Top 7 Social Media Management Tools for Agencies

Are you someone with a small business or startup, trying really hard to stay afloat in the sea of social media platforms?

Do you find it difficult and tiresome to keep up with its ever-new and changing marketing trends?

Do you also struggle to consistently post and promote your brand’s social media presence on digital platforms?

If it’s a yes, then no need to worry. We’ve got your back!

Affordable social media management tools for agencies are the best way to efficiently build your presence online and save your time and energy by automating mundane tasks.

Brands of all sizes require a strong social media presence but smaller brands and agencies need to play it smart. These tools help them grow their audience network, promote and sell their products and services and grow their businesses.

Publishing unique content consistently, which is a hassle normally, is made easy with these social media management tools. This will drive your organic engagement to new heights.

In this blog, we’re going to introduce you to 7 such social media management tools for agencies that can prove to be a great asset for managing your brand’s account. These tools are curated especially for individuals and startups, keeping in mind their easy affordability (either free or budget-friendly).

Let’s get to it!

1. SocialPilot: Best Social Media Management Tool

Social Media Management Tool SocialPilot

SocialPilot is one of the most inexpensive and impressive social media management tools, perfect for small businesses and agencies. It offers you multiple budget-friendly solutions that can help save a lot of time and manage and promote your brand across all major social networking platforms.

With SocialPilot’s exceptional features, you can automate several manual tasks. You can also be more consistent in maintaining your brand’s social media presence and drive meaningful engagement for amazing results.

Another significant reason for SocialPilot to be loved and favored by small businesses is its excellent customer support. They do their best to get back to you and assist as soon as they can. They also have plans ranging from $25.5 per month to $127.5 per month. You choose your plan according to your requirement, budget, and team capacity.

Why Pick SocialPilot as Your Go-To Social Media Management Tool?

  • With SocialPilot, you can schedule and publish content on all major social media platforms, like Instagram, Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, TikTok, Pinterest, VK, Tumblr, and Google My Business.
  • It offers seamless collaboration, which facilitates undisturbed workflow. You can assign roles to your teammates to carry out specific tasks, like drafting and scheduling posts.
  • It provides robust analytic reports to understand your audience better. This also enables you to track your brand’s growth patterns and come up with better engagement strategies.
  • With SocialPilot, you can share and download customized branded reports with your brand’s name and logo to make a personalized yet professional impact.
  • You can effortlessly schedule up to 500 posts at once with their bulk scheduling feature for better time management.
  • It can help you run and manage your Facebook ads, lead ads, boost posts, and many more with ease.
  • With its easy tagging feature, you can tag other profiles and pages to garner more views and engagement.
  • With its social inbox tool, you can manage your business account’s messages and comments from a single space.
  • Also, you can share media seamlessly from your cloud storage with SocialPilot.
  • With its content curation tool, you can search and get unlimited ideas for fresh content using as many keywords as you want.
  • Another very important reason to choose SocialPilot is that it is very user-friendly.

What do people think about SocialPilot?

Alexandra K.

The scheduler function allows me to organize and post content for an entire month in advance. I can be sure that the content will be posted on time and in all different media formats. I can also edit posts after they have been scheduled to go out, posts can be re-shared, and times changed/edits made. The platform is easily navigated and easy to use.

Jenna D.

It took me a solid 3 weeks to compare and contrast every single social media scheduling tool on the market, but I’m glad I did it! SocialPilot was BY FAR the best service for the best price. I get more from SocialPilot than I do from HootSuite or Buffer at a fraction of the cost… AND their customer support is unbeatable! Thanks for all you guys do! You’ve helped me and my business more than you’ll ever know!

Jeniffer W.

I love being able to schedule multiple posts for multiple accounts and batch content. The analytics are good too. We can have way more accounts vs. some of the other sites out there. I also love that I can set groups and select multiple accounts with one click. There is an option to export reports with your company logo on them to look very professional. Another feature that I absolutely love is the hashtag counter. SocialPilot is the only program I’ve seen that includes this, and it’s a game-changer!

2. NapoleonCat: Affordable Social Media Management Tool

Social Media Management Tool NapoleanCat

NapoleanCat is one of the best social media management tools for small businesses. Its chief functionalities include managing multiple social media accounts, automating customer service, analyzing marketing results, monitoring competitors’ moves, and collaborating within teams.

With NapoleonCat, you only pay for what you use. Their standard is $21 per month, and they also offer customized solutions. In addition, if you opt for the annual payment option, you get 3 months of free subscription.


