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6 Tried and Tested Pinterest Marketing Tools for Expanding Reach

Are you paying attention to Pinterest marketing?

Pinterest is the most underrated social media platform in today’s online market space.

With all the attention shifted towards Facebook, Instagram, and YouTube, marketers usually ignore the potential of Pinterest, which has over 350 million users.

But still, if you don’t want to invest a lot of your time and energy, you can use powerful Pinterest marketing tools that can manage most of your hectic tasks.

Don’t know which Pinterest marketing tools are best suited for your business?

Fret not; we got you covered. Our team has researched the top 6 Pinterest marketing tools for expanding your online presence with finesse.

Let’s get started.

1. SocialPilot


SocialPilot is one of the most advanced tools you can use for your Pinterest marketing strategy. You can boost your engagements, followers and solidify your presence on Pinterest with the assistance of SocialPilot.

The platform provides the feature to schedule your pins so that you can escape the redundancy while posting individual pins on Pinterest.

You can manage all your scheduling using a dedicated content calendar to manage and automate all the Pinterest processes.

Apart from this, you can post on various social platforms like Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, Linkedin, Google My Business, and TikTok from a single dashboard.

Why Pick SocialPilot as Your Go-to Pinterest Tool for Your Business?

  • You can share pins on your Pinterest board using its scheduling feature.
  • You can create Pinterest images using its content creation tool.
  • SocialPilot enables you to create videos and GIFs to add an engaging element for all your viewers.
  • It’s one of the finest Pinterest analytics tools and helps to keep track of all your engagements.
  • You can save drafts which you can post later.
  • You can create, review, and edit your content calendar where you have scheduled all your pins.
  • You can manage and execute bulk uploads on Pinterest.
  • It enables the URL shortening feature seamlessly.
  • It offers a 14-days trial period to avail all the functionalities.
  • Collaborate with your team and partners to manage all your Pinterest scheduling and execution.
  • Watermark your pins with your brand’s logo within a few clicks.

What Are People Talking About SocialPilot?

Nicolle H.

SocialPilot is simple and easy to use with all the functionality. I run many social accounts, the setup of these accounts is so easy. I use this daily and can keep track of all my scheduled posts.

Shari R.

Social Pilot is great for Content Management and Campaigns! What I like most about Social Pilot is its ability to handle all of your social media posts effectively and at a cheaper cost than other social media management platforms! Its platform is simple enough for an extreme beginner to use but professional enough for large businesses!

Sharlette M.

SocialPilot is easy to use and organized. All the features I need are on the screen and accessible. I love how intuitive the features are, like planning a schedule, generating hashtags, and looking at analytics. I also like that you will see all of your posts and any errors before the content goes out.

2. Tailwind


Tailwind is a powerful Pinterest marketing tool that can assist you in discovering the content on Pinterest, scheduling your pins, and executing powerful analytics.

It can help you drive Pinterest results faster effectively, as it enables its user to bulk schedule pins at custom time frames for better reach, more engagements and traffic.

You also get the feature to collaborate with people using Tailwind Tribes to boost your reach and achieve your business goals. Tailwind has a SmartLoop feature that will enable you to reshare all your top-performing pins to attract more traffic to your business.

You can use its robust analytics to track all your performance and optimize your pins for future posting.


  • You can schedule almost 10 pins within a click.
  • The analytics are powerful and easy to use.
  • Tailwind provides some exclusive features that can assist you with your Pinterest content marketing strategy.
  • The UI/UX is smooth, and you can access multiple functionalities easily.

Riley S

It’s easy to schedule all your pins! It gives you a nice layout, so you are able to see what is scheduled and what content is still in your drafts. It also allows you to choose time slots on specific days depending on how many times you want to post each day to help keep you consistent. It adds everything automatically for you in your queue and gives you the ability to rearrange once added.


  • Tailwind is only focused on Instagram and Pinterest, it doesn’t provide a complete social media package.
  • A beginner can have a hard time accessing all its features.
  • It might feel a bit slow at times.


Tailwind was a waste of time: it did not offer the one feature I wanted, which was to schedule a post and have the app post it. I might as well have put all of that information into a google calendar event that would alert me, and I could copy-paste from there. I resent having gone through all the process of setting Tailwind up, downloading it on my phone, signing in multiple times, dealing with the glitchy demo post, all for nothing! And there’s no way to log out on my phone, internet browser, or app? Sketchy! I will definitely warn others not to use Tailwind.

3. MiloTree


MiloTree is a handy WordPress plugin that can help you magnetize Pinterest traffic and boost your engagements on the platform. It is super easy to use and being a beginner, you won’t find a better Pinterest marketing tool to manage your marketing efforts.

The user experience is great, with easy access to all the powerful features. You have multiple customization features to create pop-ups for achieving your Pinterest targets.


  • You have the option to create attractive pop-ups on your website to increase your Pinterest follower count.
  • Use its analytics to track every single metric of your performance for enhanced optimization.
  • You can set up the plugin within two minutes and embed your pop-ups on multiple sites.
  • It’s super cost-effective with minimal subscription fees.

Kate M

This was so easy and intuitive to use, I can’t believe I didn’t try it out sooner. You can connect social networks or your email list, and it’s easy to customize to fit your branding.


  • It is limited to increasing your follower count on Pinterest.
  • You cannot schedule or publish pins on Pinterest.
  • It’s not for expert-level Pinterest marketing.


I thought I had found the right Pinterest marketing tool, but MiloTree doesn’t have the option for content scheduling and publishing.



