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8 Pinterest Analytics Tools for Hidden Insights

With over 478 million-plus users and an increasing number of brands prioritizing this social media platform, Pinterest is becoming one of the most visited platforms for customers and marketers.

Based solely on images, the engagement that Pinterest marketing generates is immense. But just being on Pinterest won’t help your business. Using Pinterest analytics tools to gain insights that will actually help you envision the performance of your posts in advance and improve them.

These tools not only provide analysis but also come up with several other features like scheduling, bulk uploading, social media calendar, etc. So, here is a detailed list of some of the top-performing Pinterest tools just for you.

1. SocialPilot: Best Pinterest Analytics Tools

Pinterest Analytics tool SocialPilot

Price: $35/month

First on our list of Pinterest analytics tools is SocialPilot. It assists various businesses to operate and communicate with their target audience by analyzing their communications, further increasing engagement.

It also helps you schedule your content on Pinterest and other major social media platforms, like Facebook, Instagram, LinkedIn, Twitter, and TikTok.

With SocialPilot, users can plan content schedules, curate content for the entire week or month, and examine the number of users who engage with each content. Users can explore what works and expand content’s reach on multiple platforms with this great Pinterest tool.

Why Should You Use Socialpilot as Your Pinterest Analytics Tool?

  • SocialPilot lets you analyze and control performance on Pinterest with weekly, monthly, and annual reports. These reports can be downloaded as PDFs.
  • It allows users to curate content and systematically schedule it through SocialPilot’s adjustable scheduling options.
  • Envision posts and schedule them with an inbuilt social media calendar tool.
  • SocialPilot lets you manage 50 Pinterest accounts with exceptional Pinterest scheduling.
  • It helps in uploading numerous pins with bulk scheduling.
  • Social media calendar is yet another vital feature that helps envision and schedule posts.
  • It has Canva app integration for editing all posts and photos.

What Do People Say About SocialPilot?

Lisa D

I am a freelance SMM with a handful of clients and a growing portfolio. I tend to serve smaller businesses and entrepreneurs looking for affordable services. When looking for a content planner, it was important for me to have very specific features while also keeping the cost low so that I could pass saving on to my clients.

Jennifer W

I love being able to schedule multiple posts for multiple accounts and batch content. The analytics are good too. We can have way more accounts vs. some of the other sites out there. I also love that I can set groups and select multiple accounts with one click. There is an option to export reports with your company logo on them to look very professional.

Kate W

Over the years, I have used quite a few of the social media management packages. I always found something that jarred with each one until I tried SocialPilot. Not sure how many years I have been using this now, but I love it, and it forms a big part of my engagement strategy. The best thing about it is that it’s so easy to tailor messages to each channel and tag relevant businesses in the posts on Facebook and Twitter. Analytics are good, the calendar view is great, support is excellent. Fabulous. Thanks to the team at SocialPilot.

2. Cyfe: Data-Centric Pinterest Analytics Tool

Pinterest Analytics tool Cyfe

Price: $29/month

Cyfe is an all-in-one online business marketing dashboard app that helps in easily monitoring and analyzing all of your business data in one organized place.

With Cyfe, you’ll be able to connect and gather data from your advertising, email, social media, sales, finance, SEO, monitoring, support, and web analytics accounts. It also enables you to pull data from popular services like Google and Salesforce, with over 100 integrations and 250+ metrics.


  1. The dashboards allow users to view data in real-time, so clients are always aware of the progress.
  2. Its dashboards have top-notch customization options, as well as CSV and Excel data dashboards.
  3. This Pinterest analytics tool allows for unlimited users and has affordable pricing plans.
  4. Cyfe has an excellent monitoring function, pre-built widgets, and reporting features.

Marta Vidal

Cyfe is a good tool for analysis and reports. It has a spectacular dashboard with many widgets, and the price is cheap. This tool has style–go for it.


  1. Cyfe is a good fit for an agency but perhaps not too well-suited for companies with many manual data inputs.
  2. It lacks integration with other tools that would track other metrics.
  3. Cyfe offers several built-in integrations from common data sources, but this list could have been more comprehensive and inclusive.

Yevgeniy S.

There could be more integrations and more options, we mainly show their Google Analytics and sales data. Integration with more development tools like GitHub or CircleCI would be great.

3. Viralwoot: Growth-Driven Pinterest Analytics Tool

Pinterest Analytics tool Viralwoot

Price: $19/month

Trusted and used by hundreds of businesses, Viralwoot is an exceptional all-in-one social media analytics tool. It helps to schedule posts, boost social media presence, enhance content on social media, create campaigns, etc.

Using ViralWoot pin programmers lets users magnify their presence on various social networks like Instagram, Facebook, and YouTube and spend more time on high-value activities that generate quality leads. Automation, bulk scheduling, post promotion, analysis, and reporting are important features of this Pinterest tool.


