10 Content Curation Tools for Social Media (2023)

There are more than 1.92 billion websites on the internet that need new content constantly. Yet churning out new content daily is a tedious process.

A content creator might feel a block sometimes. So, if you have felt this too, we are in the same boat!

But don’t worry, content curation tools are here to help.

They collect existing data and facts like social media posts, blogs, and videos created and shared by other people or brands and share them with your followers. According to a study, the sweet spot is a 60/40 ratio of content curation vs content creation.

By leveraging the art of content curation, you can save time, money, resources, and effort normally spent on creating new content. This will let you reach your target audience among the 5.1 billion active internet users more easily.

But, you might ask, which content curation platforms should you use to create effortless content that is relevant and best fits your audience?

While there are plenty of content curation tools to assist you in finding suitable content, choosing the best one is a bit tricky.

Go for the one that makes it effortless to share this content across various social media platforms and its 4.62 billion users. They must deliver content from different sources, which helps you improve content marketing strategy, increase SEO ranking, and boost brand visibility.

We’ll share a list of content curation tools for social media in 2023. With no further ado, let’s get into it.

10 Content Curation Tools for Social Media (2023)

  1. SocialPilot
  2. BuzzSumo
  3. Flockler
  4. Content Studio
  5. Kapost
  6. Feedly
  7. Curata
  8. Pocket
  9. Quuu
  10. UpContent

1. SocialPilot: Best Social Media Management and Content Curation Tool

Content Curation tool SocialPilot

Price: $35/month

SocialPilot is the go-to tool for content curation used by professionals. It is one of the most cost-effective and highly comprehensive content curation tools. It lets you curate content for various social media platforms, such as TikTok, Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Instagram, Google My Business, Pinterest, Tumblr, and VK.

Besides being a content curation software, it also helps track insights for social media campaigns. You can optimize and track content engagement, demographics, audience growth, and influencers.

There’s more to that,

With this tool, users can manage, publish, and boost posts, run campaigns, generate reports, and more. It offers elaborated content where you get many choices as a user. Meanwhile, it divides the content into categories such as tech, music, marketing, travel, and business.

Another best thing is that your content will always stay evergreen and relevant. This content will also boost engagement and exclude the necessity for worth-sharing content.

Why is SocialPilot One of the Best Content Curation Tools for you?

  • Content discovery or content curation platform allows for the gathering of evergreen content the audience will adore.
  • The influencer analytics tool helps users discover top influencers that can aid in driving engagement.
  • The RSS feed automation feature enables you to share your favorite content regularly and effortlessly.
  • Besides curating content for social media channels, you can also schedule and analyze your posts.
  • SocialPilot provides additional features like advanced search. You can add a relevant keyword to pull useful and amazing articles. It is also useful to narrow down your research by searching for an author and a website name.
  • The tool provides you with similar topic suggestions related to your current search.
  • You can instantly email social media reports to your clients from the SocialPilot dashboard.
  • It lets you download PDF social media analytics reports anytime and share them with your team.
  • You can bulk schedule 500 posts at a time, including image uploads, to keep your social media accounts active 24×7.

What do people say about SocialPilot?

Lisa D

I am a freelance SMM with a handful of clients and a growing portfolio. I tend to serve smaller businesses and entrepreneurs looking for affordable services. When looking for a content planner, it was important for me to have very specific features while also keeping the cost low so that I could pass saving on to my clients.

Rekha S

I always stay ahead of everyone in my field with the help of its advanced scheduling feature. And the capability to solve all the queries of my audience of different social media accounts from one spot is just amazing, I don’t need to switch my account every time to engage with them.

Kate W

Over the years, I have used quite a few social media management packages. I always found something that jarred with each one until I tried SocialPilot. Not sure how many years I have been using this now, but I love it, and it forms a big part of my engagement strategy. The best thing about it is that it’s so easy to tailor messages to each channel and to tag relevant businesses in the posts on Facebook and Twitter. Analytics are good, and the calendar view is superb, support is excellent. Fabulous. Thanks to the team at SocialPilot.

2. BuzzSumo: Top-Rated Content Curation Tool

Content Curation tool BuzzSumo

Price: $99/month

Founded in 2013 and valued by marketers globally ever since, BuzzSumo is one of the best all-in-one content marketing and content curation tools that lets you research and analyze content with performance insights.

