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9 Social Media Myths That Need To Be Debunked Now (2023)

Social media is an effective medium or channel, which can enhance business profitability in the shortest time frame. A versatile medium, it provides tremendous opportunities for businesses to explore. For instance, they get access to millions of target customer base for promoting and marketing of their goods and services. Debunk the social marketing myths that are keeping industry vendors and marketers on the social platform sidestep.

Social Media Marketing Myths

However, even businesses of any size fail to realize the maximum potential of this channel because of some widespread myths. Here we bring a list of some of the social media marketing myths. Time to debunk them without delay!

1. Having social media presence will always give you good returns:

Establishing your presence on social media and leaving everything else to chance is perhaps the most common of all myths. What I mean is that you can get good returns on your investment from social media. However, you must make continuous efforts to engage your potential customers with monitor & measure traffic of social post.

Establishing your presence on social media

This takes the form of interacting with them, strategically scheduling and posting content and taking other proactive steps. It is not only about having an account on all social media networks, but about making that account work for your business branding.

2. Avoiding negative reviews and mentions on social media sites is okay:

Social media is an open platform where your target audience gives you direct feedback after using your products and services. You will get both. You’ll see accolades and the brickbats in terms of product reviews.

Avoid negative reviews

You’ll receive complaints and mentions from satisfied as well as upset customers. Make it a point to go through each and every piece of feedback that you get. While this is the difficult and time-consuming process, you can always use the best social media automation tools to get the work done.

3. Social media alone is sufficient for brand reputation:

A brand and a business are inseparable these days. It is true that social media does help boost your products and customer services as a brand by letting you directly interact with your target customers on a one to one basis.

Brand reputation

However, you also need other traditional marketing mediums. You need outdoor campaigns, exhibitions, and perhaps even direct mailers for fail-safe branding of your business.

4. Social media makes email marketing redundant:

Many businesses nowadays, think that email marketing is a relic of the past because they can use more advanced features of social media to directly connect with their users. In fact, just like other traditional mediums, email marketing complements social media strategy and enhances your brand visibility. It is a must if you intend to launch an effective marketing campaign online.

5. You do not need to pay for anything on social media:

Social media by and large is a free channel and there is no doubt about that. However, there are some specific services or free social media tools that you can use after paying a nominal amount. For example, you can run a paid campaign for your social media updates. These populate the same on a dashboard, showing toward your target audiences to get maximum views from the potential customers. The main example is personalised facebook branding, which effortlessly draws the attention of the customers to your brand.

6. You need be active on every social media platforms:

This is not a myth but a mistake that many startups and even established businesses make. They create a number of accounts on various platforms aimlessly and in the long run, they end up losing their time and other resources. What you need to do instead is create a focused social media marketing strategy and channelize your efforts in order to manage resources effectively.

Most popular social networking sites

Conduct your own research about each of different the platforms to achieve desired results. Then, filter them to use its maximum potential will help you more in reaching out to your target audiences.

7. More fans & followers boost your brand:

On social media, quantity and quality are both important factors for your brand’s visibility and reputation. It is true that you need to have a maximum number of fans and followers for your business. However, do all of them take a call-to-actions for your business? Certainly not, as relevancy is also very important here.

Quality and quantity both important

This is the reason it it doesn’t matter if you have only have a huge number of fans and followers for your brand. You still have to make continuous efforts to make your brand visible on the social media platform for lead generation and conversion.

8. #Hashtags are the elixir of life on social media:

Hashtags have taken the social media world by storm. Almost every platform from Twitter to Facebook and Instagram are overflowing with them! I am sure that you must have come across at least one post, which has been stuffed with every possible hashtag for marketing that ever existed.

Hashtags for marketing

This is a rookie mistake that can cause adverse effects to your brand’s image. Use them in moderation and only when they are absolutely necessary (the trending hashtags on Twitter are the safest bet). If not, giving them a skip is a good idea.

9. Social media is a youth-centric channel:

When we talk about common myths related to social media, how can we not talk about the most important? Does it state that it is a youth-oriented channel? Well, yes there are a number of young users on various social media platforms.

Young users on various social media platforms

However, that doesn’t mean that the older generation isn’t lying quietly! According to many studies, a large number of them are equally active on various platforms. So, make sure that your content and approach on social media also takes into consideration every type of user. Age groups should not be taken into consideration.

To Conclude

Now you know what the myths are. Therefore, it is time to debunk them and use the powerful platform to rope in success for your business. This will surely help you realize the maximum potential of your channel.

According to you, which one is the most dangerous social media myth?

Author: Chandraveer Singh

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