  1. This Pinterest analytics tool speeds up promotions and supercharges productivity and influences the management system to run campaigns.
  2. With the help of one of the best Pinterest analytics tools, users can also run specific and real-time track campaigns.
  3. The social media managers can program pins from anywhere on the web by using their free chrome extension.
  4. It is straightforward, fast, and mobile-friendly.

Shashvat V.

Whether it’s the promotion of your product or connecting with customers, or analyzing your brand’s performance, Viralwoot is a one-stop-solution platform for Pinterest Marketing.


  1. It has restricted features and focuses mainly on Pinterest and Instagram.
  2. Customer care is not responsive and takes weeks to reply.
  3. Compared to other Pinterest analytics tools, it does not provide a comprehensive analytics report.

Verified User

Even though it is confirmed that the subscription is canceled, the company still received a charge every month for three months. They said for several months that they would refund us, but no actions have been taken.

4. Tailwind: Visual-Focused Pinterest Analytics Tool

Pinterest Analytics tool Tailwind

Price: $19.99/month

The next Pinterest tool for hidden insights and analytics is Tailwind. Tailwind claims to be one of the best Pinterest analytics tools that assists creators in “getting real results in less time.”

It has some exceptional features like the Pinterest scheduler that assists in uploading content in bulk. Several users use it to post pin designs and edit images for free with the help of integrated tools like Canva.

This Pinterest tool lets users create a custom schedule to readjust their Pinterest goals. Users can pin just several times per day or drive more content.


  1. This Pinterest marketing tool allows users to design several posts easily from any page on the internet with the web browser extension.
  2. The mobile app is friendly and allows scheduled posts as well.
  3. It allows users to manage campaigns on Pinterest effectively with its multi-board pinning, bulk upload, drag-and-drop calendar, and various other features.
  4. It is budget-friendly. with a starting plan of $19.99.

Brennan S.

I love that it allows me to be extremely active on Pinterest without the time commitment & constant use of the platform.


  1. Even though it is mobile-friendly, the dashboard is not user friendly, and users find it complex.
  2. While uploading pins in bulk, the system tends to lag.
  3. It only supports Pinterest and Instagram.

Itzel R.

I wish it was more advanced. It is pretty basic with very few features. Seems to be room for more and especially for the money.

5. ViralTag: Evergreen Pinterest Analytics Tool

Pinterest Analytics tool ViralTag

Price: $99/month

ViralTag is next on our list of Pinterest marketing tools. It is a team-centric tool that allows a social media management team to collaborate on post-production and content strategy building.

Like SocialPilot, this Pinterest tool can also handle almost every social media channel, including Pinterest. It has an all-in-one dashboard that has all the features intact in one place.

It is yet another excellent Pinterest tool to get a detailed analysis of how your posts are performing.


  1. With this Pinterest scheduling tool, users can pin many boards together at the same time.
  2. Post recycling is another unique feature that allows re-sharing of the top-performing posts to generate more leads.
  3. Analytics reports of the same are also available to envision future posts and strategies.
  4. The team collaboration feature makes marketing easy and innovative.

Anna V.

Viraltag is awesome and affordable. Easy to use, and the evergreen feature is great. Customer support – they have a chatbox and will get back to you usually within 24 hours with an answer.


  1. This Pinterest marketing tool is quite expensive for small business owners and freelancers.
  2. To avail more features, users have to pay more.

John B.

The constant need to reconnect social accounts which often leads to failed posts.

6. Hootsuite: Pro Pinterest Analytics Tool

Pinterest Analytics tool Hootsuite

Price: $129/month

Another prominent Pinterest marketing tool is Hootsuite. One of the fastest-growing, top-performing tools, Hootsuite, is the choice of professionals for effortless marketing and generating detailed analytics.

Hootsuite has over 200,000 paid accounts and millions of users. Hootsuite assists with social media for organizations around the globe—from small to large businesses.


  1. Hootsuite has an all-in-one dashboard where users can edit schedules, view, edit, and delete the pins for robust social media campaign management.
  2. It helps in curating relevant and trending content to gain more engagement and quality leads.
  3. Bulk uploading is yet another cool feature to make marketing easy for users. The social media calendar tool helps plan posts in advance.
  4. The analytics and reporting feature aid in improving the performance of posts on Pinterest and other social networks.

Christian N.

Having a nice visual for each feed gives a great lay of the land on what is queued up in your pipeline of posts. It’s also pretty simple to upload and schedule posts, as well as going back to make edits to settings before a post is scheduled to go live.


  1. The pricing plans are expensive for small businesses.
  2. Some users find it difficult to navigate through the dashboard.
  3. Hootsuite could have been better with fast customer service.