BuzzSumo is yet another one of the popular content curation platforms used by professionals to generate new content. By entering a specific keyword or a domain name, you can get a list of the most shared content on that topic.

Also, BuzzSumo is the world’s largest index of social engagement data, with more than 300 trillion engagements, 8 billion articles, and millions more indexed daily, giving you quality data you can count on.


  1. BuzzSumo has a ‘Content Research’ tab to explore trending topics and engage with followers who share and follow your content.
  2. You can generate content analysis reposts and domain reports to streamline your posts by visualizing them.
  3. Other than the paid plans, it also has a free plan available.

Divya K

Buzzsumo has various stunning tools, such as a content analyzer that assists us in identifying top-performing content throughout the web and a content ideas generator that helps us produce fantastic content ideas for our websites. Also, this software is quite helpful in building backlinks to the web application for a better digital presence that contributes to the overall search engine optimization.


  1. The “Topic Explorer” feature is not entirely helpful and accurate.
  2. You need a fair amount of budget to buy the paid plans, as they are quite expensive compared to their service.
  3. Some users don’t find the UI up to the mark.

Ivy D

Buzzsumo doesn’t have many filtering options for the content it populates. I also see a lot of repetitious content for similar keywords.

3. Flockler: A Content Curation Tool Preferred by Brands

Content Curation tool Flockler

Price: $110/month

Flockler is a social media aggregator, helping marketers curate and display social media feeds from Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, TikTok, and other channels.

Many brands, like GoPro, Metallica, and IKEA, use the software to improve time spent on site, boost engagement on social media channels, and drive sales.

Flockler enables you to set up automated feeds to gather posts mentioning a specific page and username or gather user-generated content and customer reviews mentioning a hashtag. With Flockler, you can combine content from multiple channels into one place.


  1. You can curate and post content with SocialPilot and show off your hard work on a social media wall.
  2. Flockler helps in improving conversion rates with social proof.
  3. You can create as many grids, walls, slideshows, and carousels as you like and display them on unlimited websites, digital screens, mobile apps, and intranets for the same subscription fee.

Leo P

A lot of social tools require constant upkeep, but what I like about Flocker is that it’s a total set-up, and I forget about it. Your social wall just stays updated.


  1. If you are not an active user, the wall doesn’t get updated too much.
  2. The paid plans are quite pricey.

Verified User

If you don’t post a lot of content on social media, like our company, the wall doesn’t really get updated too much.

4. ContentStudio: Content Discovery and Content Curation Tool

Content Curation tool ContentStudio

Price: $49/month

ContentStudio is another one of the all-rounder content curation tools that assists in sharing, monitoring, and discovering content on social media channels. It also helps with uploading content onto your page/blog. You can explore content through different media types and social shares.

It works by choosing individual posts from the topic feed and sharing content automatically according to the rules.

Particular amplification tools provide recycled posts, hashtag suggestions, and improved images. Third-party integrations are available in apps such as Bit.ly and Medium.


  1. In ContentStudio, the multi-channel composer aids you in composing original and fresh content for blogs and social media from an intuitive editor.
  2. It is integrated with an image editor, UTM manager, SEO optimization toolbox, and hashtag suggestions.
  3. It allows you to streamline your workflow through running campaigns and team collaboration from an interactive list view and calendar.

Verified User

ContentStudio is great for curating web content for social media posts. I like that I can find content to post without leaving the app. I can also schedule my own content in advance. You can even approve other team members’ posts.


  1. The content curation platform takes a while for a new user to get used to the interface.
  2. Customer support responds slowly.
  3. The scheduler is clunky.

Ayman Albarbary

A bit of slow development for unknown reasons. Results from the content research tool are not as satisfying when you compare it to other tools in the category. Support is somehow slow.

5. Kapost: Content Visualization and Content Curation Tool

Content Curation tool Kapost

Price: $8/user/month

Kapost is yet another content curation software that was developed to streamline and visualize your content strategies according to the customers’ journey. It analyzes, shares, delivers, and plans content marketing ventures, all in one place.

With the help of Kapost, you can discover a platform that aids you in bringing together the business plans, strategies, and content.

With this tool, you can deliver and create content that fulfills business goals besides purchasing items through the customer journey.


