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Top 5 LinkedIn Marketing Strategies in 2023

LinkedIn has always been famous as a job and resume posting site. Even in 2023, most individuals still view the platform as such a site only.

But times are changing fast, especially for businesses in the B2B industries.

LinkedIn is fast becoming a lead generation platform, and there are statistics to prove this fact:

  • In 2021, over 80% of the social-generated B2B leads came from LinkedIn directly.
  • Currently, LinkedIn has more than 500 million registered users, with 260 million logging in at a minimum once a month.
  • 61 million LinkedIn users are managers or senior-level executives, while 40 million LinkedIn users are serving decision-making positions in different companies.
  • LinkedIn is the king of B2B social media marketing, with over 58 million businesses on the platform.

All this data is enough to point out that your business is missing out on top-quality leads if you are not using the LinkedIn platform correctly.

Since the LinkedIn community is business-oriented and professional, the audience here is relevant. The members on this platform have double the purchasing power as random web traffic, which means you can target specific audiences more efficiently.

Now that we know the importance of LinkedIn marketing, let us take a deeper look at the top 5 most successful LinkedIn marketing strategies:

1. Define Your Objectives and Understand Your Audience

Understand Your Audienc

Your business marketing objective will direct the approach you are using to distribute your content on LinkedIn and the type of content you are creating for the platform in the first place. Therefore, you need to outline your objectives at the beginning of the LinkedIn marketing plan.

There are different goals that you can target. These include:

  • Generating qualified leads
  • Building brand awareness
  • Engaging with the target audience
  • Strengthening brand reputation
  • Selling your products and services

Once you have a clear-cut LinkedIn marketing objective in place, it is time for you to understand who your target audiences are.

Work on understanding your target audience because, without this idea, it will get difficult for you to develop a strong LinkedIn marketing plan.

For instance, if you want to make videos to promote your business on LinkedIn, who will you make the videos for if you don’t know your target audience? Outline your target audience based on varied parameters like geographic location, job title, industry, and so on.

You must also have an in-depth understanding of the existing audiences of your business to define your target audience. Your LinkedIn marketing strategies will succeed only when you know your audiences and preferences.

A secret here is using the analytics segment on your Company Page to know more about your page visitors and followers. This can help you gain useful insights about your audiences and the type of content they like. Further, this will help you customize your LinkedIn marketing ventures and work towards catering to your audiences’ requirements.

2. Focus on Your Company Page

In the first place, you must work on creating a captivating and informative company page on LinkedIn. This is important because your LinkedIn Company page is one of the most valuable assets of your marketing plan on this platform. This is the first thing your target audiences will interact with when engaging with your brand.

Therefore, make sure your Company page is created in such a way that it helps the audience in learning everything that they want to know about your brand.

  • It must include information about your headquarters, employees, and most importantly, your products and services. Also, provide the website URL, logo, size, and other details about your company on this page.
  • Come up with proper descriptions conveying important details about your products and services and your organization.
  • Don’t forget to include a cover image resonating with your company. Remember, an all-inclusive and fully updated Company Page strengthens a brand’s image by reinforcing its professionalism and credibility.
Focus on Your Company Page

Learn from Schneider Electric’s LinkedIn Company Page. Their Overview section works as a one-stop destination providing all important information about the brand, including its website URL, social media profile, and specialties.

So yes, don’t forget to optimize your LinkedIn Company Page. Just like your company site, you must also optimize your Company Page so it helps you gain increased visibility in the search results on and off LinkedIn.

A fully-optimized company page on LinkedIn makes it easier for users to know more about your brand using the search engines and even LinkedIn. You can use relevant keywords and publish high-quality content to optimize your LinkedIn Company Page.

Keywords are important for LinkedIn marketing. You must not limit the use of targeted keywords in your blogs and website. Determine the phrases and terms your target audiences use when searching for the products or services you provide. Then include the same in your company descriptions and your list of different specialties.

Publishing relevant content consistently can further help you engage with your target audiences while allowing the content to be indexed by Google. This will improve your search engine rankings and help your Company Page climb the search results ladder.

3. Analyze Competitor Company Pages

Analyze Competitor

Remember, amplifying your LinkedIn marketing efforts will take time. And to get things working your way, you must understand how you are faring up against all your competitors.

On LinkedIn itself, you get the scope of analyzing your competitors through the “Companies to Track” feature. This feature reveals a complete list of businesses serving the same products and services like yours.

This option also offers access to some key metrics. These key metrics include the total number of followers, social media engagement, and follower growth. Going through these pages thoroughly will help you understand how your own Company Page is faring in comparison.

