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10 Most Popular TikTok Trends for Brands in 2022

If you see someone dancing in the middle of the sidewalk or trying on the weirdest makeup tricks, you won’t roll your eyes at them. You will readily assume that it’s probably one of the latest TikTok trends online.

And TikTokers are everywhere!

The latest statistics say that TikTok has 1 billion active monthly users. It’s no wonder that many latest TikTok trends are emerging on the platform!

With the creative freedom the video-streaming platform has given to all its users, there is no lack of all kinds of content floating around on TikTok.

But some of them catch the eye of the masses, and then they go viral overnight. These are the TikToks that give the platform its identity.

So let’s find out a little more about these viral TikTok trends.

What are TikTok Trends?

We all know what a trend is. When a large section of the audience starts making the content of the same theme, it can be called a trend. All of us know what a trend means. With the advent of social media, starting and popularizing trends have become a widespread occurrence.

But how exactly does a trend go viral?

trend go viral

A trend is born out of the blue, unpredictably. There are millions of creators making content every day.

But to make a viral trend, a large number of users need to get in line with the same theme and make TikTok on it. It takes thousands to make a trend. Viral TikTok content has such reach that it spreads to other platforms in the form of Instagram reels and Youtube shorts.

A trend on TikTok can be of any kind which lasts for a limited amount of time. Pop culture referenced scenes from famous movies, series, or martial arts-inspired TikTok hashtag trends like the bottle cap challenge.

Dances and song covers are also some of the best trends to promote any newly released album or music video.

The colossal success of TikTok trends right now is because the bandwagon effect is at work. Once some famous influencers or celebrities do something new on the platform, it spreads like wildfire. It might be a totally organic process, or brands might be putting efforts into running paid ads or branded hashtag challenges.

Following the latest TikTok trends is all fun and games, but you have to think strategically to make money from TikTok.

That is how marketing is done right on this platform. Here are some of the top TikTok trends brands need to get with to make their presence felt on the platform.

Top 10 TikTok Trends 2022 for Brands

1. Dance Challenges

As mentioned earlier, music labels and artists use TikTok as a very effective promotional tool. You can’t refuse the fact that nowadays, we get to listen to new songs from TikTok videos before any other channel.

TikTok dance challenges are pretty regular and emerging as popular trends. Even if you are not a pro-dancer, these choreographies are easy enough for amateurs to participate in as well.

Dance Challenges

We had all tried the famous but utterly easy steps of Jason Derulo’s “Savage Love” when the song went viral for its dance challenge. Brands can easily partake in these challenges as they will make you more relatable and create an image of youthfulness and fun.

2. Transformations/ Glow-Ups Trend

Everyone loves a transformation on TikTok. These clips can be of the creator or the video’s protagonist who changes their aesthetic appearance either with makeup or an outfit change.

Cosmetics brand EOS has collaborated with Charli D’Amelio to promote their transformation trend in the image below.


These also include glow-ups and how a person used to look in their younger days and how they look now. People make glow-up videos of their pets too.

Transformations tiktok

If you are a fashion or beauty brand like, this type of TikTok trend is a go-to for luring in customers. But be careful because the definition of a glow-up should not be a particular aesthetic. Promote the message of beauty in every shape and form.

3. Transform Your DM into Quotes Trend

These are one of the quirky and creative trends which have surfaced recently. It’s pretty simple to create, which is effective for audience interaction.

For this TikTok trend, creators put texts into beautiful backgrounds. These texts can range from funny one-liners and heartfelt messages to mean and hateful comments.

Transform Your DM

Businesses can always use funny messages or positive customer interactions to make these TikToks. Trust us, people love to read personal messages even out of context!

And the best part is, as a business profile, you can keep making TikTok on this trend regularly. Keep collecting worthy comments and statements from your audience. Use social media listening tools to keep an eye out for what people have been saying about your business.

And you will be sorted.

4. Vogue Challenge

At some point in life, all fashion enthusiasts dream of being featured in the most famous fashion magazine in the world- Vogue!

Well, TikTokers have been living this dream through one of the trends on TikTok. They simply edit their favorite images to look like they actually appeared on the Vogue cover. And let us tell you, these covers look legit!

Vogue Challenge

This is one of the fun Tiktok hashtag trends which brands can use to showcase their products or campaign images to their best aesthetic appeal. These images are also extremely eye-catching.

5. What I Ordered vs. What I Got TikTok Trend

Clips under this TikTok hashtag trend mostly show tales of disappointment. Normally customers see a product online and purchase it based on that image.

But when the product is delivered, it’s very different from what they were promised. The results have ranged from damaged goods to completely different products!

TikTok Trend

If you are a brand and going with this trend, give a positive end to this story. Show your audience that your products are just what you promise them online. People will surely be interested in your products if they see proof of your authenticity.

6. Tell Me Without Telling Me Trend

Among the TikTok hashtag trends running around on the platform, this one is the most suitable to promote a brand’s key attributes. If you are a brand, know that this trend can secretly boost awareness and sales in return.

There are themes like “Tell me without telling me- you are an Asian kid,” and then the creator will give relatable reasons such as how their parents are strict or what kind of food they eat at home and the clothes they wear. This will justify their statement.

Telling Me Trend

Brands can show their key features like having eco-friendly packaging and using natural ingredients, or you can simply show your logo as a hint. You can state how awesome your brand is without actually saying it!

