Top 10 Marketing Tactics For Low-Budget Businesses

To start with why marketing is necessary for a business, firstly, question yourself that are you fully aware of what the term marketing is about? And why there is always the need for marketing tactics? Confused? No need to worry because in this blog you will know it all.

The medium of promoting and enable selling of the company’s product or services is called Marketing. There is always a need for marketing because how would your audience know about you if you be undercover or less engaging?

However, on a base level, marketing is mandatory because it spreads awareness and educates the audience about your products and services. And you know what? A successful business platform’s priority is always its customer’s gratification.

Moreover, marketing channels helps you in the demand and lead generation, which helps your company to grow.


Top 10 Marketing Tactics For Low-Budget Businesses:

The following are the top 10 marketing tactics for low-budget businesses. You might have opted for a few of them but might not all. So, for your ease and feasibility, I have clustered around the top 10 best low-cost marketing strategies for your business.

Run Social Media Contests:

One of the best marketing tactics for low-budget businesses, wondering why? Because it has many advantages as it seems. Look at them:

  • You do not have to invest a huge amount on marketing as you would need just the social media platforms
  • It will help you to reach your desired level of lead generation
  • It will aware the audience about your brand

Pro Tip: Make sure the winning prize is good enough to attract more audience.

How social media contests should be? The following are a few examples.

  • Share the posts to 10 (say) friend’s profiles
  • Caption the picture and must include your brand name for example SocialPilot in it
  • Make a humorous comment and reach it up to 100 likes/react

The aforementioned examples work the best with marketing on a small budget, just post a catchy picture with an attractive and engaging winning prize.

Do you have a problem connecting to your audience? Here is a solution. Social media scheduling tools like SocialPilot helps you to easily plan, schedule and publish your posts on multiple platforms to help you grow your audience and increase your connections with the audience.


The graph shows the engagement comparison between a regular post and a contest

Leverage Email Marketing:

Do you know? There are over 205 billion emails sent, daily. Certainly, that is huge, and can you guess why is that? The reason for the large scale is because advertising through email marketing is cost-effective and once you find their email addresses its easier to pitch and convert them.

In this digital era, emails surely have lifted their scale-up because whether it is a large business or a smaller one, each organization uses an email advertising method.

Why is that? Here is why have a look:

  • You can target your desired audience
  • Through emails, you can target a global audience too
  • It drives greater revenue. According to the reports, the emails generate £29bn of retail sales annually (MarketingWeek)
  • It is cost-effective

Experiment With Low-Budget PPC:

Are you marketing on a smaller budget, and perplexed as to whether it would be fruitful or not? I have the best solution for you.

What is it? Have a look at it.

Most of the companies are taking advantage of pay-per-click, and advertising through it. Because of the fact that it helps in engaging with the new audience and increases the revenue, too. So, it is time to engage as many audiences as you can.

Moreover, it gives the brand a greater exposure and creates an impact on the market. To look for the best marketing tactics, advertising with the low-budget PPC is one to look on.

Give Freebies:

Are you wondering how the freebies could be among marketing tactics, and that too for low-budget businesses? Firstly, no one would ever reject freebies. So, this will be a smarter move to attract the audience.

No one is expecting from you to offer something that is not affordable for you. Here is what you can give:

  • Free trials for a couple of days
  • Discount gift vouchers or promo codes
  • Few of the samples of your product/feature
  • 1-day premium login

What advantage would you get? However, in this world, nothing comes for free. So, in return, you will be getting:

  • The desired number of leads
  • Your customers will start trusting your brand
  • Brand visibility will be increased
  • You build up loyal customers
  • Sales would be increased

Plan Community Events:

Planning community events can be tricky because there is a chance of over-doing the budget but if you go smartly, you will never go wrong.

Why Community Events Are Important? Marketing on a small budget can be ideally done by such events as these. These events increase your visibility, also, for the smaller businesses it is the best. However, if you work accordingly then the visibility of your brand will be certain.

Pro tip: If you are marketing on a small budget, then it is smarter to keep things simple. Do not exaggerate it unnecessarily.

