7 Social Media Monitoring Tools to Know Your Audience Better

Can you guess what is common in CCTV and social media marketing?

Well, they all require monitoring. Like there are security guards or CCTV for surveillance of your neighborhood, social media marketing is tracked by social media monitoring tools.

Social media monitoring is a process that can be essential in helping you make the most of your connections with your audience and clients.

And if you are a social media newbie, this list of social media monitoring tools might come in handy. These tools assist in analyzing direct mentions, improving your social media strategy, providing reports for optimization, and planning the next steps.

So, here is a list of the best social media monitoring tools for staggering engagement.

1. SocialPilot: Best Social Media Monitoring Tool

Best Social Media Monitoring Tool SocialPilot

Price: $35/month

First on our list of popular social media monitoring tools for staggering engagement is SocialPilot. It is one of the most affordable and highly comprehensive tools for social media monitoring. It allows you to post on various social media platforms, such as Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Instagram, TikTok, Google My Business, Tumblr, Pinterest, and VK.

With SocialPilot, it is effortless to track each profile’s insights for social media campaigns. You can track audience growth, content engagement, demographics, and influencers.

You can manage, publish, boost, execute, and generate reports under social media banners through this tool. SocialPilot organizes your content, social media analytics, curates content, and schedules calendars in the all-in-one dashboard so you can effortlessly run your digital campaigns.

When you put your account on SocialPilot, it pulls in analytical data and eliminates the need for a manual configuration.

Why Choose SocialPilot As Your Social Media Monitoring Tool?

  • You can analyze the top-performing content that increases engagement and optimize it consequently.
  • It provides in-depth audience insights and analytical reports to analyze growth patterns.
  • It allows you to download PDF social media analytics reports anytime.
  • It finds the best time to post by analyzing when your followers are online and most active.
  • You can instantly email social media reports to your clients from the SocialPilot dashboard.
  • You can explore every part of your social account with comprehensive social media analytics.
  • Besides analyzing social media channels, you can plan posts and curate content.
  • The social media calendar lets you visualize your social content strategy.
  • The influencers’ analytics tool assists users in discovering top influencers that can help drive engagement.
  • The RSS feed automation feature enables you to share your favorite content smoothly.

What Do People Think About SocialPilot?

Rekha S

I always stay ahead of everyone in my field with the help of its advanced scheduling feature. And the capability to solve all the queries of my audience of different social media accounts from one spot is just amazing. I don’t need to switch my account every time to engage with them.

Kate W

Over the years, I have used quite a few of the social media management packages. I always found something that jarred with each one until I tried SocialPilot. Not sure how many years I have been using this now, but I love it, and it forms a big part of my engagement strategy. The best thing about it is that it’s so easy to tailor messages to each channel and to tag relevant businesses into the posts on Facebook and Twitter. Analytics are good, the calendar view is great, support is excellent.

Alexandra K

The scheduler function allows me to organize and post content for an entire month in advance. I can be sure that the content will be posted on time. The platform is easily navigated and easy to use. The social analytics component is very beneficial and serves as a great guide to understanding how your content is doing and who exactly your audience is.

2. Hootsuite: Intuitive Social Media Monitoring Tool

Best Social Media Monitoring Tool Hootsuite

Price: $49/month

Hootsuite is one of the most popular social media monitoring tools for individuals and brands. Hootsuite is one of the most helpful tools to handle social media, get insights and analytics reports on different social media channels.

With over 200,000 paid accounts and millions of users, Hootsuite controls social media for organizations around the globe—from the smallest businesses to the largest corporations. It helps manage, schedule posts, analyze social media research and provides helpful analytics. It has integration with many platforms and social media channels.

You can also monitor different social media channels with its social media stream feature. This tool is excellent for small to medium-sized and even large enterprises, businesses, and marketing agencies who want to boost digital marketing.


  1. Hootsuite has an easy-to-use UX that delivers a full scope of basic social management functionality.
  2. Hootsuite lets you know how your social media strategy is working by providing reports 24X7 so you can visualize your strategy.
  3. It has a comprehensive dashboard that enables you to add different networks for fast monitoring.

Rosie G

Hootsuite pro makes any marketer’s life so much easier. You can do all of your main content posting (especially for Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter) through their content-creating tools. Their calendar view makes it easy to schedule and plan outposts. Note that you can only schedule up to 5 posts on the free version, so the pro is worth it. We also like the ability to duplicate content across platforms.


