8 Twitter Management Tools for Better Engagement in 2023

With over 206 million active users, Twitter has become the powerhouse of social media channels. And the statistics show that this number is only increasing day by day.

If you are a marketer, businessperson, or influencer, it would be a smart decision to start using Twitter to reach out to your audience and promote quality engagement. But to leverage the power of the platform, Twitter management tools are what you need.

These tools will make you a pro at handling Twitter and streamline your company’s branding, conversational impact, and business growth.

So, let’s start exploring them one by one.

1. SocialPilot: Best Twitter Automation Tool

Twitter Management Tool SocialPilot

Price: $35

SocialPilot is one of the top-performing Twitter management tools. It is the go-to tool of professionals for rigorous marketing and flawless tweeting.

It supports Twitter and other social media platforms like Facebook, Instagram, LinkedIn, TikTok, and Pinterest. SocialPilot optimizes and analyses hashtags, Twitter mentions, audience engagement, and most popular tweets.

The best Twitter management tool provides in-depth analytics, enabling you to strategize and schedule your Twitter account. Its all-in-one dashboard serves you with scheduling, analytics, content curation, team & client management, and much more.

Why choose SocialPilot as your Twitter management tool?

  • SocialPilot provides the excellent service of advanced scheduling and publishing.
  • Your account’s accurate analytics and insights will help you streamline future posts.
  • It also provides in-depth reports on audience management and every Twitter mention.
  • It assists you in staying updated by analyzing trending hashtags.
  • The RSS feed automation and content curation feature help save time by curating relevant content.
  • The social media calendar feature helps users in managing future posts in advance.
  • SocialPilot enables users to mention other Twitter profiles while writing tweets to gain more engagement and reach.
  • The Social Inbox feature assures that conversations are acknowledged and leaves no message unseen.
  • The user can add photos, screenshots, illustrations, memes, and trending GIFs to boost the response rate.

What do people think about SocialPilot?

Burt R

I own multiple businesses, all with multiple places I want to keep posts flowing, and this allows me to do it all in one dashboard. I also love the Calendar view, so I can see past and upcoming dates for posts.

Jennifer W

I love being able to schedule multiple posts for multiple accounts and batch content. The analytics are good too. We can have way more accounts vs. some of the other sites out there. I also love that I can set groups and select multiple accounts with one click. There is an option to export reports with your company logo on them to look very professional.

Luis Ignacio C

I implemented SocialPilot as the primary tool for content management. SocialPilot is truly amazing. Apart from all that, they also offer you a complete section of analytics, which allows you to show the orderly evolution of your work.

2. Audiense: Complete Twitter Management Tool

Twitter Management Tool Audiense

Price: $1499

With the help of Audiense, you can explore influencers and marketers that can help you gain maximum engagement. This is an enterprise-level management tool that aids in running automated message campaigns, bulk follow or even unfollow inactive Twitter users.

By providing the analysis of your audience and gaining insights, this tool helps in targeted marketing effectively.


  1. This tool comes with a customizable dashboard, as per the user’s need.
  2. This Twitter management tool helps in targeted marketing by providing in-depth analysis to gain better insights from your audience.
  3. Audiense enables you to input your clients’ email addresses to check if they have Twitter accounts so that you can connect with them.

Miguel D.

The functions and features to know the prospects and/or future customers is robust and easy to understand. The reports are generated efficiently, and the data gives us the possibility to know and therefore prospect followers, who many times are prospects and end up being potential customers.


  1. To access all the features, users have to buy a higher plan which is quite expensive.
  2. The user interface isn’t easy to use, and some may even find it complicated.

Verified User

I dislike the rate of response and the usability of the dashboards.

3. TweetDeck: Official Twitter Management Tool

Twitter Management Tool TweetDeck

Price: Free

Twitter’s own TweetDeck is one of the best free Twitter management tools that assist you in scheduling and monitoring posts. It has a straightforward interface that enables you to organize your Twitter account.

You can also search for specific media types or keywords. It has almost zero learning curve and immediately integrates with your Twitter profile in an instant.


  1. It allows users to watch, share, and record video clips.
  2. Users can segment their Twitter audience into different groups for targeted marketing.
  3. It enables you to link and manage multiple Twitter accounts from one dashboard.

