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5 Inspiring Social Media Campaigns of All Times

Are you running an online business?

Do you want to boost your brand presence, increase your sales, and boost your customer base?

Then associating with social media influencers for your marketing purposes is one of the hottest and most effective ways you can use to scale things up.

The influencer marketing industry is valued at over USD 4.6 billion and will grow at a 25% CAGR by 2025, as per The Social Intelligence Lab reports.

But to set up successful social media campaigns, you need to go through different influencer marketing successful ideas to craft one for your venture.

Don’t know where to look for inspiring social media campaigns by top  influencers?

We got you covered. Our team has shortlisted some of the unique, engaging, and result-oriented social media campaigns that can help you craft your successful mixture.

So, without further ado, let’s get started.

1. Nike

Being one of the global leaders in athleisure, Nike has numerous famous sports athletes, actors, and different types of social media influencers as their brand ambassadors. But once they launched their Air Vapormax, they decided to take a different lane with their influencer marketing strategy.

Instead of going with all their partnered influencers across the globe, they collaborated with a duo famous for cutting things in two halves.

Strange, isn’t it?


The father-son duo has a YouTube channel, What’s Inside, that is popular for cutting objects into two parts and finding out what’s inside of the objects. As a part of these social media campaigns, they created seven video series in which they showcased their trip to the Nike headquarters and cut the new Nike Air Vapormax Shoes.

They also showed the interaction with the Nike officials and the inspiration behind the Nike Air Vapormax, which provides great value to the user.

The most successful video in the series attracted more than 7 million views, which provided great value for the newly launched product.

You can also use this technique to partner with established influencers to showcase your newly launched product and boost sales by providing immense value to the viewers. If you can’t reach out to the top influencers, contact a social media influencers agency to crack the deal.

2. Nescafe

Last year, during the lockdown, social media was flooded with Dalgona coffee trends.

Nescafe took the influencer marketing campaign to the next level with the #dalgonacoffee trend. Nescafe featured social media influencers on their official accounts with #dalgonacoffeechallenge #Homebarista #dalgonacoffee tags.

Many influencers took part in the coffee challenge with this unique approach and provided Nescafe with amazing shots. It flooded the Nescafe feed with some mesmerizing images.


One example of the approach is when Nescafe mentioned @amrhelmyfoodcritic’s incredible shot on their feed.

It turned out to be a great visual asset for the brand’s overall image and helped Nescafe drive decent social media engagement numbers.

The social media influencer’s campaign was fueled by user-generated content, representing their connection with their audience base.

The campaign’s reach from Nescafe was huge as it was a blend of the trending challenge and influencers taking part in the campaign. You can also tweak your social media influencer approach while promoting user-generated content where you can list influencers on your social media handles using your products or services.

3. Daniel Wellington

If we talk about social media influencer marketing, Daniel Wellington has done a fabulous job in the arena. Within ten years, they have transformed their company into a multi-million dollar company, and one of the key ingredients of their marketing efforts is powerful social media marketing.

With an approach to giveaway free watches to the top influencers across the globe, Daniel Wellington has become one of the most fashionable and iconic nato strap watchmakers.

Daniel Wellington has attracted unparalleled social media influencer marketing success with association with top influencers and using different approaches and types of social media campaigns.

During the initial period, Daniel targeted micro-influencers and then switched to the popular ones. The hashtag #danielwellington has attracted over two million posts with a few years of use.

Daniel Wellington

One of the examples of the approach is when @canadianbros posted for Daniel Wellington with the same hashtag. The post attracted most influencers’ followers and promoted the Daniel Wellington product in the cutest way.

Isn’t the dog cute?

4. Playstation X PewDiePie

Offering freebies to social media influencers is one of the basic approaches brands use while solidifying their influencer marketing approach. But Sony had different plans with their PR gifts. The brand surprised Felix Kjellberg, aka PewDiePie, one of the top YouTube influencers, with a unique gift on his 26th birthday.

The YouTuber did an unboxing video for the brand in which he showcased the customized cake Greatness Awaits Inside, which had a customized remote for the YouTuber.


It turned out to be a successful campaign for Sony PlayStation as the YouTuber has over 100 million subscribers on YouTube; you can imagine the video’s level of engagement. For an idea, the video attracted over 3.2 million views within a single day.

The YouTuber even tweeted about the same, and it helped PlayStation grab the eyeballs of users and media houses globally.

You can also use this strategy to surprise and amaze top influencers so that you get user attention and brand awareness in return.

5. Google Pixel

#TeamPixel influencer marketing campaign from Google Pixel is one of the balanced approaches with macro and micro-level marketing.

Google created a list of influencers for their social media campaigns for Pixel launch. The list included 51 top Instagram influencers, with 14 for the macro-level audience targeting and 35 for micro-level targeting.

The influencer marketing campaign included a total of 61 posts that highlighted the photography potential of Google’s new phone. The hashtag attracted over two million posts globally, which made the influencer marketing campaign a success.

Google Pixel

The team still shares UGC posts with the same hashtags to date. Here’s an example of how @SleepingPlanes, promoted the brand’s product to attract a great engagement rate. It was reshared in Google Pixel’s official page.

The average engagement rate of Google’s entire social media campaign is 7.8%, proving that if you use a balanced approach of macro and micro-level targeting with a slight focus towards the micro side, you’ll be in for a surprise.

Final Words

You can take inspiration from all these top innovative influencer marketing campaigns to help you achieve your business goals. No doubt, there are some other leading and high engagement-driven campaigns, but we have also selected these campaigns on the basics of uniqueness and innovation to get a broad perspective.

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So what’s making you wait? Get started with your next social media  campaign.

Frequently Asked Questions

🌟 Can a social media influencer marketing campaign guarantee success?

It depends on your strategy, approach, goals, and the influencer you have partnered with. All the metrics are important if you want to measure the success of your influencer marketing campaign. If you get all these aspects right and tailor a result-oriented campaign, then there are higher chances that your marketing campaign will succeed.

🌟 Can social media influencers work for free?

It depends on the quality of the influencer you are approaching; if you want to target micro-level influencers, you can offer some freebies and other offers instead of liquid cash to help you with your marketing campaign. But with the changing landscape of the industry, now every other influencer has set up their base prices for specific actions on social media platforms.

🌟 Which type of influencers should I associate with?

If you think about shortlisting your influencers, you should associate with the influencers linked to your industry and post content that your target audience can relate to. It will help to reach out to an audience that can relate to your brand easily.

🌟 Can social media influencers agencies help us with our influencer reach?

Yes, they can. The sole purpose of an influencer agency is to make influencers accessible to businesses and form a bridge between the two parties. If you want to associate with social media influencers, social media agencies can help you associate with the best fit.

🌟 Is it legal to hire an influencer to achieve business targets?

Yes, it is completely legal to associate with influencers to achieve your business outcomes. You can tailor down a complete campaign with the influencer and discuss all the nitty-gritty details to extract your business goals by reaching out to their audience base without falling into any legal complications.

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