Step-up your LinkedIn marketing:

LinkedIn is certainly the best platform to grow your business. Without a doubt, it is one of the best low-cost marketing strategies. However, LinkedIn is often not used the way it should be.

Don’t be the one who fails to use it, rightly. Just do not build connections and move away but try to engage with many activities as you can.

What type of activities? You can join multiple groups, share your posts frequently, share your ideas, take a part in the discussion, and more other ways.

What is the advantage of it? Posting content on LinkedIn can help you with:

  • It makes your content visible to the right audience
  • You can approach business profiles, easily
  • Your brand gain more loyal customers
  • The best way for marketing on a low budget
  • Leads can be generated

Focus On Referral marketing:

To gain something you have to provide something, this is how it goes. Because who said good things come for free? However, referrals are one good way of marketing tactics, wondering why? Here is why.

When you offer referrals, here is where you gain the customers’ trust and confidence. Because rewards could make anyone happy.

What do customers feel? The customers are convinced that you value them, you care for their needs, and appreciate their participation.

What do you gain? Firstly, you gain loyal customers. Secondly, when the customer refers your brand in their circle, you gain leads and more customers. So why not give a little and gain more?

Improvement In SEO:


Traits of SEO

Understanding and improving SEO is mandatory for a business. It is because if your content would not be optimized enough to reach the highest level on SERP then how would you gain visibility?

However, SEO does not have any link with the budget on marketing tactics but it wholly places the part in building.

How to improve SEO? The following are the ways through which you can improve SEO:

  • Meaningful usage of Alt tags
  • Appropriate meta description
  • Use the right keyword density
  • Make sure your content’s readability is good
  • Fix broken links
  • Carefully Use H1 and H2 header
  • Optimize your website for mobile

Take a look at how top SEO companies optimize their websites:

What are the benefits of SEO? There are always certain benefits through which the understanding of SEO becomes easy. What are those?

  • It generates more traffic
  • Brand awareness is lifted
  • Improves conversion rates
  • Marketing on a small budget
  • Helps in finding new customers

Launch Your Website on Forums and Social Media Groups:

Never take groups or forums for granted. Just as LinkedIn helps you to reach business profiles, mostly. The forums or social media groups help you to reach a local audience. However, the local audience at times is very huge and this is certainly in favor of your company.

How come they are marketing tactics? Apparently, interacting with the audience can lead you to the enlargement of the marketing horizon. And branding is important for your business whether the business is small or large.

How to launch the website on such platforms? Most of the time nothing much is necessary to launch, but only the account and there you go.

  • Search for the groups/communities that best fit with your company’s nature
  • Ask for an invitation
  • Answer a few of the questions if necessary
  • Last, launch your website.

Add a Chatbot Element: These days most of the companies are growing and generating leads with the help of a chatbot. However, linking your company with a chatbot can give you multiple advantages. Wondering how? Have a look.

For instance, your company deals with fashion details – so you definitely are linking up with the groups/forums that are relevant. If you build a chatbot you can double your audience.


Because now you can launch your website in fashion and chatbot groups/forums, which certainly will help you to generate more leads and higher traffic.

To ease you in building up the chatbot of any field here is Botsify to help you. On this platform, you can easily build a chatbot of any type.

Branding on Social Media Accounts:


List of social media platforms for branding

Branding on personal social media accounts is one of the best low-cost marketing strategies because you would require nothing but your accounts. It does not matter how huge or dainty your circle is, branding specially for low-budget businesses or entrepreneurs through personal grounds is the best.

Why is that? It is because when your brand has been launched in different professional groups/forums now is the best time to introduce your brand among your friends and family.

This way you can gain loyal and genuine users also, your circle must be aware of what you are doing, as they will not be in professional groups like you.

In a Nutshell:

To summarize, marketing can be tough but it does not mean you would need a lot of budgets. The aforementioned marketing tactics can work best for your company and that too at a lower budget.

Author: Alishba Memon

Alishba Memon is a content writer at Botsify. She is a staunch believer in the theory of making anything happen. She specializes in SEO writing and content writing. She aims to spring up in a pragmatic way.