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Top Social Media Apps and Sites You Need to Know in 2024

Social media apps have taken the onus to connect us with our family, friends, and peers all this while. But after the pandemic, there was a new use case that emerged victorious on social media platforms.

Marketing! Brands that followed the practice of being consistent online kept sailing smoothly even when traditional marketing methodologies didn’t get enough traction.

While many new social media apps surfaced, the old ones launched a series of features that completely changed the face of marketing. But the problem is selecting the ones that yield the best results for you.

But before we look at the best social media apps for marketers in 2022, it is important to recognize the pioneers of the game. We couldn’t begin the list without these social media platforms, so we started with some of the biggest stars in the business.

How we analyze and select these apps:

Our process of curating a list of relevant apps involves thorough research and evaluation. Factors considered include platform compatibility, automation, content creation, visualization, analytics, collaboration, pricing, scalability, and user experience. Curated by seasoned professionals, these apps empower marketers with valuable insights to make informed decisions and scale their businesses.

Let’s begin!


A platform where you share knowledge, connect with friends or promote your business – Facebook does it all. With more than 2.9 billion active users, Facebook makes sure the time we spend on Facebook is time well spent.

Facebook tools and plugins are just perfect to attract new customers, keeping your fans’ eyes glued to the page. Marketers of all sizes and shapes can incorporate tools on Facebook and you don’t necessarily need to create big-budget commercial content and campaigns either. To grow your business, Facebook is the tool you should get on to immediately.


Youtube started with an idea of a dating website, today is home to more than 2 billion users worldwide and drives more than 30 million daily visits, making it a great platform for small businesses looking to market with video content.

Marketing is moving towards video over static content, and Youtube is a key player. Creating a Youtube channel can be a great side hustle, especially if you produce engaging content that can attract such a large audience. If you’re a big-time Youtuber with a strong following, companies are going to want to partner with you.


Over the last few years, the microblogging website has made a ton of progress. Its popularity is growing like no other. With surpassing the other competitor’s Twitter marks to 186 million DAUs.

Whether you want to grow your business or connect to your existing customers, your audience is here listening to you. Twitter is the social platform where you can connect and engage with your audience instantly.


A popular photo and video sharing social platform owned by Facebook – Instagram has expanded its possibilities. Pinnable hashtags and Instagram reels are meant to attract visitors with trending short vlogs.

The Instagram platform makes it easier for people to discover your products, services, and business, as opposed to Facebook. Businesses can open an Instagram business account to provide extensive information about their products, services and businesses.

With so many busy users and photos floating around on Instagram, it’s time to take advantage of the best IG features.


TikTok is the fastest-growing social media platform that has succeeded in securing more than a billion users in just a couple of years.

With more young audiences getting hooked to its engrossing video content, brands continue to invest on TikTok ads and build a sustainable presence on the platform.

TikTok’s viral hashtag challenges are another reason for its fame. Businesses and users can unite and create purpose-driven campaigns together. This is indeed the place to be for better branding and engagement opportunities.


Having more than 800 million users, LinkedIn is not just a mecca of job seekers. It has become an active zone of peers, employers, influencers, and creators too. LinkedIn has gone through major transitions over time to connect with literally anyone around the world easier than ever.

With the sole motto of bridging gaps, LinkedIn has spread its wings to marketing. It provides affordable marketing solutions for businesses of all kinds to connect with their potential leads and even convert them into loyal customers. Social selling at its best, LinkedIn is the final destination for marketers seeking customer acquisition.


Growing on Pinterest works for all kinds of business, whether you are creating content or looking to get brand exposure as a retailer. This visual social media platform offers benefits extended to a wider potential customer base.

On Pinterest, you can create a business account from the ground up or convert your account to a business one. The app lets you save information on the internet using images and, on a smaller scale, GIFs and videos as pinboards. Once you know which Pins are doing well, promote them and reach more people.

There are more than 459 million active users on Pinterest, so it is more than just a social network. Pinterest is a visual search engine and productivity tool.


SocialPilot is best for automating, scheduling, publishing, analyzing and monitoring your social media posts. Not just this it analyzes your social media marketing activities, to help you increase your social media efficiency and reach.

Whether you are a small business or large enterprise it would be the best choice when looking to unite all your social campaigns on one platform. Improve your social media efficiency with automated post scheduling and many other features, look no further than SocialPilot.