IFTTT is another useful marketing asset you can use to accomplish your Pinterest marketing goals. It can sync WordPress and Instagram posts with your Pinterest boards and even share YouTube videos easier on Pinterest.

You can backup all your pins to cloud like Google Drive using IFTTT and make great use of its pins sharing abilities. IFTTT is handy for beginners and startups to get going with Pinterest and explore all the basic functionalities of the tool.


  • It has a decent and friendly UI/UX.
  • You have multiple sharing features for all your pins.
  • You can boost your Pinterest traffic easily.

Lori H.

I can remind myself to send an email at 1 pm on Fridays with this simple formula: “If today is Friday, then remind me”. If it’s going to rain tomorrow, I send myself an email not to leave my seedlings out in the rain. I mute my phone at 10 pm. I set up once a repetitive task I need to do, and then I don’t work to have to remember it again.


  • It lacks certain features for great Pinterest marketing.
  • It is not ideal for expert use.

Ceta M.

Not all the applets work the way they’re supposed to, and sometimes the one I’ve chosen has not been updated, and I will have to choose another one. I haven’t gotten too much downtime from this, though.

5. Buffer


Buffer can be used for scheduling your pins and measuring your performance using its powerful analytics feature. You can track all the metrics like comments, likes and replies using Buffer.

You can drive meaningful engagements using the tool and manage your pins like a pro. The usability of its features is smooth, and you’ll experience a great interface while managing your Pinterest marketing efforts.


  • You can use multiple user accounts to manage your marketing efforts.
  • You can use its built-in analytics tools for a complete overview of the performance.
  • You can manage all the comments using Buffer.
  • Directly schedule all your pins and save your time and effort.

Fabiola S

It has been great. One of the greatest apps to save time monthly when it comes to content marketing. I like the way it connects all my networks in just one place. Keeping organized my content schedule saves me time every month.


  • The premium pricing is expensive.
  • Some of the functionalities might be confusing for the users.
  • The platform might experience some lags and discrepancies.

Dennis M

When I first started using Buffer, the analytical side of the equation was included in all plans; now that it’s separate, it’s harder to justify the price tag.

6. Hootsuite


Hootsuite is one of the most popular social media management and marketing tools that you can use to post pins and create boards on Pinterest. You can schedule your pins and even manage all the happening on Pinterest using its agile dashboard.

You can manage multiple Pinterest accounts using Hootsuite and even collaborate with your teams to manage all the Pinterest processes together.


  • It has an attractive and user-friendly interface.
  • It supports multiple social media platforms.
  • It provides all the functionalities important for social media management.
  • It has great customer support.

Joanmarie C.

Hootsuite has always been my go-to for businesses getting off the ground or those that are on a low budget. They offer such great and essential features in an easy-to-use platform. Hootsuite dashboard is awesome with the features it provides, but to a multitasking pro, the dashboard was a bit intimidating – felt it could have been organized and simplified.


  • You might get confused between different functions.
  • Its premium version is expensive.
  • You can access one account at a time.

Thomas C

I find their integration with social media platforms somewhat lacking. During my time with Hootsuite, I have scheduled countless posts, but the way the marriage between social media platforms and Hootsuite Works means that you can schedule the post, but you need to open the app on your phone and hit send when the time comes actually to publish your post.

Final Words

Pinterest marketing tools can help you manage your Pinterest account with professionalism and effectiveness. You can channel your Pinterest audience to other social media platforms or your website to fulfil your marketing goals.

There are a lot of marketing opportunities you can explore with Pinterest and extract the most of its organic reach and growth with the assistance of the right set of tools.

If you have to choose one tool for your complete Pinterest marketing management and optimizations, you can go with SocialPilot, which is one of the leading tools that can help you to automate your Pinterest marketing efforts.

You can schedule your pins and create a content calendar to manage all your postings seamlessly. SocialPilot enables you to create content ideal for Pinterest and helps you scale your business growth and brand presence.

So what are you thinking about? Try out its free trial to experience all the benefits now.

Frequently Asked Questions

🌟 Is Pinterest a great marketing asset for businesses?

If you aim to increase your brand awareness, Pinterest is the ideal platform to scale things up. It has a great organic reach and can help you reach out to potential customers with consistent content uploads. Studies highlight that 75% of Pinterest users are eager to discover a new brand on Pinterest, so if you have the right strategy and approach, you can scale up your brand presence on Pinterest.

🌟 Why is Pinterest scheduling necessary?

Yes, if you want to save your time and effort in doing the repetitive task of posting pins on Pinterest, you can schedule your pins in bulk using any powerful Pinterest marketing tool. It will help you maximize your efforts and minimize your attention towards redundant tasks.

🌟 Is there any free Pinterest marketing tool we can use?

Tailwind is a free marketing tool for Pinterest that can help you to achieve your business outcomes. But it’s only limited to Instagram and Pinterest, so you don’t have the option to manage your entire social media campaign.

🌟 Is it safe to use Pinterest marketing tools?

Yes, it’s completely safe to use Pinterest marketing tools if you are using one of the top tools for your marketing efforts because using a mediocre tool can risk your privacy and data from powerful external hacks.

Once this is done, you have to plan your strategies for what and when you want to post your branded content. You can simplify these tasks using Facebook marketing tools.

🌟 How to upload multiple pins on Pinterest at once?

You can use the bulk scheduling options available on some of the top Pinterest marketing tools like SocialPilot, Tailwind, or Buffer and post multiple pins simultaneously to boost your marketing efforts and save time and effort.

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