9 Strategies to Combine Social Media with Email marketing

According to a study, more than 90% of users within the age bracket of 18-34 years follow brands on social media and 91% rely on email marketing. Emails with personalized subject lines generate 70% open rates and 50% lead generation opportunities.
After all,
A potential prospect needs to come across your brand at least 7 times before they make a buying decision. The only effective way to do this is to combine your social media with email marketing.

We will discuss the best strategies to integrate social media with email marketing to target your audience and convert them into customers.

Read on and start creating an impact right away!

Leverage and promote email

As an online marketer, you may have to search for contacts, else, upload them like connections. A different way to upload subscriber lists is through home pages where you can select people and connect services. A widely accepted method is creating a custom audience and running targeted ads.

Email Promotion

While you upload your subscriber list to a networking site, the personal account gets integrated with more sites. The reason that compels digital marketers to do this is that it gives a face and name to their email subscribers and a relationship is established.

You can promote the newsletter and remind the followers to be a part of the email list on your business pages to leverage the attention of the millennials.

Just write a headline giving description and end with a call to action. Have a perfect image so that more members can be attracted to sign up for newsletters right away.

The idea for newsletter signups goes like adding a URL to the landing page.

User-generated content

Being a digital marketer, knowing the worth of UGC is critical for every digital marketer. This drives clicks-through-rates. User-generated content is referred to as any form of content created and submitted by the customers or users on social media.

This content may be a textual review of a product or a visual image of the user with the product. UGC helps the recipients of your marketing email list to connect with the humanized essence in the content. Having an integrated marketing plan in place is the need of the hour and it will boost your brand recognition. After all, that is exactly what you were looking for right? By combining your eCommerce site and Instagram platform, you can cash in on all the benefits of UGC marketing, including increased engagement.

Host contests

Social media platforms deliver an interactive platform with several fun factors like quizzes and polls. Brand marketers can leverage social media to contests and communicate with the audience. It helps in building social trust by engaging users and creating a dedicated community on digital platforms.

Promote the contests on social media with impressive CTAs and a surprising prize. Let the audience sign up for the newsletter to register for the contest. And it will do magic to bring in a piece of your social media audience to your email list.

Hosting Contests

Running contests is always a good idea to keep your social media followers engaged. Definitely, this can help you to grow your email list too. Always have a strategized CTA and a luring prize and then- ask people whoever wants to sign up to your newsletter. Additionally, implementing an SPF record checker ensures that newsletter sign-up request reaches your followers’ inboxes without being marked as spam.

This idea would also create a FOMO amongst people who are not participating in the contest. Promoting an email update that features exclusive deals and discounts or mention when your next contest will be held.

Most brands tend to engage their users with different contests. Also, contests with trending hashtags with your brand name over the different social media platforms can do wonders for your business. Such a social media marketing move serves as a boon to the branding and email marketing strategies of the business.

Recycle and retarget the content

What this means is, ‘recycle your content and retarget your ads’. It is pretty obvious and easy to recycle your content between the two platforms of email and social media marketing channels.

Content Retargeting

Again, everything usually comes down to having a proper system and strategy in a place, i.e, and sync between two platforms that bind together in a marketing plan. You can either choose to explain your social media thread on email or ask the recipients to click on your social media profile link. It will again add user engagement on your profiles while capturing leads for the business. Such content exchange helps in keeping your brand consistent.
Links of social media pages.

One shouldn’t miss out on inserting links to the relevant social media pages to your email updates. It surely makes subscribing to your email notifications and following your social platform profiles- a one-click decision.


Imagine a scenario where a customer subscribes to your emailers and is interested in checking your social media pages. But in the case of link unavailability, most of them won’t even bother to find on their own.

You can also promote or tease your content or launch by using a relevant call to action for your readers.

Automate email outreach

If you write something awesome, you are supposed to market it right?

Your content needs to be validated, and this is where the email comes in. One should realize the usefulness of reminding your followers of your social media pages.

Allow social networks to send emails. Generally referred to as indirect email marketing, this works through subscribing to various groups. Afterward, you start getting emails regularly as a result of activities inside a group.

Whenever someone joins your community on any social media platform, an introductory thank you mail can create a long-lasting impression on your potential customer.

Email campaign

Things can take your favor if you combine email marketing with your social media campaign. Try sending out emails with campaign ideas. Make use of different ad copies and creative graphics in the mails and wait for a response.

Email Campaign

The truth is- Social media ads are silver bullets these days. This is due to the extreme popularity of the platforms and a rich user base.

The ideas that get higher click rates can then be incorporated in your social media ads! The secret of getting influencers for sharing your content is being social proof. The content gets validated when shared through known influencers after you have already pressed the go button.

These days, it is also possible to automate emails from personal accounts. Just begin a campaign by creating emails and do a follow-up after sending them.

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Auto-responders for FAQs

Create several useful lessons or questions and answers and include them in an autoresponder series of emails with backlinks for prompt responses. The created lessons or Frequently Asked Questions can also be categorized for a better response rate.

Social Media group for subscribers

Creating a community for your potential customers is a modern way of creating brand recognition. By using trending hashtags and creating a community for your existing subscribers on Instagram and Twitter, you can easily make any post go viral.

Subscriber's Group

Create a course and ask people to sign up for the same and spread the word. This is like when people sign up for that course, they are told to email at least two friends about that and then, they can access the private group.

The key to making this work is creating an active group. The group remains in moderation to keep informative and useful user-generated content. Self-promotion is not allowed. This strategy doubles down on numbers when the exclusive group sends out email digests only for members.

Blog posts as cookies

You want to make sure that people read your emails. The best idea for that is to combine a blog content with email campaigns and send them out to your list of people.

Cookie Boost

You can either do this through an email marketing tool or send a broadcast email or newsletter manually after publishing a new post. Do not forget to include a backlink encouraging people for a conversation turnaround.

Author: Bharadwaj Sharma

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