  • It offers solutions for Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, LinkedIn, YouTube, and Google My Business.
  • It is easy to use and budget-friendly for small businesses.
  • With its social inbox feature, you can manage all your conversations from a single dashboard.

David C

For a SaaS like CloudTalk, social media aren’t the #1 priority but still, they play an important part in the marketing mix. That’s why we’ve decided to look for a solution to manage our social media accounts more efficiently. Obviously, Buffer was our initial choice, but when looking more into alternatives, we found NapoleonCat to be the perfect fit.


  • Sometimes it loses connection with Facebook pages, which is an annoyance for many users.
  • Its loading time is slow.

Kat B

I believe the interface could have been made easier to navigate/user-friendly. I find that, at times, it was difficult to find a specific comment we wanted to get to.

3. Buffer: Versatile Social Media Management Tool

Social Media Management Tool Buffer

Buffer is one of the free social media management tools popular among many individuals, brands, and agencies. It helps you create, schedule, and publish eye-catching content across multiple social networking sites. The best part about Buffer is that it offers a free version for individuals with a tight budget.

The free version has basic publishing tools, a landing page builder, and many other important features to help get an individual started with social media. Buffer’s paid plan costs as low as $10 per month for one social media channel and a user.


  • With Buffer, you can track your followers’ activity and predict the perfect time to publish your social media content.
  • You can also skip all the unnecessary comments and jump to the important ones with the help of labels and hotkeys.
  • You can also track the growth of your brand’s account reach, engagement, and following.

Elizabeth H

The ability to link to all different social media accounts. The extension for the web browser is amazing and easy to use. The app for the smartphone is also very easy to use. The free version also has a lot of features. If you do not have a lot of social accounts, the free version works perfectly. You can track the engagement and analytics of your posts. You can actually comment and engage on your posts from the website or app! It’s very inexpensive.


  • Its free plan has very limited features even for an individual to keep going with social media management.
  • Buffer doesn’t have integration with many major social networking sites.

Jason F

The tracking and analytics are a bit lackluster when compared to Hootsuite. I would like to see the ability to monitor and respond to replies and comments directly from the app, too.

4. SocialBee: Social Media Management Tool for Content Planning And Scheduling

Social Media Management Tool SocialBee

SocialBee is one of the best social media management tools that assure to bring you more leads effortlessly. Along with social media management features, it also offers reporting & analytics to analyze the performance of your accounts and a real-time preview of your upcoming posts.

Major platforms like Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Instagram, Pinterest, Google My Business, and even TikTok can be easily managed. You can categorize, customize and share your content across all your social platforms with SocialBee. SocialBee’s pricing plans are quite straightforward. The pricing starts at $19 per month. This gives you unlimited scheduling & editing options, with the main benefit of saving at least 8 hours per week. SocialBee also has a 30-day money-back guarantee.

All plans have a free 14-day trial.


  • You can set up a posting schedule in a content calendar
  • You can organize your posts into different categories and then automatically post them on all your socials at once
  • You can customize your posts for each social media platform
  • You can export your analytics to analyze the performance of your accounts
  • You can use the integrated URL shorteners to track your links

Manoj V

SocialBee is my favorite tool for social media marketing. It helps me to publish content on social sites at a scheduled time automatically. The content can be organized across different categories so as to locate them easily at a later time. It also offers Twitter management features to find new potential followers and detect unfollowers easily.


  • In terms of features, SocialBee lacks a YouTube integration, the app is only web-based and not suited for enterprises.
  • SocialBee’s UI and UX are not top quality.
  • It doesn’t have a free version.

Nicole E

The learning curve is a bit high. It’s not the most intuitive platform, and I think there are still features that I’m not using because I either don’t understand them or don’t have the patience to figure them out.

5. Agorapulse: Integrated Social Media Management Tool

Social Media Management Tool AgoraPulse

Agorapulse is a powerful social media management tool that is favored by small businesses. It can schedule posts, generate analytics of your account, analyze competitors, and drive tremendous audience engagement.

Agorapulse integrates all the major social media networks, like Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter, YouTube, and Instagram. Its paid plan costs $79 a month if billed annually.


  • It has a user-friendly interface and efficient customer support.
  • It has a free version for individuals who are just getting started with social media.
  • Also, it offers a 30-day free trial, while most tools only offer a 14-day trial period.

Emily P

I like that this product gives me the number of social profiles I need (35) without having to piece together multiple accounts with a product. It lets me have one dashboard to manage everything that is going on with our social accounts and who is mentioning us on their own accounts.


