7 Exclusive Reasons Why Instagram Is Necessary for Your Marketing Plan

Wondering how can you use your product images to boost your business reach?

Can some short, useful videos help enhance your customers’ experience?

Of course, YES!

Social media is one good place to reach your audience’s heart. Well, you already know that, right? But in the fierce competition, it becomes essential for you to choose a right platform.

Instagram Is Necessary for Your Marketing Plan

You might have marked you attendance on these channels,

  • Facebook
  • Twitter
  • Pinterest

But still there are good chances for you to lack behind. Why? Did you missed out something major?

Yes, you skipped off the platform which results in 10 times higher brand engagement when compared to Facebook, 84 times higher than Twitter, and 54 times higher than Pinterest.

It’s none other than- Instagram.

Need some more reasons to consider creating your business brand profile on Instagram? Explore top 7 ways it can make your brand more visible, and your goals achievable.

Reason#1: Exposure to A larger user base!

Gone are the days when Instagram was considered a minor player in the social media world. Rising exponentially, its popularity now exceeds Twitter and LinkedIn. Recently, Instagram made it to reach 600 million users, which is seriously a big number.

You know what more surprising is- the latest 100 million joined the platform in a short six-month period! Isn’t that impressive growth?

Instagram monthly user growth

Moreover, the recent growth trends indicate toward a rise in the Instagram’s user base. Just check out here how the number of daily active Instagram users has increased to 150 million daily active users, in January 2017, which was 100 million in October 2016.

Number of daily active user Instagram

While it will continue to expand, it will be providing even more opportunities for marketers to reach new customers.

Reach new customers

Reason#2: Drive in better engagement!

So, it’s pretty clear; moving onto Instagram will certainly get you more exposure, which is something every business need. But what more impressive is that with a large user base, business owners can drive more engagement, leading to much better results.

Do you know over 60% of Insta users log in daily?

Drive in better engagement

Yes, it is now the second most engaged network after Facebook.

Instagram second engaged networks

This is the major reason why Instagram has proven to be a major asset for digital marketers in the last few years. As far as the top brands are concerned, they expect 4.21% engagement rate on the platform. Moreover, users like 4.2 billion posts daily. If engagement is your endgame, this one is the king of engagement in world of social media.

Reason#3: Boosts your sales graph!

You might be wondering how an image based channel can lead to more sales. But the fact is that it has a higher conversion rate for sales. One reason can be that as compared to any other network, besides Facebook, internet users these days spend more time on Instagram.

Yes, in US, internet users spend approximately 12 billion minutes on Instagram each month, states comScore.

And you can drive the same visitors to purchase items after visiting your business Instagram accounts very easily by visiting your website link. It acts like a visual platform, which cuts through the clutter and make your products speak for them. To see what’s working and what’s not you can make use of some social media analytics tools to measure your Instagram performance.

Drive the same visitors to purchase

Hence, for businesses looking to dominate with image-centric network, Instagram offers a great opportunity.

Reason#4: Friendly marketing channel!

This is surely among the major advantages; Instagram doesn’t utilize any algorithm to determine what your audience sees. So, your every post shows up and every post remains active in your gallery. And you can also make best use of its amazing feature, Instagram Direct, which allows you direct messaging.

How to use Instagram direct?

Yes, with this tool you can creatively address customer service or support issues. Indulge in a private conversation with your customers directly, rather than publicly on your accounts. Connecting directly with your audience, getting feedback, and asking questions help you target your posts in a better way.

Reason#5: A platform to be more creative!

With endless possibilities for creativity, this channel allows you to create a visual identity for your business in a more real-time, fun way. It comes with the flexibility to edit images and convey emotions beyond the original image. You can tell stories, be more creative, run contests, engage with your fans, and be consistent. There are number of filters which can be used to enhance your images to coincide with your branding.You hardly need to be afraid to experiment.

Platform to b more creative

For instance, if you run business, having focus on vintage stuff, you can use certain filters to add antique effects. Even vignettes can be added to highlight the subject. The photos you update will create a whole new perspective for your business.

Similarly, you can add some before-and-after images for your renovation business, or behind-the-scenes images for some artistry work. While these will enhance your branding, it will also help develop a strong brand appeal, giving your audience a clear idea for who you really are.

Renovation business

Reason#6: Tracking results is possible!

When using Instagram as part of your marketing strategy, it is vital to know about your data and analytics. If you have been avoiding it for a reason that there are no in-app analytics with Instagram, you need to know that you can easily track your data with Statigram. So, you can easily analyze:

  • How many followers you gained and lost?
  • What are your best posting times?
  • When your audience is most active?
  • Which is your most popular post?

And so much more!

Reason#7: It’s never too late!

Even if your business haven’t joined Insta- world yet, still it is early enough to establish a presence and dominate your niche. You have to agree to the point that getting noticed on any other social media platform, say Facebook, is quite a daunting task. With so many businesses already using this channel, it can be a big challenge for your business to overrule them. To differentiate yourself from the competition, why not take the other way out?

With 9% of US small businesses using Instagram, you still have an amazing opportunity to stand out from the crowd. You can start building your audience now using this consistently growing platform.

Social media channel used by US business

So, whether you are industry hotshot or small scale business owner, Instagram can certainly help you grow your customers/audience, and of course, your business.

Lastly, getting started on Instagram is fairly straightforward. So, if you haven’t considered it to be a part of your marketing plan yet, don’t delay it anymore!

Author: Varun Sharma

Varun Sharma is a Co-Founder at KVR WebTechPvt. Ltd, a fastest growing Digital Marketing company in India. He analyses digital marketing strategies, trends, and practices emphasizing mobile, SEO, SMO, and content marketing. Follow him on Twitter @KVRwebtech