Rene F

I like the fact that I can do everything right on this platform. I can read other people’s tweets, post my tweets and schedule tweets to go out on certain dates and times. It has helped me concentrate on other issues, and my postings have not fallen to the wayside. It has kept me relevant on my Twitter account.


  1. It does not allow users to change the auto-scheduling setting.
  2. It is abundant with knowledge, and many users find that overwhelming.
  3. The user interface isn’t up to the mark.

Christopher M.

There don’t seem to be many updates for TweetDeck, and it has a few bugs here and there that pop up. They’re not game-stopping bugs, but they can get annoying. For someone with a large Twitter account, I find myself constantly just going back to Twitter itself because it works smoother than this app sometimes does.

4. Ninja Outreach: Twitter Management Tool for Influencers

Twitter Management Tool Ninja Outreach

Price: $229

Next on our list of best Twitter management tools is Ninja Outreach. It enables you to find influencers in your industry and get their contact details, thus connecting you with those influencers for running influencer marketing campaigns.

Ninja Outreach helps not only in that but also builds great professional relationships. Ninja Outreach is also helpful for link-building campaigns, and it can help you set automatic replies and follow-ups.


  1. Users can set up auto-follow-ups, so they don’t have to remember a lot.
  2. This Twitter marketing tool has beautiful pre-built templates that you can use for marketing objectives.
  3. It helps users connect with influencers for campaigns to make the most of influencer marketing.

Verified User

NinjaOutreach has a chrome extension, and this is what I use the most. I am constantly googling potential businesses that I’d like to work with, and I organize them into different lists. When I’m ready to do the outreach, all the information is already there, and my campaign works seamlessly.


  1. The user interface isn’t intuitive, and many features can be improved.
  2. This is a very expensive Twitter management tool.
  3. Many user reviews state that they had to pay for the entire month, even when they canceled before the trial period.

Janet M

A business model that supports misleading notifications and dishonestly taking people’s money. After a quick google search, I’ve discovered there are many others who experienced their misleading notifications, unclear conditions, and extremely unsatisfactory ‘refund ‘ policy.

5. Commun.it: Twitter Management Tool for Building Community

Twitter Management Tool Commun.it

Price: $19.99

Next on our list of Twitter management tools is Commun.it, which allows you to review all your conversations inside one single dashboard. It assists you with insights into your followers and figuring out who is most interested in your tweets and who isn’t.

This Twitter management tool also helps you automate many aspects of your Twitter growth and analyze your competitors.


  1. You can filter out ghost followers and concentrate on those taking the time to read and engage with your posts.
  2. It helps in automating many aspects of your Twitter account’s growth.
  3. You can analyze competitors, followers, statistics, and influencers and download its report.


Commun.it is one of the best solutions I have found to engage and interact with my social community. Commun.it has helped me grow from 1,500 to 24,500 followers – and growing.


  1. The customer care doesn’t resolve problems satisfactorily, and service is poor.
  2. The user interface isn’t automatic and user-friendly, especially when users have to manage multiple accounts.
  3. The tool has many bugs and errors.

Boni Wagner-Stafford

Used to be really good. Now there is always a function or two not working, and they are very slow at responding to support-related requests; often we get no response at all.

6. FollowerWonk: Twitter Management Tool for Detailed Analysis

Twitter Management Tool FollowerWonk

Price: $179

FollowerWonk is yet another amazing Twitter management tool that gathers and analyses data on Twitter users and determines trends. This tool helps in the optimization of your Twitter account.

You can also explore bios with its exceptional search functionality. You can section current target audiences with keywords and increase your loyal customers with relevant followers.

With Followerwonk, businesses can analyze and engage brand influencers in their particular niches and efficiently optimize brand campaigns by coordinating ventures that excite and engage followers.


  1. FollowerWonk is a great tool for curation content and research.
  2. Audience demographics make target-based marketing straightforward.
  3. Data visualization and downloading reports are easy.

Kiera E

I love how you can see demographic insights about your audience, as well as audiences of other brands. This is fantastic for audience research, content creation, and overall digital strategy.


  1. The user interface of this tool is complex to learn.
  2. Sometimes the analytics generated are not real-time and reliable.

Paige G

To me, Followerwonk is more complicated and less effective. The free features are extremely limited, so it’s tough to get a grasp on the software until you start a paid account.

