’t need to twist your neck or turn around your phone to enjoy full-screen videos anymore.

Instagram already has around billion-plus users glued to their smartphones, tapping and scrolling the screens gleefully. IGTV app is yet another such forum that makes use of their scrolling to benefit your business.

They are categorised in Following and For You under the IGTV Discover in Explore tab in the Instagram app.

IGTV Home Screen

The IGTV app feed, on the other hand, loads in the popular IGTV video from the accounts you follow.

You can search for the creator specific content from the Search option on the top right corner. You can explore too for newer content from the Explore icon at the bottom.

You can share your favourite Instagram IGTV with previews in the story or direct message it to others, so they don’t miss out on it either.

Why is IGTV worth it?

Instagram IGTV is indeed an indispensable tool for every social media marketer.

And it is cent percent worth it! Why?

They are perfect for sharing informational how-tos, in-depth reviews, webinars, thorough DIY sessions, incidents and anecdotes, and whatnot. You can reuse all of your Youtube videos for your Instagram base with IGTV.

Say bye to the “link in the bio” because IGTV allows you to add external links.

You can even push your Instagram Live to Instagram IGTV, so your audience need not fret about missing another of your live sessions.

IGTV is that realm where you need to vest in the least effort to get dripping attention.

Furthermore, future predictions are favouring IGTV as Instagram steps into the arena of shopping with renewed experience. IGTV will undoubtedly be playing a crucial role in the coming months.

TipsThe IGTV time limit on smartphones is 10 minutes. Video exceeding this limit will require a desktop upload.

Chanel BTS

Here is an example of a spot-on IGTV use case. Chanel gives all of their followers an exclusive glimpse of the House of Chanel with IGTV.

They have included a first-hand encounter of Marion Cotillard with Chanel covering behind the scenes glamour. It is evidently loved by the fashion enthusiasts, garnering them 460K+ views.

Oreo Vault

Recently, Oreo took the initiative of safeguarding their oreo recipe in fear of doomsday. They purchased a plot in Norway and built a vault to keep the recipe safe for generations.

They uploaded the entire journey on Instagram IGTV, and it became an instant hit fetching them 74K+ views and mass publicity.

I am sure they couldn’t have squeezed in all the thrills into a 15 seconds reel or a minute-long video. Thus, IGTV was a clear winning choice for both of these brands.

Let’s now have a look at how to make an IGTV.

Fun Facts IGTV time limit for verified accounts is for an hour.

How to make an IGTV?

Since you can view IGTV from two different apps, you can directly post it using the Instagram app and the IGTV app.

Both will ensure that your uploaded IGTV pops up in your Instagram account under the IGTV tab.

Use the desktop version of Instagram to upload an edited video’s compressed file if they exceed 15 minutes. You surely would not want your phone bursting into flames with such highly edited professional shots.

TipsEnsure your IGTV file size is less than 3.6 GB for desktop upload.

Let me break down the steps for each method.

IGTV App and Instagram

Step 1: Download and sign in

App Store

Download the IGTV app from the Play Store or App Store. Sign in with your Instagram credentials.

Step 2: Add the IGTV

First Screen

Click on the Add icon from the top right corner and record your IGTV hands-free.

You can upload a video directly from your phone gallery too. Click on the gallery icon from the bottom left for this.

It will display all the videos over 60 seconds. Select the one you want to upload as IGTV and click on Next.

IGTV Upload Instagram

If you are using the Instagram app, click on the Add icon from the feed/profile screen. Select the video from the gallery and tap on Next.

You will get a Share as popup. Select the Long video for IGTV guide postings. Tap on Continue then.

Step 3: Cover makeover

IGTV Cover

Add a cover image either by dragging through the preview carousel or add an image separately from the gallery.

Tap on Add from Gallery option for this. Click on Next then.

Step 4: Post and done

IGTV Posting App

Give a title to your IGTV video and a short description. You can also add it to a series or create a new series for similar content segregation.

There are options to post its preview on the profile and feed. You can make it visible on your Facebook profile, too, directly from here.

Click on Post, and you are done uploading your first-ever Instagram IGTV.

Tips Make use of auto-generated captions for IGTV guide with the Advanced settings option.


Step 1: Log in

Instagram Desktop Login

Head over to Instagram and log in with your credentials. Open your profile page and move to the IGTV tab.

Step 2: Desktop upload

Desktop Profile

Click on the upload button to upload a video between 1 minute to 60 minutes of the IGTV time limit. Drag and drop an mp4 video file from your system.

Step 3: Cover description

IGTV Desktop

Add a cover image, title, and description. Check the Post preview option if you want to share a preview of your IGTV guide.

Add relevant hashtags and links to make your IGTV guide easy to discover. You can also share the same to your Facebook page directly from here.

Step 4: Final push

Posted IGTV

Tap on the Post button to share the IGTV now or save it as a draft to post it anytime later. Once done, you can also check the IGTV insights by tapping on the video and selecting the three dots icon.

Insights will show you the view percentage and retention graphs, and these stay private to you. However, view, likes, comment counts have a public display.