You could use SocialPilot to post to all your social media accounts, bulk upload posts, get good reliable customer service, pay a reasonable price, and be sure it is reliable and dependable for your business.

You can set up custom watermarks for multiple social accounts separately and automatically publish branded image posts with their brand’s unique logos.

Post to Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, YouTube, Google Business Profile, Pinterest, Instagram, and TikTok, with one dashboard.

Key Features

  • Share as many as 500 posts and connect over 100 profiles with just one SocialPilot account.
  • Analyze your social media marketing activities with easy to understand Social Media Analytics and Reporting.
  • Boost your Facebook posts right when you are scheduling them.
  • Schedule 100s’ of posts at a time uploading a CSV with the Bulk scheduling feature.
  • Visualize your social media content strategy with the help of a content calendar.
  • The Advance Reports let you compile the analytics of your social media accounts into one cohesive report so you can better examine your social media efforts.

Users love SocialPilot

John R

I have tried and researched a lot of websites that perform the services that SocialPilot does and I can say without question that SocialPilot is by far the BEST. I was looking for a website that would allow me to post to all my social media accounts, to bulk upload my posts, to have good reliable customer services, to be at a price I could afford and is reliable. SocialPilot does all of this fantastically. The competition all falls on one or more of these factors but SocialPilot shines!

Wendy P

As with any platform, there are the occasional glitches. Just yesterday, I was having trouble accessing the system (a very rare occurrence). I contacted them – and they responded in a couple of hours – but made my issues a priority and followed up to make sure everything was working properly for me. I had some downtime, but given my experience with their support in the past, I was confident they would get the issue fixed.


hootsuite cover

Best for: Professionals, Small teams, Small-medium businesses, and Enterprises.

About Hootsuite

Hootsuite is a versatile social media solution for a wide range of users, including solo entrepreneurs, small businesses, large organizations, and marketing agencies with numerous clients. With its diverse feature set, this tool adeptly manages the social media scheduling on every social media platform.

With users spanning the entire globe, Hootsuite has helped a myriad of industries organize their social media efficiently, including education, finance, government agencies, and healthcare organizations worldwide.

The tool streamlines the work of its marketers to a huge extent, eliminating the need to use separate tools. However, the steep price often makes it unaffordable for growing businesses or individual marketers.


Hootsuite offers five pricing tiers after a 30-day trial, ranging from $99/month to $249/month, catering to different social account and user needs.

Key Features:

  • Scheduled Posting: Easily plan, craft, and schedule social media content to auto-publish at specified times.
  • Engage Audience: Use Hootsuite’s integrated social inbox to monitor, interact, and automate responses with AI chatbots, boosting customer engagement.
  • Social Listening: This feature helps users stay attuned to online trends and diligently monitor brand mentions, keywords, and hashtags. You can glean valuable insights into the prevailing public sentiment for their brand.
  • Social Media Ads: Manage social media ads for Facebook, Instagram, and LinkedIn from Hootsuite’s dashboard.
  • Analytics: Access comprehensive analytics data from connected profiles across multiple platforms, all conveniently displayed in a centralized dashboard for actionable insights.
  • Team Collaboration: Foster seamless collaboration by defining clear roles for your team and clients, ensuring efficient workflow and project management within Hootsuite.
  • Employee Advocacy: Hootsuite helps users get an extended reach by enabling employees to share posts of their company to their own social profiles.
  • AI Writer: Streamline the creation of captivating social media post captions with the assistance of our AI-powered writing tool, making content generation faster and more effective.

We went through a hundred user reviews for Hootsuite, gathered from trusted review platforms like G2 and Capterra. After carefully analyzing each of them in respect to all the features of the tool, we have gathered these insights.


  • Most users gave a thumbs-up for the responsive design and overview of the aesthetic dashboard.
  • Despite having a high price, some users think Hootsuite is a cost-effective tool, providing value for money.
  • According to 58.44% of the opinions, advanced scheduling made it easy for people to readily plan and post their content promptly and consistently. This saved a lot of their time.
  • The drag-and-drop functionality in Hootsuite makes it really easy for users to seamlessly create content and 40.40% of them think it is a great addition to the app.
  • The efficiency of handling messages, and comments from the social inbox of Hootsuite has proven to be an asset for at least 25% of its users.


