6 Excellent Social Media Scheduling Tools for Pro Marketers in 2022

With 4.48 billion current social media users worldwide, brands are relishing opportunities of lionizing their reach. But recently, this space has become intensely competitive in terms of emerging platforms.

Each social networking channel has its importance and requires efforts to stay connected with your audience.

But if you’ve ever attempted managing several social media platforms simultaneously, you know how time-consuming it is. Through creating content, writing captions, and posting, you’re probably looking at hours of extra blogging work every week.

Not to mention every time you go online to post something, you get engulfed in the endless scrolling. And as time is money, you should look for ways to save it.

Luckily, you can use various social media schedulers to automate a huge part of your workflow while promoting your blog efficiently and keeping your sanity.

So why manage your social media platforms manually when you can put them on autopilot?

Following is a list of top social media scheduling tools in 2022 that would optimize your social media channels and make your work easy!

Let’s dive in for more details.

1. SocialPilot


SocialPilot is the most cost-effective social media scheduling tool in 2022. It provides immense growth on social media and lowers the spendings on tools. With SocialPilot, you don’t have to worry about your updates and about running out of limits. You can also make data-driven decisions to enhance engagement and calibrate your social media strategy.

SocialPilot aids in scheduling and replying to all the comments, messages, and posts in real-time. Besides scheduling social media, you can also invite clients to connect accounts and share white label reports via emails on SocialPilot.

Why Choose SocialPilot as Your Go-To Social Media Scheduling Tool for Your Business?

  • With a friendly user interface, you can schedule/create personalized posts for all your social media platforms, all in one place.
  • The Social Inbox feature enables users to respond to all comments and messages. It also filters conversations and centers on the relevant ones– so that you don’t miss replying to any customer.
  • SocialPilot aids in scheduling 500 social media posts with the bulk upload feature.
  • Workflows enable users to collaborate with teams while reviewing and approving all content before it is posted.
  • Streamline your social media strategy on autopilot by scheduling posts to time slots when your followers and subscribers are most active.
  • SocialPilot’s curated content list assists in creating engaging content based on recency, categories, keywords, and influencers.
  • SocialPilot’s extension allows scheduling social media posts anytime and anywhere without switching windows and tabs.
  • Add images and videos with SocialPilot, which also has an in-built Giphy support system.
  • Easily shorten URLs in your posts with Bitly, Sniply, or Rebrandly.
  • In-built Dropbox and Box.com support to seamlessly share media from your cloud storage.
  • It helps to set approval rights and privileges to modify or delete posts.

What do people think about SocialPilot?

Alexandra K.

The scheduler function allows me to organize and post content for an entire month in advance. I can be sure that the content will be posted on time and in all different media formats. I can also edit posts after they have been scheduled to go out, posts can be re-shared, and times changed/edits made. The functions work quickly across all of our business’s social platforms. The social analytics component is very beneficial and serves as a great guide to understanding how your content is doing and who exactly your audience is.

Jenna D.

It took me a solid 3 weeks to compare and contrast every single social media scheduling tool on the market, but I’m glad HuI did it! SocialPilot was BY FAR the best service for the best price. I get more from SocialPilot than I do from HootSuite or Buffer at a fraction of the cost. And their customer support is unbeatable! Thanks for all you guys do!

Jeniffer W.

I love being able to schedule multiple posts for multiple accounts and batch content. The analytics are good too. We can have way more accounts vs. some of the other sites out there. I also love that I can set groups and select multiple accounts with one click. There is an option to export reports with your company logo on them to look very professional.

2. Later


Next on our list of top social media scheduling tools is, Later. It is an all-in-one social marketing platform for all social networks. It helps you plan, analyze, and publish your content with just a few clicks. It helps in saving time while increasing the growth of your business.

Later enables content map creation and post schedule with Later’s visual planning tool. It’s a calendar where you drag-and-drop content onto a posting timeline.

Later also gives hashtag suggestions and analyzes the best times to post.