  1. Hootsuite is an expensive application for solopreneurs and small businesses.
  2. Priority support is limited to customers.
  3. The user interface is not friendly and is rather complicated to understand.

Tony S

I’d have to say the cost is the biggest drawback for me. The free tier used to allow slightly more channels to post to, but they reduced that number, forcing me to either upgrade or choose another product.

3. Keyhole: Social Media Monitoring Tool for Campaigns

Best Social Media Monitoring Tool Keyhole

Price: $49/month

Keyhole is yet another social media monitoring tool that enables marketers to measure, improve and report on the impact they’re making on social media.

Keyhole’s influencer tracking, social listening, and in-depth social media analytics products assist marketers in improving their social media strategy and establishing their influence on associates and clients.

Keyhole’s easy-to-configure dashboard lets you create and share reports instantly, saving hundreds of hours a year. The analytics dashboard has a suitable word cloud that offers hashtags used with your primary hashtag. You can efficiently use the tool to determine the most popular hashtags appropriate to your campaign and discover areas of opportunity.


  1. It is super easy to generate analytics reports for your social media channels.
  2. Keyhole has a great user-friendly and all-in-one dashboard for thorough metrics.
  3. The website version is manageable and straightforward.

Luke H

Keyhole has a great user-friendly dashboard with thorough metrics and a great reporting layout that makes it useful for reporting up. I fully recommend it, and we use it year-round!


  1. Paid and free versions have a vast difference in terms of features.
  2. There is a cap on the number of hashtags you can use even when paying the monthly fee.

Ben K

I felt like it broke A LOT. Sometimes information cannot be pulled, the reports are screwed up, etc. When I requested help, it made me feel like I was the one making mistakes when I was a pretty savvy user.

4. BuzzSumo: A Social Media Monitoring Tool

Best Social Media Monitoring Tool BuzzSumo

Price: $99/month

BuzzSumo is a social media monitoring tool launched in 2013 and loved by marketers globally. It is an all-in-one content monitoring, marketing, and content curation tool that gives you content analysis, research, and performance insights.

Also, BuzzSumo is the world’s most comprehensive index of social engagement data, with over 300 trillion engagements, 8 billion articles, and millions more indexed every day, giving you quality data you can count on.

BuzzSumo is a social media monitoring tool professionals use to develop new content. By entering a specific keyword or a domain name, you can get a list of the most shared and trending content on that topic. This tool also provides a 30-day free trial.


  1. It is straightforward and saves you time by generating diverse content ideas.
  2. This tool helps you explore top influencers in your industry and facilitates you to connect with them.
  3. You can also do backlink research with this tool.

Reynold D

The platform is very user-friendly, and gathering analytical information, tracking required content is really very easy. Our workload is a lot less stressed with BuzzSumo.Thanks for that.


  1. It doesn’t estimate social shares on LinkedIn, one of the huge social media platforms.
  2. The price is overly high, especially for small business owners.
  3. It takes time to understand BuzzSumo’s navigation.

Ivy D

BuzzSumo doesn’t have many filtering options for the content it populates. I also see a lot of repetitious content for similar keywords.

5. Mention: Audience-Driven Social Media Monitoring Tool

Best Social Media Monitoring Tool Mention

Price: $29.00/month

Mention is a top-performing freemium social media monitoring tool that enables you to create alerts in your name, competitors, business, or industry/niche. You can import your current Google Alerts.

It delivers real-time media monitoring to give you live updates about your organization. The tool enables you to monitor over one billion sources every day, including social media, blogs, forums, and other sources on the web.

With Boolean alerts, you can skyrocket your brand, beat your competitors, or help your clients run successful marketing campaigns.


  1. With this free social media monitoring tool, you can respond to messages in real-time within the Mention dashboard.
  2. By selecting precise, real-time keyword alerts and assigning tasks to team members, you can help customers 24X7.
  3. Analytical reports, a comprehensive dashboard, collaborative tools, built-in influencer scores are some other important features of this tool.

Ian H

The software is really useful and can be tailored to your needs, as well as focusing on just what you want.


  1. You can miss important mentions if the searches aren’t set up correctly.
  2. Sometimes the searches are not accurate.

Andy H.

Mention is constantly asking me to log in again and validate my accounts with services like LinkedIn. This is troubling, as it affects timely delivery and is more of an interruption than a benefit. It’s like LinkedIn or Facebook don’t trust them.