Kyle M

Hootsuite could be even better if customer support was faster and more robust. They should aggregate all reach and mentions so we could do our Metrics reports more easily. I would like to be able to post to IG and Pinterest without workarounds, but I understand this is not totally their fault.

7. PinPinterest: AI-Powered Pinterest Analytics Tool

Pinterest Analytics tool PinPinterest

Price: $33/month

PinPinterest is an all-encompassing Pinterest management tool. It can schedule and monitor pins and generate relevant reports revealing which pins or boards are performing to what degree. It also runs on AI and can choose for you. Select the website, and PinPinterest can crawl and select which content from it will perform best for which board. It’s like setting your Pinterest management on auto-pilot and forgetting about it.


  1. It has a user-friendly interface.
  2. It automatically follows and unfollows relevant users from the platform.
  3. It can judge content on its relevance and the type of your boards and pin the things accordingly.
  4. It can schedule and update pins on Pinterest in advance so the user can plan ahead.

Anmol Sonatra

It’s really an amazing tool. I’ve literally automated everything via PinPinterst. Now, I spend about an hour a week, to schedule everything, and check my stats for the week..apart from this, it does not require any helping hand. The creators have really done well and developed it into a self-sustaining, intelligently​ mean thing.


  1. The number of accounts is limited by the type of plan you purchase.
  2. The tool contains ads.
  3. The tool is limited to only Pinterest for other platforms, and you don’t get the same degree of automation.

Verified User

The only con is the ads that keep on popping up. Other than that, this tool is a must-have if you’re on Pinterest.

8. Buffer: Intuitive Pinterest Analytics Tool

Pinterest Analytics tool Buffer

Price: $120/month

Buffer is an all-rounder social media management tool that offers. some of the best Pinterest analytical insights. It can schedule, update, and analyze your Pinterest activity and provide excellent insights.

It is the perfect tool for small to medium-sized businesses to manage all of their social media activities from one integrated platform. Apart from Pinterest, it supports Instagram, Facebook, Twitter, and LinkedIn.


  1. It provides a single dashboard for the management of multiple social media platforms.
  2. The content scheduling features of the tool are very robust.
  3. The user interface is very easy to operate.

Meghan G

It is a handy source to plan ahead for social media content. I also really like that you can plan ahead with stories, however they do not post directly but give you a reminder instead.


  1. There are a few occasional bugs encountered during publishing.
  2. Analytics lack somewhat in comparison to its competitors.

Verified User

There are often errors, and posts don’t publish when they are supposed to, not super intuitive, hard to add new campaign topics, drafts vs queue.

Which Pinterest Analytics Tools Should You Choose?

Pinterest is emerging as one of the most fascinating and engaging platforms for businesses that want to increase their reach and keep up with the trends. But just being on Pinterest won’t do any good. To properly run a successful blog, you need to get into the hidden insights and analyse the data of your posts.

And generating those reports can be a complex job. That’s why there are many Pinterest tools out there in the market to help businesses in analyzing how their posts are performing. But marketers prefer a comprehensive tool that can do more than just analyze posts on a singular platform.

SocialPilot seems to be a near-perfect tool that analyzes not only Pinterest but also many other social media channels like Instagram, LinkedIn, Twitter, Facebook, and TikTok.

Now, why go for a separate tool when you can have a complete tool at the price of one?

SocialPilot offers a 14-day trial as well. So, what are you waiting for? Go and check out SocialPilot’s all-in-one solution for excellent Pinterest scheduling and marketing.

Frequently Asked Questions

🌟 How can we analyze insights on Pinterest?

By using Pinterest tools, we can analyze insights on Pinterest. Such tools also help schedule, analyze and publish posts.

🌟 What are some Pinterest tools to get insights and analytics reports?

Following are some Pinterest marketing tools to get insights and analytics reports on Pinterest:

  1. SocialPilot
  2. Cyfe
  3. Tailwind
  4. ViralTag
  5. HootSuite
  6. ViralWoot
  7. PinPinterest
  8. Buffer

🌟 Which is the best tool for excellent Pinterest marketing?

SocialPilot is among the most reliable tools for getting analytics reports, driving Pinterest traffic, and increasing engagement among audiences. With SocialPilot as your Pinterest tool, you can analyze, schedule, and run campaigns, aesthetic design pins via Canva right from the post composer, control multiple Pinterest boards, analyze each one, and download valuable PDF reports.

🌟 Where can we write keywords on Pinterest?

You can write keywords in pin and board descriptions, hashtags, and titles. You can use either keyword research tools or directly use the Pinterest search bar to discover relevant keywords for a niche to increase the scope of your pins.

🌟 Should we post daily on Pinterest?

Yes, to maintain a steady presence on Pinterest, you should post on a regular basis. It will increase your reach among the audience, and you will keep popping up on their feed. So every time they see your post, they are reminded of you.

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