  1. This is one of the best content curation platforms that helps you discover authentic market content.
  2. With the help of this top content curation software, you can collaborate with the team members and plan initiatives while connecting with messages and building the content journey towards the right target.
  3. Besides content curation, this tool aids in streamlining the content with sales.

Mike G

The ease of setting up specific workflows for every stage of content creation, including being able to assign stakeholders for review seamlessly. Also, I can build a great editorial calendar.


  1. Some users have reported encountering bugs in this tool.
  2. It is less flexible and more clunky.

Andrew H

Rather hard to get people on board the platform; sometimes it can be difficult to understand certain sections, such as the Gallery. Poor integration with Drupal and not very powerful content creation tools.

6. Feedly: A Content Aggregation Platform

Content Curation tool Feedly

Price: $8/month

Feedly is a content curation tool that helps you ramp up your content game. It is one of the simplest curation tools to use, aggregating news for you to keep up with.

It uses artificial intelligence named Leo to learn from your pattern of preferred topics. Once you add some of the topics you like, Feedly will browse the internet and recommend related or similar content. This really saves a bunch of time for the user.

This tool provides a convenient platform for you to catch up with the content you are interested in and filter out the irrelevant ones. Best of all, Feedly is available as a free content curation tool to the users. Although the free plan gives limited functionality, you can use it for as long as you want.


  1. With this content curation app, you can aggregate various types of content into a single platform.
  2. Discovering new and relevant content becomes very convenient.
  3. The software has a clean and simple interface.

Verified User

An easily curated collection of blogs, news, and interesting stories. The usage is intuitive, and the interface is sleek.


  1. There is a learning curve involved.
  2. Filtering options could be more streamlined and precise.

Martin D

Feedly provides us with filtering and tagging tools, but it’s not quite as advanced as I’d like. There is so much content floating out there these days that even deep filtering can still leave you with tons of insignificant content.

7. Curata: AI-Powered Content Curation Tool

Content Curation tool Curata

Price: N/A

If you are talking about content curation tools, Curata’s name is bound to pop up. It is a powerful and intuitive content marketing platform where the content curation software allows you to bring content at your convenience from different news, blogs, keywords, authors, etc.

This tool uses machine learning to understand the content-inclination of the user and retrieves matching relevant topics from various resources.

Users can also customize the curated content with images from their dashboard then post or schedule it.


  1. The tool learns and gets more efficient over time using its machine learning feature.
  2. Customer service is very satisfactory.
  3. The set-up process is said to be fairly simple.

Verified User

Intelligent relevance sorting that gets smarter over time, customer service support, ability to create filters for separate topics (we have multiple content streams), the ability to publish through the software or just use it for story gathering.


  1. More customizations in tags might be needed.
  2. Some articles are repeated in suggestions.
  3. The sequence of relevance seems inaccurate sometimes.

Neal R

Relevance does not work as well as suggested, as some articles I mark as low interest still show up.

8. Pocket: A Dedicated Content Curation Tool

Content Curation tool Pocket

Price: $4.99/month

Pocket is a great content curation app to collect and save content from going through later. It works within your website or social platform and is as easy to use as bookmarking a page to read later. It was known as ReadItLater initially, then renamed as Pocket.

It serves as a library for saving links, pages, or posts to find later. It integrates with over 500 other apps, so you can use it for a wider scope of collection on other platforms. Just a click and your content is saved in the Pocket to view at your leisure.

It is one of the better free content curation tools to start with for beginners with little to no experience. This tool is simple enough to use, so they don’t get overwhelmed.


  1. It is an easy way to save and browse articles, blogs, stories, videos, etc.
  2. It is a beginner-friendly tool.
  3. It is accessible from desktops as well as smartphones.

Urmila T

Pocket’s most useful feature is that it is effortless and straightforward for new users as well. Another remarkable thing is that this app is versatile as it is accessible from multiple devices such as laptops, tablets, and mobiles.


  1. Users are often spammed with emails.
  2. The app contains a lot of ads.

Kelsey G

Something I dislike about the app is that it is very advertisement-heavy. In order to relieve myself of the ads, I would need to sign up for a premium membership, which costs a fee.