7. That’s Not My Name- Trend

This is another fun little TikTok trend that has become quite popular. The trend uses the song “That’s Not My Name” by duo The Ting Tings”. The 2009 song’s lyrics somewhat depict how a person is not recognized by their name. A funny sub-trend under this trend is when celebrities are called by the roles they played in the past.

That's Not My Name

A brand might sometimes be mistaken for another brand or for their names to be pronounced wrong. Even if your brand is not a well-known one yet, this trend is a fun way to remind people what your name exactly is! You can give the clip your own twist, using it as you want.

8. What I Mean When I Say I’m From Trend

This is a TikTok trend based on a unique concept. The creators create videos to showcase their origins, mainly the places where they come from. Of course, many people have given the idea their touch, making TikToks about their homes, cultures, or even schools or groups of friends.

I Say I'm From Trend

You can show your origins, where you started as a business, and how far you’ve come. In the given TikTok, the guy is trying to show the world exactly what it is to live in Wyoming.

In case you are a product-based business, say, a juice brand, you can showcase from where you bring your raw materials. This way, you can prove your authenticity to your audience.

9. I’ll Never Forget You Trend

This is another nice TikTok trend to give a shoutout to anything or anyone who has made a difference in your life. Creators make videos where they’ll say “I’ll never forget” to whatever they are thankful for.

Now, this can be their high school teacher, parents, friends, or even their childhood blanket.

I'll Never Forget You Trend

As a business, you can use this trend on TikTok to profess your gratitude to your customers or anyone who made a difference in your journey.

It could be your first customer, someone who gave you an appreciative comment on Twitter, or someone who gave you your most significant order.

If you want to make audience-centric TikTok content such as this, you have to know your community. Use social media monitoring tools to get better insights into your audience and create the most effective TikToks.

10. I Understood The Assignment

This is one of the latest Tiktok trends, which uses the lines from a rap track, “The Assignment” by Tay Money, to depict a job well done.

I Understood The Assignment

Creators show some of their achievements and how they “understood the assignment” and followed through perfectly to get those results. These can be simple tasks like making the perfect pasta, assembling the perfect outfit, or even something big like performing a successful operation on a patient.

You can showcase how you delivered perfectly what you promised to your customers as a brand. This can be a parallel concept to the previously mentioned trend- what I ordered vs. what I got.

Why are TikTok Trends Important for Brands?

The topmost motive of brands for doing social media marketing is to establish their presence in the public eye. This leads to increased awareness, conversion, and a boost in ROI. But it’s a long process, and marketers need to adopt the right and cost-effective marketing strategies.

When a user spends an average of 50 minutes per day on the app, an ongoing trend is bound to show up on their feed multiple times. This creates prompt recall in their mind. You as a brand can leverage the success of these easily recognizable and memorable fads to achieve your marketing objectives.

Another important tip for you as a marketer to remember is regularity. If you are not posting on your profile on a roughly regular basis, you will not be able to keep your target audience interested.

So plan a basic routine for posting.

Use social media scheduling tools to plan ahead and stick to it. This will help you immensely maintain your streak and gain the audience’s attention. If you want to help achieve your TikTok marketing goals cost-effectively, use SocialPilot.

The tool supports TikTok marketers in every way possible. It has excellent content curation, TikTok scheduler, social listening, and analytics features to take care of your marketing needs on one integrated platform. And it comes at very affordable rates.


There is a constant inflow and outflow of trends on social media. Most of them are purely entertaining in nature, and some have an additional objective behind them. They can become a craze out of fluke, or they can be branded TikTok hashtag trends. Brands pay for those too for boosting their marketing.

Either way, since the launch of TikTok for business, brands have efficiently used the platform to boost their engagement and capture the right audience’s attention. If you participate in challenges and make TikToks that can be relevant to your branding, it will make a difference in your marketing for sure.

We hope this blog helped you understand some of the famous TikTok trends and how to relate them so they benefit you from a branding perspective. For more tricks and insights on social media marketing, keep an eye on this space. If you have some valuable tips to share, please consider writing for us.

Frequently Asked Questions

🌟 How to find TikTok trends?

TikTok has made it easy for its users to find the latest trends. The “Discover tab” will show you what the ongoing and current trends are. But be careful. TikTok trends are very quick to come and go out of focus. Hence keep scrolling to identify and find new trends.

🌟 What are TikTok trends right now?

Here are some of the new trends on TikTok observed in 2022

  • Never Been My Thing– Show something you don't like
  • Head vs. Heart- Making a choice between the two perspectives
  • That's not my name- Let people know what your name is
  • Track Star- A runaway from the camera challenge
  • I'll never forget you- Relive old memories of special ones
  • Zoom meetings gone wrong- Carelessness caused people to hear what they should not have

🌟 What was the first trend on TikTok?

The oldest and most recognizable TikTok trends were mostly dubs and duets on famous music tracks, as TikTok had earlier been

🌟 How to keep up with TikTok trends?

You have to scroll through the "For You" page regularly. It has recommendations based on the user's watch history, which the algorithm of the app suggests. Most of the time, it is very efficient in finding new content. Also, look out for frequently recurring hashtags in user-generated content. Any repeatedly seen hashtag might lead to a new trend. Besides this, keep an eye out for active influencers as they are the ones who hop on to a new challenge the earliest.

🌟 How long do TikTok trends last?

TikTok trends are very unpredictable. Any theme can blow-up overnight and stay with the audience for a few weeks or even a month. Some trends are swift to come and go, passing on within 4-7 days.

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