You can also delete it by selecting that three-dot icon, followed by the delete option.

Easy-peasy, isn’t it?

Here’s a bonus for you. Let’s have a look at some superb IGTV guide ideas so you can get started right away.

7 Ideas to get started with IGTV guide

1. Client testimonials

No matter what you talk about your brand, it spirals down to your customers’ feedback.

You may say that your brand/product is top-notch, but your audience will have a tough time believing your words.

A few first-hand experiences can bring a wave of attention you need. A client testimonial is one such example that provides your brand with an emotional and non-salesy touch.

Wix Testimonial

Have a look at this inspiring IGTV video by Wix. Robin Williams, the owner of Bowtie Behaviour, describes her colourful journey of fashion.

The self-taught designer uses easy to learn Wix to run her business online and speaks about her successful expedition.

Tips Include Text and brand logos in your IGTV uploads.

2. Q&A sessions

Give a wish, and I bet most businesses would love to answer all their beloved followers and clients’ questions.

Nobody wants to lose a customer giving them any benefit of the doubt. IGTV Q&A session is a befitting solution to this.

You can keep it relatively casual, too, breaking the formal monotony and connect with your audiences. Show them you are more than your business.

Victoria Secret Q&A

Look at this Runway Q&A series of Victoria’s Secret models where they answer some handpicked questions about their everyday life. The series had 11 models in total, and it got 1.6 million+ of views as of now.

Tips Weave a storyline keeping the Q&A fun and crisp.

3. Review

It is scary to be critiqued. But guess what?

Everybody would love to know a 360 review about your services from a third person, both the good and the bad.

So invite the influencers over to try out your products and capture their review on your Instagram IGTV.

Galaxy x BTS Review

Here is a fantastic IGTV collaboration of BTS and Samsung where they review the latest Galaxy Z Fold 2. The popular band used the smartphone to check its picture quality, audio capabilities, and ease of use features.

The duo collaborated for more IGTV reviews, hinting followers to stay tuned further.

4. Screen recordings

Screen recordings are not just for your employees at work. They are phenomenal tools for tutorial and how-to guides.

They serve as an excellent way for hands-on training so your followers can troubleshoot or install new updates without your in-person assistance.

It is a time-saving hack for both parties.

Salesforce Customer 360

Here’s how Salesforce gave a demo on IGTV video introducing Customer 360. They addressed the bottleneck issues.

The IGTV video consists of use cases as instances and the screen record of their tool that can help mitigate the root causes.

Tips Add some colour and graphics to keep your audience’s attention intact.

5. Webinars

Webinars are high-quality content ideas where the top tier tends to establish a groundbreaking brand image.

Business with webinars emerges as the ultimate niche master and a strong, competitive market player.

They also provide means to generate leads by educating the masses.

Zoom Webinar

Have a look at this webinar announcement by Zoom in their IGTV. Eric Yuan, CEO of Zoom, welcomes everyone to #Zoomtopia, a two-day webinar, where Zoom users worldwide gather for peer interactions, eye-opening discussions, and the latest product launches.

6. Series

TV without series is absurd. Isn’t it?

So that’s what you need to add next for your IGTV!

Businesses thrive on stories. There are innumerable learnings from day to day life. Jot the ideas and write a plot.

Come up with a mini-series, with episodes having a common, aligned objective. Reach out to your peers or collaborate with influencers or brands for this.

You can also share the happening of the week or highlight the monthly trends on your IGTV series.

TommyHilfiger Series

Tommy Hilfiger teamed up with the famous F1 racer Lewis Hamilton for the 5th episode of the series Together We Rise. His fans from all around the globe expressed their gratitude to Lewis for being an absolute inspiration.

It was a generous attempt of Tommy Hilfiger to show Lewis that his motto of “I still rise” resonates with millions.

Tips Remind your followers to tap on the bell icon for notification reminder from your profile for every upload.

7. Exclusive content

Exclusive content is the most distinguishing feature of every brand. It adds a streak of uniqueness to the brand.

Maybe it’s the belief system, culture, USP, being exclusive makes you a stand-apart from the crowd.

It reverberates your branding like no other advertising techniques. So put on your thinking caps for brainstorming ideas that are exclusive to your brand.

Showcase its execution in your IGTV.

Microsoft x Rock

Microsoft is known for its philanthropist notions, and it is evident from their IGTV guide too. Microsoft partnered with Xbox, Gamers Outreach, and the famous Dwayne Johnson for a noble cause.

50,000 kids in 20 hospitals were delivered the limited Rock edition, customised Xbox consoles as they put up a brave fight to get well.


Instagram IGTV is a hub for brands to showcase creativity in the form of entertainment.

And you would not want to miss such a goldmine at any cost!

Though IGTVs are fighting tooth and nail with reels, dampening their overall visibility, it all comes down to usage. It depends on you, how catchy and gripping your IGTV guide can be made.

You have to be wise here, using your discretion and all unison features to get the amplified exposure.

I am sure now you are pretty convinced that IGTV is going to get even more vital.

So, don’t wait and get going.

Happy brainstorming!

Author: Sweta Panigrahi

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