9. Quuu: Specialized Content Curation Tool

Content Curation tool Quuu

Price: $5/month

Quuu is a well-known content curation tool amongst social media marketing platforms. Quuu integrates with many other tools like Hubspot and Hootsuite, boosting their content marketing capabilities.

The AI-powered tool categorizes your content automatically to read through it later on easily. The tool offers the reader mode, a sleek interface sans any pop-ups or ads so you can enjoy the content for further ease of readability.


  1. AI-powered technology helps the tool learn and adapt to the users’ needs.
  2. It integrates very easily with other tools and effectively drives traffic.
  3. Multiple categories can be selected to curate content at once.

Timoté G

The Quuu team is very reactive and aims always to improve their user experience. The solution is a very interesting way to drive more traffic to your content in an efficient way. The integration of blogs makes it also very easy to boost all your content at once instead of doing it 1 by 1. The team is providing very qualitative feedback on content which are very useful to make improvements.


  1. The tool sometimes tends to post unscheduled content.
  2. Scheduled content doesn’t always get published on time.
  3. The post publishing accuracy is very faulty.

Verified User

Quuu is claiming to be an internet marketing tool. They are supposed to post on your behalf and distribute your posts across the internet. Although nothing seems to be true. They failed on 3 occasions: 1. Posted content that I did not authorize; 2. Did not post content I scheduled; 3. I did not post any of the reports I have submitted for posting. They promise a 100% money-back guarantee, and when membership is canceled in 5 days, they rejected to do that. Please be aware of this scam.

10. UpContent: Instant Content Curation Tool

Content Curation tool UpContent

Price: $15/month

UpContent is a dedicated content curation platform powered by machine learning. It integrates with other diverse tools like Hootsuite, supporting its content capabilities.

The tool says that it reduces users’ time spent sifting through content by 65% and streamlines their collection to use them as they need, either by posting it or adding them to their library.

This content curation software is used worldwide to boost content marketing efforts, supporting their original content.


  1. New users can configure the tool very easily.
  2. Getting immediate and relevant results on different topics proves the efficiency of UpContent.
  3. It integrates with an email-list scheduler as well.

Nik W

UpContent was super easy to configure. I quickly set up a topic relevant to my business and immediately saw articles and blog posts that were relevant. At no point was I looking for a help menu or guided tour.


  1. Finding all the preferred sources might take some time.
  2. Users kept getting redirected to a different platform due to collaborations of the platform with other tools.

Verified User

Being forced to use a 3rd party service to share the content is frustrating, especially when competitors have this down-pat. The owner seems hard set on its current state.

Which of these Content Curation Tools will You Choose?

In the above list of content curation tools, we narrowed down some top-performers of 2023.

So, before picking the right tool, you need to comprehend the functionality of content curation. And if you are an entrepreneur, the intermediate and beginner options are enough to fulfill your needs. However, with the growth of your business, content curation becomes more important, and it should be a powerful one.

Even though many tools are available in the market, no tool is perfect. But, SocialPilot seems to be an appropriate option. Not only does it support content curation, but many additional features related to content marketing and monitoring. In short, it’s an all-rounder social media management hub for all needs.

So, why choose multiple tools when you can select a single and comprehensive tool like SocialPilot. Take its 14-day free trial and unleash your branding on social media like never before.

Frequently Asked Questions

🌟 What is content curation?

Content curation is the practice of collecting valuable content from a variety of diverse sources and posting it online. A content curator is accountable for finding appropriate content about a specific category and sharing targeted information with readers.

🌟 What are some top content curation tools in 2023?

Some of the top-performing content curation tools are:

  1. SocialPilot
  2. ContentStudio
  3. Kapost
  4. Flockler
  5. BuzzSumo
  6. Feedly
  7. Curata
  8. Pocket
  9. Quuu
  10. UpContent

🌟 Is content curation legal?

Yes, because content curation is not the same as plagiarizing; therefore, it is legal. It is just a collection of content from reliable and different sources. But if you are using the same elements of the content, give the original content owner credit.

🌟 Can I curate content for free?

Yes, with the help of free content curation tools, you can curate content free of cost.
Some tools are: ShareIt, Buzzsumo, Trap.it.

🌟 Is content curation helpful in SEO?

Yes, content curation is actually useful from an SEO perspective, as it enables you to add more value to your content plan supported by credible sources.

Author: Sweta Panigrahi

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