  • The analytics feature is exceptional, especially in response to hashtag performance.
  • Story scheduling is yet another unique feature that allows users to schedule Insta stories in advance.
  • It allows multiple users in one sign-on account.
  • It helps to schedule posts on platforms such as Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, and Pinterest.
  • Linkin.bio feature allows you to drive traffic to multiple sources, which is helpful for accounts without a swipe-up link.
  • It’s easy to shift between accounts if you are operating multiple brands and platforms.

Genie Folkner

Later Is the ultimate Instagram publishing tool! It saves time, money and increases productivity!


  • Later doesn’t allow you to tweet just a link (no photo attached), which can sometimes be challenging when planning content.
  • It currently doesn’t post videos to Pinterest via the mobile app, only via the desktop version.
  • It provides scheduling for Instagram stories but only via push notifications, so you’ll have to use your mobile to actually post to Instagram stories.

Meredith Walter

I wish there was a direct integration with things like Canva and Lightroom to make uploading and editing my images seamless.

3. Buffer


With over 75,000 customers, Buffer is a freemium social media management tool. Buffer is best suited for anyone who wants to establish a social media presence, with different plans for everyone from small businesses to bloggers to agencies or huge companies.

At the time when Buffer was launched, it was a mere scheduling tool for Twitter. Since then, it has added scheduling to various social networks and has included features such as detailed analytics.


  • Buffer has a friendly user interface with easy-to-navigate tools and features.
  • It has flexible pricing plans suitable for bloggers, small businesses, and big companies.
  • Pablo, the in-built photo editor, makes it effortless to publish and schedule images from a single dashboard.
  • Like Later and Hootsuite, users can also respond to comments and engage their followers right from Buffer rather than logging into different platforms.
  • The analytics feature can figure out whether or not the decisions on your content and schedule are powerful and relevant.
  • Buffer provides a browser extension for Chrome, Firefox, and Safari to share content on different web pages.

Tessa B

While we’ve seen social media grow over the past few years, we’ve seen the need to keep up with content in order to keep your business and brand front of mind for consumers. Buffer allows you to create and schedule posts to be shared directly to your desired social media page or pages. Buffer makes it easy to tag businesses (a recent addition for Facebook), share multiple videos, and really plan out your content.


  • You can check analytics and schedule posts, but you can’t view your incoming mentions, reply to comments and messages, engage with others’ posts, etc.
  • Instagram and Pinterest features are very basic.
  • Buffer does not support Linkedin Groups integration.
  • Buffer extension lags in Google Chrome, despite its great features.

Nasim K

Very expensive for what they offer. The data doesn’t update automatically, and sometimes it takes so long till you can actually see them in Buffer.

4. Post Planner

Post Planner

Next on our list of best social media scheduling tools is Post Planner. It is a platform “created by social media marketers for social media marketers.”

Post Planner automates post uploading that saves a lot of time. It also optimizes posts on Facebook, LinkedIn, Pinterest, Instagram, and Twitter. It also allows you to schedule the time your content goes live on your social media feeds.


  • Post Planner scales all the content on its database so that the user always publishes high-converting stuff.
  • Post Planner has a vast library to help users with creating posts that are engaging and relevant.
  • Easy to use with a straightforward interface.

Jennifer H.

The system is easy to set up and use. There are lots of options and additional help. I also love the evergreen option to allow posts to repost at a later time.


  • There is a lack of in-depth analytics.
  • The cost is high for the features it offers.
  • Some users may find the interface difficult to understand and use.

Anil J

The worst thing about this product is the negligence of customer support people. They never seem to be available.

5. TweetDeck


Tweet Deck is one of the free social media scheduling tools that enables businesses to run their online Twitter accounts from an automatic and centralized interface to influence their audiences fast and efficiently.

It has a robust notification feature that allows users to stay updated on trends and catch up with their contacts over various social media platforms in less time.


  • TweetDeck has a feature to monitor conversations in real-time.
  • It has customizable social media dashboards that simplify users to manage, read, and send tweets.
  • Users can centralize scheduling and monitoring, allowing them to keep track of trends and participate in real-time conversations.
  • TweetDeck also allows users to monitor Twitter hashtags, searches, and lists to ensure that the account is constantly refreshed for followers and audiences.
  • Scheduling also enables you to tweet during peak times for best exposure, boosting your chances of earning new followers and preventing unfollow.