7. Tweepi: AI-Powered Twitter Management Tool

Twitter Management Tool Tweepi

Price: $12.99/month

Tweepi is a valuable and compact Twitter management tool that helps in monitoring your audience on the Twitterverse. You can set up your account with hashtags that the tool will watch.

The tool provides automated account and hashtag monitoring along with geo-targeting. You can also target people baked on languages using filters. AI-driven algorithms help identify the users and categories of followers under reply, follow, like, retweet, and unfollow inactive ones.

Since right interactions are the key to successful Twitter marketing, Tweepi helps streamline that very process for you.


  1. The tool has a very streamlined interface.
  2. The suggestions it provides as to which accounts to follow are very effective.
  3. The unfollow feature is very convenient for marketers.

Verified User

Tweepi has made adjustments over the years and had some changes due to twitter limitations. Interface via mobile is easy to use and allows for quick interactions and updates.


  1. The customization of demographics is not available.
  2. It does not provide FAQs for the convenience of users.

Verified User

It does not have a FAQ page or advanced actions I can take, for example, why does Tweepi suggest I follow this account? Under the “Follow Recommendations” Page, the button “Neither” can be confusing as to what it means. Also, I think Tweepi can work on its UX writing to help users understand the wordings used better.

8. GroupTweet: Twitter Management Tool for Multiple Users

Twitter Management Tool GroupTweet

Price: $7.99/month

As the name suggests, GroupTweet is a tool that allows multiple contributors to tweet from a single account. And the perk is that you don’t need to share your password with them.

The workflow feature allows the team to work and tweet seamlessly and send only the approved content to the platform. The contributor bringing in the most engagement can be easily identified by the metrics given by the tool.

So if you are a business with a wide network of people to work with, this tool is a perfect addition to your organization.


  1. User does not need to share the credentials of their account with multiple parties.
  2. Approval of tweets can be given by the primary user.
  3. Analytics can provide insights on the performance of each contributor.

Verified Current User

We don’t want to have to share our credentials constantly, so this is a nice option for us. However, we don’t have enough experts on our team who can contribute just yet. You can approve tweets though, so we can intervene with the negative ones.


  1. The tool is not versatile as a Twitter management tool like its competitors
  2. The tool is yet to be developed into a robust platform for bigger brands

Landon M

There was one instance of a bug where we were unable to tweet links, but the issue was resolved quickly.

Which Twitter management tool will you choose?

People use Twitter, which is one of the most popular social media platforms these days, for various reasons; to tweet about their work-life or just to vent their musings, so when molded according to your target audience, Twitter could be the best platform to interact with them and make your brand stand out.

Twitter management tools cater to users around the world in this hustle to get quality leads and boost engagement as well. Even though there are many tools available in the market, each tool has its downsides. But, SocialPilot seems to differ from the rest. It not only supports Twitter but nine other social media platforms for management and growth.

So, why choose a single tool for a single platform when you have the option to select a comprehensive tool like SocialPilot? It offers a free 14-day trial.

Now, what are you waiting for? Activate your trial period right now!

Frequently Asked Questions

🌟 What are the best Twitter marketing tools?

The best Twitter marketing tools that will help you increase your Twitter engagement are:

  • SocialPilot
  • Audiense
  • Ninja Outreach
  • Commun.it
  • FollowerWonk
  • Tweepi
  • GroupTweet

🌟 Are there any free Twitter marketing tools available?

Yes, there are a few tools that assist in Twitter marketing for free, but they have limited features:

1. TweetDeck
2. Twitonomy
3. Twitter Analytics

🌟 What is the most engaging time to post/tweet on Twitter?

The best times to tweet on Twitter are around 8-10 am and 6-9 pm. Posting early morning and late at night will also fetch you more engagement on Twitter and lead to your account’s growth.

🌟 Can we automate posts on Twitter?

Yes, with the assistance of tools like SocialPilot, publishing posts can be automated on Twitter in advance by scheduling them for specific dates and times.

🌟 Is there any Twitter management tool that lets you manage multiple accounts?

SocialPilot is a Twitter management tool that assists you in managing your Twitter account effectively. From creating, scheduling, publishing, curating new content ideas, in-depth Twitter analytics, adding GIFs to your tweets, and mentioning other Twitter accounts, SocialPilot does it all at the most affordable cost, starting at just $30/month.

Author: Sweta Panigrahi

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