How to Use Social Media Automation to Reduce Your Marketing Efforts in 6 Areas

Social media has become a leading marketing tool for all types of businesses. It offers a variety of benefits such as building relationships with customers.

It helps to also obtain feedback for your company at a relatively low cost in comparison to traditional marketing methods.

However, the only problem is that devoting the time needed to do the job right can be all-encompassing.

Social Media Automation to Reduce Your Marketing Efforts

Automation tools for social media can greatly decrease the amount of time it takes to handle all your social media posts without taking away from your impact.

If you are like most online marketers, you are constantly searching for content. You tirelessly post on a variety of social media sites and communicating with customers to keep your brand on their minds.

As a result, we believe we have information that can help you strengthen your marketing.

These are 6 areas of media marketing where social media automation can help you maintain control of your marketing efforts.

1. Content sharing and scheduling

Businesses who use social media for their marketing purposes often share content across a number of different platforms.

As a result, just as you finish taking care of tasks on one site, it’s time to repeat your efforts on the next.

Although Facebook and Twitter were the main sites that marketers focused on in the beginning, Pinterest, LinkedIn, and others have continually grown in popularity.

Hence, that means to cover as large a chunk of your target customer base, it is necessary to post content on a wide range of sites. To make Automating content sharing is the only way to cover all your bases.

This is all done while only requiring enough of your time to post the content on the first site.

SocialPilot is one example of an automated platform that allows you to schedule your content across a variety of social media accounts.

It offers the flexibility to customize each one. You may set as many social media platforms to your SocialPilot account as you want to manage.

Also, you are able to send postings to each on the schedule of your choice.

Although the posts are scheduled with a single effort, they appear separately on each profile according to your specifications.

Social media scheduling

2. Feed/RSS automation

One of the great things about the Internet is the expansive array of information it contains. Unfortunately, it also makes finding one specific type of content like finding the proverbial needle in a haystack.

Rich Site Summary, or RSS, is the standard feed format that is in almost every app. A feed reader is an automation that does the searching for you.

Zapier is one such type of RSS reader.

It goes to the next level by allowing you to integrate RSS with hundreds of other apps automatically.

Zapier also saves you time by taking away the need to repeat your posts from one platform to the next.

Add RSS feed

When a new post becomes applied to one social media account, Zapier sends out a message to the others.

It works with more than 300 apps without any effort from you other than setting up your account and specifying what action you want the system to take.

3. Content curation

This term refers to the process of going through large volumes of online content and condensing it into a meaningful, organized presentation using a specific theme.

To do this, a person must sift through all the content, sort and arrange it into categories and publish information online.

To grasp the enormity of this job, you should understand that people exist who devote themselves to content curation. They work to create a strong provided service.

Online businesses use massive amounts of content on various social media sites on a regular basis.

Few business owners have time to do an adequate job of searching and organizing the content they need for their site.

Using a content curation platform like ShareIt is the automated way to get the right content for your sites without a big investment of your time.

4. Finding evergreen content and re-share

Evergreen content is that which never goes out of date.

When posting evergreen content to blog sites, it continues to be relevant for long periods of time.

Even so, you will need to re-post the info to keep it in place for new fans or followers or existing ones who have never seen it.

SocialPilot is a tool that offers easy social media management including Content Suggestions features that help you manage fresh content. Just set it and forget about it!

5. Email marketing

Email marketing has proven to be less effective than SMS text marketing.

However, it continues to be an important part of a comprehensive marketing strategy.

Responding to each new customer who signs up on your social media site is virtually impossible. Setting up an automated system ensures that newly registered customers receive the messages you want them to see.

MailChimp is an email marketing service provider that sends automated emails to welcome new customers so you can automatically share pertinent information with them about you, your company and what you offer.

6. Cross Sharing between social networking websites

The more social media sites you use in your social media marketing strategy, the more effective it will be.

More sites and more posts also mean more of a time investment.

Cross sharing refers to the process of sending the same messages and content to multiple social media sites.

To simplify the process, IFITT is often used. IFTTT, which stands for “If This, Then That”. It is another system that operates according to a trigger and a resulting action.

This web-based service lets you create your own set of triggers and actions called “recipes”. Once you set the trigger (If this), the system automatically takes the action you want it to take (Then that). You start by setting up your account on their website. Then you simply connect to some of the 67 channels it currently supports.

These automation tools save time.

They expand your social media capabilities and give you more flexibility to tailor your messages and/or content to your customers according to their interests and their purchase history.

Automation is the key to successful media marketing without the time investment of doing your tasks manually!

Author: Darshan Ruparelia

Darshan Ruparelia is a B2B SaaS marketer. He is a SaaS enthusiast who helped many SaaS companies bring quality traffic through data-driven content marketing. In his free time, he loves to follow and play Cricket.