  • Its analytics and reports are weak.
  • Its paid plans are a bit more expensive compared to other similar tools.

Cassandra P.

My only complaint is that you can’t add one social channel to multiple groups – they have a workaround for this by using tags that sort of getting the job done, but I do wish that I could use groups instead. That said, we’ve still been able to fulfill all of our needs with their platform!

6. Sendible: Social Media Management Tool for Agenciesl

Social Media Management Tool Sendible

Sendible is amongst the top choices for social media management tools for agencies. The tool provides content scheduling, publishing, engagement, analytics, reporting, and social monitoring features to its users, helping them strategically place their brands ahead of their competitors.

The content automation features of Sendible will allow you to publish at optimized timing so the target audience can interact with your content. The post generation window shows you a preview of how it will look when published. You can customize your post based on the social channel it is going to.

And all of these attributes come at very reasonable monthly prices. The basic paid plan costs only $29 per month.


  • This tool allows users to manage Google My Business from the same platform.
  • Sendible has integrated team workflow approval functions which allows multiple members to collaborate smoothly without any hitches.
  • The customer support unit of Sendible is very prompt and responsive.

Britt P

Sendible has been a great way to communicate with my team and schedule client posts! The Sendible team is very responsive! It has made our scheduling process easy.


  • The tool does not allow scheduling the same post multiple times.
  • Instagram stories cannot be published directly.
  • Once published, you cannot see the posts on the content calendar.

Verified User

The tool is very helpful indeed, but I wish you could copy a published post or schedule a post on multiple dates – this would make content clustering and drip marketing much easier. I also wish scheduling stories for Instagram had a direct connection.

7. MavSocial: Growth-Driven Social Media Management Tool

Social Media Management Tool MavSocial

MavSocial is a complete social media marketing software streamlined to suit franchises and small businesses for better brand building. The tool supports all the major social platforms, so any marketer can have an integrated dashboard to manage all their social media activities.

At the starting cost of $19 per month, MavSocial provides excellent value to its users. You can publish and boost your posts for the most effective organic reach and excellent engagement for the relevant audience.


  • The preview feature in the post creation window effectively creates optimized posts.
  • The customer service is very efficient and responds promptly to any complaints.
  • The interface is user-friendly and holistic.

David Y

I most appreciate the holistic view of post creation that indicates what content will be the same and the quick and easy way that a creator can differentiate a single post or platform.


  • Its offered services might not be enough for bigger businesses.
  • In certain places, the text of the UI is hard to decipher, which is inconvenient for users.

Jennifer H

With the UI’s small text and other indicators, it’s hard to know if you’ve accidentally changed something, such as the editing process to a single platform (rather than all together as desired).

Which of these Social Media Management Tools is the Best Choice

More and more brands and individuals are going for social media management tools because it helps them stay consistent and manage their work effortlessly. This only indicates that you should too.

We told you about some of the best inexpensive tools, their uses, and pros and cons, along with honest reviews from real customers/users so that you can make an informed decision.

But among those 7 amazing tools, SocialPilot is perfect for you regardless of your brand’s size. It has a brilliant set of features that enable you to manage your accounts, automate multiple manual tasks, and save a lot of time and effort.

SocialPilot is an inexpensive and feature-rich tool with a great customer support team to help in every step. You should go for their 14-day trial version and experience it yourself.

Frequently Asked Questions

🌟 What are social media management tools?

Social media management tools help you manage your social media accounts with their various brilliant features. These tools can help manage multiple accounts at once from a single dashboard. They exist to automate your manual tasks and make things easy for you.

🌟 What are the best social media management tools for small businesses?

The best social media management tools for small businesses are:

  • SocialPilot
  • NapoleonCat
  • Buffer
  • SocialBee
  • Agorapulse
  • Sendible
  • Mavsocial

🌟 What are the benefits of social media management tools?

Social media management tools have multiple benefits like:

  • They help in monitoring social media engagement on various platforms.
  • They help in scheduling posts in advance and save a lot of time.
  • They can manage multiple accounts.
  • They enable smooth collaboration and workflow.
  • They help connect with leads faster.
  • They analyze your audience and predict the best time for you to post social media content.

🌟 What are social media management tools used for?

Social media management tools are used to manage your social media activities across multiple social media platforms, like Facebook, Instagram, LinkedIn, Twitter, Pinterest, etc. These tools very efficiently automate manual work and prove themselves to be time savers.

🌟 How do I make a social media schedule?

By using the content calendar feature of a good social media management tool, you can very easily make a social media schedule.

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