7 Content Marketing Best Practices that Drive your Audience Crazy

Which is the best content marketing strategy considered as the key to long-term success for your brand?

If you’re looking to drive more audience and build amazing brand awareness, you may have to pay more attention to your content marketing strategy.

Let’s do it then!

Here are the 7 content marketing best practices revealed that will help you cut through the noise and reach your niche audience group.

1. Grab-attention of your audience by offering content they are looking for!

Do you know, what kind of content your audience is looking for?

If no, you should try creating one, which is not only advance, immediately applicable but also trending!

But, how will you know what the audience wants?

Well, let me help you!

You can do this by emailing your subscribers and asking them what the #1 challenge they’re facing is.

Let’s take an example to get a clear idea.

Say, for example, you’re having a social media marketing article, you might ask your email subscribers to tell you the challenges they’re facing in the actual social media world.

Well, I suggest having a bit personalized pitch when asking for their troubles because it will increase the chances of your audience to quickly respond to your emails.

So, once they share their challenges, you can utilize the opportunity and use the information to guide them a proper direction through your content. This way you’ll always have something new for your audience and relevant information that your audience need!

2. Give your audience east to gobble content

According to Webdam, 81% of people on social media only skim the content they view online.

So, do you want to take the chance of losing your audience just because of the content?

Of course not!

Well, to make sure that your audience doesn’t skim away your website, optimize all your content for easy and simple readability format.


Here are six points, which will help you get greater audience readability.

  • Using bulleted list.
  • Adding relevant images.
  • Using short sentences and paragraphs in the blog.
  • Using sub-heading in the blog.
  • Highlight important points.
  • Using readable fonts is a must!

Just implementing these six points will help you create an easy to digest content, which increases the “average time spent rate” by a reader on your website.

ShareIt By SocialPilot

But another question that begs an answer is how do you create a sustainable content strategy that is beneficial in the long term.

In the PR Roundtable episode 9, Rand Fishkin and Jesse Wynants reveal groundbreaking strategies to this exact query. You can give it a quick check.

3. Focus on the length of your blog post

Have you ever thought, why the length of the blog post matters?


Blog post length matters because it seems to correlate strongly with higher rankings in search engines like Google, Yahoo, and Bing.

Well, let’s take a practical example to know the blog post length used during former years.

Focus on Length of blog post

In a case study by Brian Dean on content length, it was analyzed that long-form content outperforms the short ones.


The average word count of a Google first page result is 1,890 swords and it proves that the content with more than 1500 words is worthy to achieve good ranking. This correlation could be due to the fact that longer content generates significantly more shares on social media.

In addition to that, long-form content is another advantage that could simply reflect website owner’s interests that care about publishing excellent content.

So the key takeaway is…

Offering your audience with long-form and user-centric content will increase the chances of ranking in Google Search.

4. How about using catchy headlines?

A catchy headline is a key to attract more audience. Think in your way!

If you’re reading any blog on social media, no doubt that blog is good, but what if the headlines are not as catchy as you thought?

That’s what the thing is!

Well, even the best blog post on social media probably wouldn’t get much traffic if it had an ineffective headline. This is the reason, why it is important to add catchy and attractive headlines in the blog post.

It will make your content look significant, easy to read, and awe-inspiring to the readers.

So investing some of your time in crafting headlines will increase the chances of more click-through and entice your audience to click. But if you have no clue how to make catchy headlines, then using an AI content generator can help you.

5. Use various social media marketing platforms

Any content on social media doesn’t raise its path just by making the space on Google Search. Then what according you can be the best way?

Promotion of your best content!

Experts from Essay Tigers, state that writing a creative, useful, and effective content will no doubt increase its credibility and ranking, but promoting your best content on various social media platforms will help you get a great response.

There are many different social media platforms like Quora, Reddit, Stumbleupon, and more where you can promote your blog post. Yes, you are probably using Facebook, Instagram, or Twitter for promoting your best piece, but why not give it a try to these platforms as well!

They can prove to be a great source for attracting a good amount of traffic to your website. All you need is to create an account and answer what people are looking for.

Exactly how James Blackwell depicted Buzzumo in his answer on Quora.

Increase awareness through Quora

So, now you can see that using various forums or social media marketing platforms you can create a buzz and increase traffic on your website!

6. Mention well-known influencer in your content

Have you ever tried mentioning an influencer in your blog post?

Well, if not, you should give it a try!

The experts that you mention in your content will send extra traffic to your post because of various reasons.

  • They are popular and already have a greater impact and following on social media, so in return, their social media presence will help you get more eyes of the audience.
  • The influencers mentioned in your blog will further share your post with their social media followers.
  • Adding a good influencer’s name will help you build authority and connect with various influencers of your industry.

Well, this simply implies that there is no reason to add a name of the well-known influencer in your blog post.

7. Attract more audience by offering freebies

Growing an email list isn’t easy because you can’t just expect or ask your audience to sign up on your website. But, there are always different ways through which you can invite your audience to sign-in your website. Here is a comparison article on how you can check the validity of your email lists.

Besides paying attention to the email list validity, don’t forget to follow useful tips on how to improve your email deliverability, so you can reach more inboxes.


Well, by offering some valuable thing to your audience. Something that will compel them to hand over their email address.

The way of offering some valuable thing to your audience is known as a lead magnet or freebies. By offering a freebie, you’re increasing the chances that your audience will sign-up for your website.

In fact, there are many types of freebies you can give your audience.

Want to know, what freebies you should use?

Here’s a list of freebies that can be used by the website to attract more audience:

  • Ebook/Guide
  • Checklist
  • Workbook/Worksheet
  • Audio recording
  • Quiz
  • Email challenge
  • Resource library

Similarly, if you want to understand more, SocialPilot has also used freebies on their website to draw the attention of the audience visiting.

Offer some valuable thing to your audience

You can see a pop-up on the screen, which says Download Now! This pop-up is a free guide to 171 social media statistics and trends for 2018 offered to the public in general and any person can download it. But, to download it, the user will need to subscribe the guide by adding an email address to it.

It is a great example of a guide that is packed with value, but isn’t as long as a book!

So, offering a freebie to your audience can be a great way to reach out more audience on social media.

The Final Verdict

Now that you know the 7 content marketing best practices you can implement in your website, it’s time to get to work!

Using the above mentioned content marketing tactics, brainstorm your views and get your website traffic woo on social media.

Just don’t get disheartened if you don’t see enormous results in the beginning because a good content marketing strategy takes time to perform, but eventually, your hard work will pay off!

Author: Anwesha Ghatak

Anwesha Ghatak is a Content Writer at Socialmediamarketing.net. She writes informative blogs and tends to lose track of word count. A bookworm by nature, she finds solace in crime-fiction and historical dramas. Apart from reading and writing, she can be found watching Youtube videos on mythical folklore or fiddling with her camera.