  • A considerable number of users have complained about the lack of flexibility in the scheduling features in Hootsuite, limiting their scope of publishing as well.
  • A majority of users have complained about the limited content library options and suggest that more storage functionalities be integrated into the tool.
  • 7.10% of users faced problems when they tried to plug in external data sources or integrations into Hootsuite.
  • When it came to organizing the Hootsuite inbox, many users said that managing and categorizing a high volume of messages became very difficult for them.
  • Many a user has faced problems in managing user access and granting permissions while working with their team and clients.


Buffer cover

Best for: Businesses, Publishers, Non-profits, Mid-stage startup teams, Higher education, Solopreneurs, E-commerce, and Sports teams.

About Buffer

Crafted with smaller businesses in mind, Buffer is one of the popular social media marketing apps. Whether its a solo marketing enthusiast, an agency, a startup, or a large corporation, Buffer caters to all requirements. It is used by more than 73,000 customers worldwide.
Buffer’s extensive scheduling and monitoring features offer assistance for all common social media platforms. Streamlining processes, it removes the necessity of juggling through multiple apps and provides guided assistance through each phase.
The tool also saves a lot of time by allowing you to collaborate with all your team members and clients under the umbrella of the same dashboard.
Despite having a very streamlined and simple interface, the design of Buffer is rather plain and lesser than aesthetically dynamic compared to other new social media apps.


Buffer provides a range of four pricing options along with a 14-day trial period for each. There is a free plan for beginners. Paid plans range from $6 a month for one account to a monthly $120 for 10 accounts.

Key Features:

  • Post Automation: You can upload custom posts and schedule their publication with Buffer’s content scheduling capabilities.
  • In-Depth Analytics: Access detailed analytics data and generate shareable reports for all social accounts.
  • Seamless Engagement: Managing audience conversations is made possible from one dashboard, including messages and comments, through Buffer’s advanced social inbox.
  • Collaborative Workflow: Smoothly collaborate with your entire team and include clients in the social media content approval process.
  • Landing Page-Maker: Leverage the capability of Buffer to create visually appealing yet straightforward landing pages that drive conversions from social media traffic.
  • AI-Enhanced Content: Buffer can enhance the social media caption creation process with its AI Assistant, allowing users to generate content quickly and efficiently with guided prompts.

After sifting through numerous user reviews of Buffer sourced from reputable platforms such as G2 and Capterra, we meticulously examined each one, considering all aspects of the tool. From this thorough analysis, we’ve compiled the following insights.


  • 27.3% of users said that multiple in-app integrations in Buffer helped them seamlessly manage multi-platform publishing from the same dashboard.
  • Some of the users have mentioned that the suggestions for post ideas offered by Buffer are of great help in speeding up the consistent content creation process.
  • A major chunk of Buffer customers find the access to real-time analytics a big advantage to stay in the loop with their content performance on different social channels.
  • Many users said that using the social inbox in Buffer improved their response times to messages by a considerable margin.
  • Almost 80% of the Buffer users found the workflows and approvals in Buffer highly conducive to producing and publishing error-free and effective social media content.


  • Almost 40% of Buffer users have claimed to have faced problems during bulk scheduling their posts.
  • The users who found content library in Buffer to be lacking in content categorization was a major 28.57%.
  • According to 35% of the reviewers, Buffer reporting features are limited and in need of comprehensive changes.
  • A quarter of the Buffer audience has said that they have faced difficulties due to delays in message handling by the social inbox of the tool.
  • The limited scope of customization available in the UI design has been a persistent complaint from around 20% of Buffer users.


Canva are customizable, such as social media images, letters, cards, cover images, etc. With this tool, adding content is simple. Just click on your chosen template, enter the content, and you’re done.

This social media app is a design app that helps people create graphics, posters, presentations and other visual content for social media. With a simple drag & drop user interface and a vast library of templates and design elements such as fonts, illustrations, stock photography, video and audio content, etc.

There are also design tools, tutorials, and templates available in Canva so that anyone can make a design without prior expertise. With Canva, marketing teams with limited experience can create stunning content and gather a larger audience.


  • You would love the templates! You can just pick the one that you like and Canva will give you the required size (eg. Linkedin background, Twitter profile picture etc.).
  • Stock image library is substantial, you can find a relevant image with rights to use and implement into your designs with just 1 click.
  • Fonts libraries are great too.

Ravi R

The ease of usage and their huge templates library is one thing that everyone’s gonna love! Over the years have been using multiple tools to design posters, Facebook ads, YouTube thumbnails and whatnot, no tool has ever come closer to Canva!