Try identifying the techniques that are bringing in results for your competitors and integrate the same into LinkedIn marketing efforts.

Simply creating an informative and compelling LinkedIn Company page is not enough for the success of your marketing strategy on this platform. You must use different strategies to ensure that your Company Page attracts a good number of followers and leads to audience growth at the same time.

So, apart from optimizing your LinkedIn Company Page, you must also motivate people to follow it.

Remember, you need to work on improving your visibility for successful LinkedIn lead generation and marketing strategy. Improving the visibility of your LinkedIn Company Page means a high number of followers, reinforcing your company’s credibility.

So, to promote your LinkedIn Company Page, ask all your colleagues and employees to follow it. Add a “Follow” button in the newsletters and email signature along with your website and blog to enable the visitors and subscribers to become followers with just one click.

In addition, invite existing collaborators and customers to follow your LinkedIn Company Page.

4. Focus on Creating Engaging and Relevant Content

Relevant Content

Initially, attracting a large number of followers to your LinkedIn Company Page might be difficult. But remember, just getting the desired number of followers to your page is not the end of your LinkedIn marketing strategy. You need to retain and engage with them, which can be challenging. And the only way to achieve this is to post relevant and meaningful content regularly.

The content quality can either make or break your LinkedIn marketing efforts. Publish good quality content on this platform only when you understand why people spend time on it and what they would like to watch.

As per a survey carried out by BuzzSumo, out of 10 million articles shared on LinkedIn, the most popular ones were in the How-to and Industry Trends articles categories. These statistics clearly show that LinkedIn users are interested in informative and educational content. They also like content that helps them stay updated with the latest developments in the industry.

So, publishing such articles can help you in meeting the requirements of your target audiences and will boost your LinkedIn marketing at the same time.

Apart from posting and promoting your own exclusive content, share engaging and useful content from other pages to breathe a new lease of life into your LinkedIn Company Page and build relations with the other brands.

To break the monotony of the text-based articles, try using a lot of descriptive captions, proper emojis, and bullet points.

Videos and images are the best ways of grabbing the audience’s attention, and they must be used in combination with text-based articles. As per LinkedIn, videos lead to 5x more conversations while images bring in a 2x higher comment rate.

LinkedIn allows users to upload videos directly on the platform, and, likely, LinkedIn will first prioritize its native videos and then the links from the other platforms. So, try making the most of this attribute by posting videos directly on LinkedIn instead of sharing YouTube video links.

5. Automate the Outreach of Your Brand

Your Brand

Your LinkedIn page will grow only when you create more relevant connections by doing a lot of outreach. Automating your brand’s outreach is better than going for manual outreach to improve engagement and drive in more sales.

In this, your colleagues and employees can be of immense help. You must make them an integral part of your LinkedIn marketing strategies by getting them to follow your Company page and encouraging them to share and like your updates.

Always notify them whenever you post essential updates on your LinkedIn Company Page, as this will help you gain visibility in the networks they use. This will also help boost your u’s awareness and make your LinkedIn marketing efforts successful.

And yes, in the effort to get help from colleagues and employees, don’t forget to complete your own LinkedIn profile.

Make sure to have an updated and complete personal LinkedIn profile. This will not directly influence your marketing efforts on the platform but will surely highlight the human side of your brand.

Create a promising personal LinkedIn profile to make a powerful brand image. Also, mention all your professional achievements and the special skills you possess to make your profile even more appealing.

To Conclude

So, these are the top five marketing strategies that everyone should know for LinkedIn.

Remember that proper use of LinkedIn marketing strategies can boost your company’s sales to a considerable extent. LinkedIn marketing has different facets and varied nuances too. Whether you are using the platform for blog promotion or paid advertising, it will help you and your brand with multiple scopes.

And these scopes entail everything from generating leads and creating awareness to increasing traffic and aligning your business objectives.

So, without further delay, start implementing these strategies for your business and let it reach the sky gradually.

Frequently Asked Questions

🌟 What are LinkedIn Marketing best practices?

Some of the best practices for LinkedIn marketing are:

  • Use hashtags as they give your content more reach.
  • Be consistent with publishing your content.
  • Since it’s a professional network, it produces infographics and video content, making your information crips and to the point.
  • Know when to use your LinkedIn profile and LinkedIn page.

🌟 Is it right to share external articles on our own LinkedIn page?

Yes. LinkedIn supports external links to your page as long as they are relevant and provide value to the audience.

🌟 Does SEO work for the LinkedIn platform?

Yes. SEO is not limited to blogging. You can optimize your profile for specific keywords so that you can be found on LinkedIn for those specific keywords. You can add the keywords in various sections of your profile such as your summary, your headline, and your work experience.

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