6. Brand24: Social Media Monitoring Tool for Brands

Best Social Media Monitoring Tool Brand24

Price: $59/month

Brand24 is a dedicated social media monitoring software that can help you keep track of all the buzz about your brand online from multiple platforms.

Thousands of companies of all sizes use Brand24 to monitor their desired categories like keywords, brand mentions, competitors, and other products across the internet. Although, a broader scope of monitoring comes from a higher subscription value.

Some of the tool’s most valuable features include advanced AI-powered sentiment analysis, word cloud, which can determine the context of a discussion, influencer data, etc.


  1. The tool makes it possible to keep track of any noteworthy thing happening relevant to your industry.
  2. Brand24 lets its users generate reports comfortably and quickly since it keeps generating real-time analytical data.
  3. The tool provides daily emails containing the status quo of your brand’s overall mentions and reputation.

Marta M

There are a lot of excellent media monitoring apps out there, but I would recommend Brand24 because it is the best one. It has many features that help you keep track of your brand’s online presence, and it makes it easy to get alerted when something happens that you need to know about.


  1. The tool’s effectiveness in tracking negative keywords can malfunction sometimes.
  2. The basic plan allows very few mentions and keywords to track.
  3. Brand24 has a higher price for the basic plan.

Verified Current User

Negative keywords can be funky sometimes and still get the type of information that you don’t need, but after talking with the support, they helped us to make it better.

7. Brandwatch: Consumer-Centric Social Media Monitoring Tool

Best Social Media Monitoring Tool Brandwatch

Price: N/A

Brandwatch is an intelligent and integrated social media monitoring tool that can help you upscale your reputation and keep pace with what is happening in the industry.

The insights the tool gives you are extensive, but it is presented in a very comprehensible way. You can collect types of mentions and categorize them with the help of their advanced algorithms into sections like complaints, opinions, feedback, and more.

Brandwatch is preferred as a social media monitoring software by many big brands. The ability to track billions of pages online to filter out the relevant topics makes this such a proficient tool.


  1. The tool efficiently monitors conversations and mentions from various online sources.
  2. The ease of use of Brandwatch is a big pro for many users.
  3. The visually appealing analytics are generated to make them easily digestible.

Yoojung B

I use it for brand conversation monitoring purposes and risk monitoring, which Brandwatch does a fabulous job. I also love the alert settings, so I can have myself and the team stay on top of anything that could be alarming or trending about our brand.


  1. It takes some time to get used to the tool for new users.
  2. Sometimes the mentions dug out by the algorithm can be irrelevant to the brand.
  3. The number of monitors is limited with a basic subscription.

Marianne P

Before I received a proper tutorial on the platform, I struggled to find the tools I was looking for and found it a little hard to find the data I was being asked for.

Which of these Social Media Monitoring Tools will You Choose?

Social media monitoring is one strategy you should employ to connect with your audience more personally. And the tools cited above have the features to help you accomplish that.

However, if you want a tool that assists you in managing the different elements of social media management and not just monitoring, you should consider SocialPilot.

If you are interested in checking out what more advanced tools like SocialPilot have to offer, kindly get in touch with their team by booking a demo. You can also avail the free 14-day trial.

Frequently Asked Questions

🌟 What is social media monitoring?

Social media monitoring is the procedure of determining and analyzing mentions of a particular product or brand across different social media platforms, forums, and websites.

🌟 Why is social media monitoring crucial?

Social media monitoring tools and the data that they fetch are essential to the progress of your social media marketing campaign and the ultimate success of your business. If you ignore how your business is doing, don’t measure how people are engaging with your brand, then how would you know if you are moving in the right direction or not.

🌟 What are some top social media monitoring tools?

Some of the top social media monitoring tools are:

  • SocialPilot
  • BuzzSumo
  • Hootsuite
  • Mention
  • Keyhole
  • Brand24
  • Brandwatch

🌟 Can SocialPilot be used for social media monitoring?

Yes, SocialPilot is a comprehensive tool that helps monitor social media and provides analytical reports, curates content, bulk schedules, publishes content, and a lot more.

🌟 What are some free social media monitoring tools?

There are many free and freemium social media monitoring tools available on the market. Some of them are:

  • SocialPilot
  • Mention
  • Agorapulse
  • Famio
  • Brand24
  • Brandwatch

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