  • If you want to resize your created image into another dimension, you’d have to upgrade to a paid version. And if you try to recreate the same design in another dimension, sometimes they don’t have that template available.
  • Canva’s free version has some good limitations to it.

Supratim S

Canva is great but I don’t like that you have to get canvas credit for each premium photo. Free assets on Canva are limited. Plus in the mobile app, they recently updated the UI which is not great. Previous Canva mobile UI was very good and easy to understand the features.


Keyhole helps marketers measure the impact they make on social media and report on its effectiveness. Keyhole’s social listening, influencer tracking and social media analytics products enable brands to monitor real-time conversations to protect their brand online, stay ahead of the competition and improve their social media strategy.

Increase your marketing ROI by reaching out to influencers. Additionally, you can sort influencers by the exposure they generate and engagement levels. Also, If you do not want to deal with complex dashboards, Keyhole makes it easy to build and share reports instantly

According to many users, Keyhole is extremely user-friendly and a joy to work on. With its customizable options and flexible data banks, Keyhole offers all the features you need for teams of any size.


  • The dashboard gives you a thorough overview of your entire campaign and provides all the details and KPIs you need.
  • Keyhole metrics are unmatched and they help us set KPIs and measure results accordingly.
  • The layout is also very user-friendly and exportable so that’s great.

Jon R

Keyhole allows our company to give deeper and richer analytic reports for Social Media Campaigns to our clients. This allows us to be one step ahead of the competition when bidding for Social Media Campaigns against larger international agencies that use other software that is more expensive but doesn’t give the same level of details.


  • Keyhole has changed its policy and stopped showing historical data now. It used to be very convenient.
  • Price is high and excessive.
  • It is a little different from the free trial. I think that besides the call with customer support, there should have been a tutorial video to help you catch all the little details of Keyhole.

Alessandra C

The pricing has been a limiting factor for us since we don’t always need multiple keywords or accounts. A “mini” plan for 1 keyword and 1 account would be helpful so that it can be a quick finger on the pulse of only the most important keyword or hashtag we want to track when we don’t need more than 1.


Promo is a video-making app for businesses and agencies. It enables users to create visual content and endless videos. It aids in promoting your products or services, boosts brand awareness, expands your reach, and fruitful customer engagement.

For a hassle-free video-making process, you also receive access to over 100 million pictures from Getty Images and iStock. Promo offers ready-to-use templates that are easily customized to fit your brand’s aesthetic.

This online video maker has high-resolution professional video clips, royalty-free audio, and customizable video layouts. Promo allows you to post, publish, upload, and share the videos you make across all social media platforms, websites, and blogs.


  • The tool is super easy to use.
  • It has lots of customization features.

Evan N

I love using Promo because it has tens of thousands of images and videos that can quickly be dropped into a template, enabling you to create a new video in minutes.


  • Templates have limited editing capabilities.
  • The tool is not quite affordable.

Josh V

Some features are quite limited, and you are required to use one of their pre-designed templates.

Wrapping Up

Social media apps are evidently a crucial part of the everyday regime. Hence to manage them, you need to resort to tools for better utilization. Now that you know the top-rated social media apps and the best tools you should be using to reap the maximum benefits, it’s your time to make the call.

We recommend starting with SocialPilot, a one-in-all social media management platform that makes it easy to manage your presence across multiple social media. Take its 14-day free trial for a quick hands-on and find out what it’s like.

Frequently Asked Questions

What are the best social media sites in 2024?

  • Facebook
  • Youtube
  • Instagram
  • Twitter
  • Pinterest
  • TikTok
  • LinkedIn

Which social media apps are great to use for your brand?

The best social media apps a brand should be using to increase its presence on social media in 2022 are:

  • SocialPilot
  • Hootsuite
  • Buffer
  • Canva
  • Keyhole
  • Promo

Which is the most affordable social media management app to increase your brand reach?

SocialPilot is the best social media app a small business or agency can use to increase the reach of their brand on social media. SocialPilot helps with automatic scheduling and publishing with advanced features to help your business grow on social media.

What's the most popular social media app?

Facebook is the most popular social media app. It has the most extensive user base of more than 2.9 million users who actively use the platform to connect with family and friends, run businesses with an online shop, participate in live sessions, play games, and engage in groups for vital discussions.

What is the fastest growing social media platform?

TikTok is the fastest-growing social media platform with more than a billion users. It continues to witness whopping year-on-year growths with more than 2 billion downloads already.

Author: Chandraveer Singh

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