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Track Pinterest Analytics for your Marketing Campaigns 2023

Pinterest is the third most famous social networking site in the world, giving a tough competition to Facebook and Twitter. It’s a top choice of businesses promoting their brands through the Pinterest marketing campaign– a perfect way to grow your business’s followers, increase traffic to your site and boosting engagement with the visitors.

Pinterest Marketing Campaign with Analytics

But what about analytics?

Pinterest has attained great success in driving traffic and sales with the help of customer engagement. You have made the right decision of using Pinterest as a way to promote your brand in social media circles.

However, the real question is how someone can find that their Pinterest marketing campaign is working in an adequate manner or not? You can answer this question only when you perform a thorough Pinterest Analytics.

Why you need to track your Pinterest Marketing Campaign?

There are no second-thoughts on your efforts that should be driving traffic to your site through Pinterest. After all, it is one of the best sources of referral traffic on the Internet. But, you should measure the correct amount of visitors that are coming to your website through this platform, instead of just assuming numbers by yourself.

Without any doubt, the platform has the ability to promote all types of businesses. But, it is very important to know which method is driving the online transactions for which type of business. Something working for others might not work for you. Having this data will allow you to calculate the adequate time you should spend on Pinterest marketing campaign.

It will also help you to know the efforts needed to optimize images on your site for this platform and the number of products you should add directly to the board.

You may be wondering:

“How do I perform in-depth Pinterest Analytics to improve my reach?” Well, I am ready to explain the whole process along with the benefits you will achieve during your Analytics Journey.

1. How to Get Access to Pinterest Analytics?

There are two ways you can access the Pinterest analytics: Using Pinterest’s native analytics page; using the best social media tracking tools.

We are going to start with the Pinterst native analytics section.

First of all, you will require a Pinterest business account for getting access to the Pinterest Analytics. Link your present Pinterest Account and have an easy access to Pinterest Analytics.

After landing on your account homepage, you can use the analytics section by clicking on the main Analytics button located on the top left side of the screen. This will take you to the overview screen where you will find a complete description of how well your content is performing.

Get access to Pinterest analytics

Here you will get complete information on average daily viewers, average daily impressions, average monthly engaged viewers and average monthly viewers that are the results of your achievements. It also enables you to check the overall metrics of your website (only if you link your website).

At the end of the overview page, find details of your “Top Pinterest Pin impressions” from the past 30 days. This area will also let you see the saves, likes, clicks and pin types.

You can also check complete details of your Pinterest profile activities by hovering over the Analytics option located at the top of the profile and then click the “Profile” on the drop-down menu. At last, you will land to the page looking like the screenshot given below:

Check your Pinterest profile with analytics option

On this page, you can switch between the tablets for checking your Pinterest Impressions, saves, clicks, and All-time (Your most shared pins).

2. Know the exact meaning of your Pinterest Site Metrics

You will get access to Pinterest site metrics only if you verify your domain name.

Here’s how it will look like:

Meaning of your Pinterest site metrics

The most important thing to note in “Site Metrics” is daily averages of pins that come from your site. The measurement of your business’s pins or repins that you upload directly are excluded in this data. The site metrics tell you about some more important things explained below in brief:

Pins & Pinners – Check who is pinning your content?

It is interesting to check out the number of people pinning from your website and on which day the active engagement reaches its peak. These measurements result in more accurate determination on what kind of content should be added to the website and on which day of the week, it should be posted.


Repins & Repinners – Users who repin your pins

Calculating the exact quantity of repins received by a single item of your site can assist in finding what type of content spreads the most. This will give you a good idea of what type of content you should create the most.

Impressions & Reach – Number of people watching your products

The impressions will let you know about the number of times your content shows in the Pinterest boards or news feed. It will let you see if your products don’t have a good description and are not being able to enter the search and frequency of your pins.

The importance of reach is more as compared to the impressions because it will give you information about the number of unique people watching your Pinterest Pins. Optimizing images on your site, adding right descriptions and a “Pin It” button can increase these Pin numbers. The quantity of traffic and transactions can be increased by having an increased number of unique views.

Clicks & Visitors – Check out who is highly engaged with your pins?

Clicks offer you the same information you will collect from your Google Analytics. The only difference is that, the clicks are derived only on the basis of the number of times a visitor clicks from a pin that arrives from your website.

3. Find your most popular content among the customers

The Most Repinned tab is the incredible feature of Pinterest social media analytics. It shows you most admired items of the platform. Checking this data frequently will assist you to find what type of content you need to add more to your site and what type of pins you should upload to your boards.

Find your most popular content

The best way to utilize the Most Repinned tab is to have a look at a rise in repins, determine a date and set it in the calendar from the Most Repinned tab. This way you will be able to look at the most popular products.

4. How Analytics Help You Develop Your Buyer Persona?

According to Hubspot, “Buyer persona is a semi-fictional representation of your ideal customer based on market research and real data about your existing customers.”

Pinterest analytics take you to the incredible journey of your potential customers.


Click on “People You Reach” under Analytics Section and you will redirect to the given below screen:

Develop your buyer personas

Scroll down on the same “Demographics” tab and you will get thorough details of your audience including their countries, cities, languages they speak, and gender. Switch to “Interests” tab and see the common interest or content your audience like to share. All this data will help you develop your buyer personas.

Quick Tips to Follow:

Keep Getting frequent product feedback

Posting images of your potential new products on the platform can let you know which products followers like and which they don’t. You can use these details for predicting the items that will sell easily prior to placing on your website. This type of predictive merchandising can give you a significant advantage over your competitors.

Recent research shows that 87% of the pinners have purchased a product because of Pinterest.

Give special attention to notifications

If you are looking for a faster and superior way to get a little detail regarding your Pinterest Pin presence, all you need to do is to keep checking your mobile or computer notifications. It will give you complete information about the people liking, pinning, commenting, and following you. With these four types of notifications, you can have a complete insight on interaction between the prospects and your featured boards.

Schedule Your Pins

Instead of wasting your time in posting each Pin separately, take help of a Pinterest scheduler that can also help you manage and analyze your Pins utterly.

Made up your mind?

Let me elaborate the benefits.

Wrap Up

I am sure now you have a complete knowledge of the Pinterest marketing campaign. It is ideal to begin tracking the online transactions, site traffic, engagement, and store foot-traffic. It may take time to access the marketing, but it will result in saving lots of hours in the long run and help you implementing the ideas that work best for your brand. I’d recommend using some of the interest tools available in the market to help you in the process.

Did I miss something? You are most welcome to share your Pinterest Analytics Strategy in the comment section given below.

Author: Darshan Ruparelia

Darshan Ruparelia is a B2B SaaS marketer. He is a SaaS enthusiast who helped many SaaS companies bring quality traffic through data-driven content marketing. In his free time, he loves to follow and play Cricket.