7 Ways to Optimize Your Social Media Marketing Strategy

Having recognition is as important as managing your business and to make this happen social media proves to be one of the best platforms. Social media aids currency in the form of followers and leads etc. To earn this currency it has become important for businesses to leverage social media marketing techniques

We also know that social media plays a crucial role in brand awareness by providing a great opportunity to let the world know who you are, what you offer and how you can make a huge difference in people’s lives.

We also know that social media plays a crucial role in brand awareness by providing a great opportunity to let the world know who you are, what you offer and how you can make a huge difference in people’s lives.

It is interesting to note that 82.3% of chief marketing officers have agreed that social media efforts have a measurable impact on brand awareness.

In this blog, I will first share the benefits of social media marketing strategy and will also explain the strategies and techniques that you should work on to improve your presence in social media.

What are the benefits of Social Media Marketing

Increased brand awareness

Brand Awareness

As social media is an extensive competitive marketplace, it is hence important to showcase the best services that you provide in addition to connecting with your customers to understand their pain points.

Your social media profile should be lively and eye-catching to help users get the best online experience.

In addition, your branding should be consistent across platforms. It included keeping a common logo regardless of who created it – a logo generator or a designer and a consistent color palette.

By regular marketing on social media, you can gradually multiply your business activities and disseminate the same message to a wider variety of versatile consumers all over the world. These efforts taken by you and your team will gradually help in increasing your brand awareness.

Higher website traffic

Inbound marketing is one of the important methods to boost website traffic and there are more chances of traffic to convert into leads if you effectively leverage inbound marketing.

However, if you disregard the value of what social media platforms produce then you will be only limited to the inner circle of the audience who already recognize your market or brand.

For example, when you create high-quality content for your social media platforms and share the content at the right time, this will boost your reach. This strategy will also allow your brand to reach more audiences, notice your offerings, follow your brand, and ultimately attract more customers.

More leads and sales

Sales Leads

Social Media platforms are perfect to capture quality leads for your business and convert them into targeted sales. Well, the question is do social media have the ‘X’ factor to help you improve your sales strategy?

The answer is yes If you do it in the right way!

Social proof or social influence gives a sense of assurance to your prospects and followers about your services or products.

Enhanced SEO ranking

SEO Ranking

According to the latest report from Google, ‘Social Signals’ are considered as an important proof when ranking a website. Therefore, optimizing your social profiles with the right content will allow a larger audience to find you on the social media searches and even in the search engines.

Search Engine Optimization (SEO) also increases the chance for users to visit your business website with high CTR. So why not be prepared by creating value-oriented content on your social media platforms?

Ways to improve Social Media presence

Creating a robust social presence builds your brand’s credibility. In addition to knowing the benefits of Social Media, there are various interesting social media marketing strategy tips that you can implement to generate leads and one of those is by using a social media marketing plan.

Let’s dig into a few important ideas and strategies to improve the social media presence of your business!

Social Media Marketing Strategy

Social Media Strategy

Preparation is the name of the game. Proper goals of your social media game will turn your readers and followers into buyers.

Try to formulate a social media marketing strategy that is aligned with your goals and keep reviewing this strategy every 6-12 months. A social media Key Performance Indicator (KPI) is a quantifiable measure used to evaluate the success of your social campaign and goals.

If you cannot measure it, you cannot improve it!

Don’t forget to invest your time regularly in social media monitoring.

Value-oriented content

Value Adding Content

Remember that only 20% of social media content should promote your brand and the rest 80% should be dedicated to the interest of the audience.

Create content in a small digestible form that provides value.

You can create and categorize content into multiple forms like photos, infographics, PowerPoint templates, GIFs, memes, illustrations, etc. for your followers. For example, a case study or an ebook on any relevant topic will add more value to your followers than merely sharing an article worth 300-500 words.

Here are 10 social media post ideas that you can use to engage your followers.

Social ads

Social Ads

The organic reach and engagement of social media content are declining day-by-day. According to a report, Facebook posts recorded a 20% decline in its engagement rate.

To minimize the pain of declining organic reach and engagement you must shift to social media ads.

When considering social ads, group your audience into three categories:

  1. Core Audience
  2. Custom Audience
  3. Look-alike Audience

The above-mentioned segmentation will give you clarity in understanding the interest of your audience and target accordingly.

Influencer campaign

You can plan influencer campaigns by collaborating with popular individuals and local influencers on various social media platforms.

The only thing to consider for an influencer campaign is selecting an individual who resonates with what your brand delivers as it enables you to expand your reach of audience efficiently and effectively.

Personalize your marketing

‘Be social instead of sales!’

Try to personalize your brand by being more social with your audience which drives human engagement.

Everyone loves a touch of humor and when you are successful in making people’s emotions flow, you will get a high peak of engagement in your social posts.

Community build-up

Community Build Up

As people spend most of their time on various social media platforms, the search is not only limited up to search engines, now people have moved to groups on social media platforms for exploring their respective interests.

If you want to take out most from your marketing strategies then focus on building a community of people who are open to sharing their opinion about your brand on an online public platform.

One way to do this is to leverage the Discord platform, where you can create a community and actively interact with members. You can even find Discord mods who will manage community management, allowing you to focus on other important tasks.

Humanize your brand

Humanizing a brand has turned out to be a necessity. People look for people and not bots. Therefore, engaging in real conversations with your audience is important to connect. The tone & voice are the crucial elements that turn your business into a brand.

What factors should you consider while developing the tone & voice of the brand?

  1. Think of a brand personality
  2. Context is the key

Focus on building a brand that delivers content with a human touch to build an emotional connection with your target audience.

Get set and go!

By now, you must have understood that the benefits are much more than you have thought of!

You just need to sow the seed of authentic content and shower it with meaningful engagement and marketing on social media to grow your business online.

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Author: Bharadwaj Sharma

Bharadwaj Sharma is a business journalist turned content writer. He has worked for a public relations agency, a business newspaper, a news website, and a B2B tech magazine before joining Socialmediamarketing.net. In his free time, he loves watching movies, going for a walk, and interacting with friends and family!