Gage A.

TweetDeck is an amazing upgrade to basic Twitter. It allows multiple accounts, account monitoring, and tracking popular hashtags that are trending in a jiffy. I love the speed and sleekness of this application.


  • TweetDeck is only suitable for Twitter users.
  • TweetDeck’s mobile version dashboard is not user-friendly.

Verified User

The UI is outdated as well as the branding. I’d recommend another app like Buffer.

6. Hootsuite


Last but not least, on our list of best social media scheduling tools is Hootsuite.

With over 16 million users and 1,000+ employees, Hootsuite is one of the best tools in the market if you want to schedule and automate your posts on various social media platforms. This tool is perfect for small to medium-sized businesses and marketing agencies.

It assists them in publishing posts, managing social media research, and provides insight analytics as well. Hootsuite integrates with multiple other platforms and social media networks. It saves time by scheduling posts over all your social channels in just a few clicks.


  • The prime and most used feature of Hootsuite is publishing and scheduling social media posts.
  • It provides quality content that pleases the audience and reaches more people. It helps in accessing image assets straight from the Hootsuite dashboard to make regular posting easy.
  • The post and duplicate feature enable sharing the same update multiple times, with the main goal of reaching audiences in different time zones.
  • It also allows you to interact with your followers’ and subscribers’ inbox and engagement features.
  • The streams dashboard feature makes it simple to see the latest news on the subjects you’re controlling.
  • It has an in-built social listening tool, My Industry. It allows you to add keywords and follow hashtags.

Christian N

Having a nice visual for each feed gives a great lay of the land on what is queued up in your pipeline of posts. It’s also pretty simple to upload and schedule posts, as well as going back to make edits to settings before a post is scheduled to go live.


  • Paid plans are quite pricey.
  • Priority support is not open for every customer.
  • Some users find it difficult to navigate through various features.

Tony S

Hootsuite has always been my go-to for businesses getting off the ground or those that are on a low budget. They offer such great and essential features in an easy-to-use platform. Hootsuite dashboard is awesome with the features it provides, but to a multitasking pro, the dashboard was a bit intimidating – felt it could have been organized and simplified.

So, there are various social media scheduling tools available in the market. And in this list, we have narrowed down some of the best tools to schedule social media posts.

Now that you know about these tools, their benefits, features, pros, and cons, it is time to choose one of them.


As a social media manager, you should always look for a tool that makes this virtual journey towards success easier.

Even though no tool in the world is perfect, SocialPilot seems to be better than other social media scheduling tools in the market right now.

It has everything you would need to engage your customers and boost the growth of your business. With its cost-friendly pricing and effective features, this is a tool to lay your hands on. SocialPilot offers a free demo, so why not give it a chance?

Choose the tool that meets your requirements and see your business reach heights of success!

Frequently Asked Questions

🌟 Is it possible to post on all social media at once?

Yes, with the help of social media scheduling tools, it is possible to post on all your social networks with just a click. Tools like SocialPilot, Hootsuite, Buffer assist in scheduling and managing posts easily.

🌟 What are some best social media scheduling tools in 2022?

SocialPilot, Hootsuite, Buffer, and Later are some of the top social media scheduling tools in 2022.

🌟 What is a social media scheduling tool?

A social media scheduling tool is an automation tool that assists you in scheduling social media posts for various social media accounts. You can’t always be active by yourself on social media, so using social media scheduling tools aids you to be proactive.

🌟 How can I make a social media schedule and strategy?

Social media schedules and strategies can be made using a content calendar. Tools like SocialPilot, Hootsuite, Buffer, and Later assist in creating such schedules.

🌟 How many times should I post on social networks to gain more followers?

According to Later's analysis of over 917K unique users, the rate of reach and engagement per individual post varies as most are shared.

For accounts with 1K-250K followers: posting 14 or 20 times per week delivers the highest reach rate per post.

But for accounts with 250K followers, one post per week would suffice.

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