5 Unparalleled Digital Marketing Tools for Brands and Agencies

Did you know that more than 4.5 billion people are using social media? And that means global connectedness at the tips of your fingers is no longer a dream!

Most business owners have realized the importance of digital marketing in the pandemic rise. That means they need to up their game in digital marketing to stay ahead of their competitors. But the lack of time is one major hurdle in this process.

We know that being a digital marketer isn’t an easy-peasy task. You need to handle hundreds of duties and commitments. Maintaining a presence online has also become crucial more than ever.

Be it blog/article posts, social media channels, or paid ads, digital marketers are now taking the help of tools to boost their reach. These digital marketing tools help make promotion a cakewalk for businesses of all kinds.

And to assist you in choosing the right one, we have come up with a short list of 5 unparalleled digital marketing tools for brands and enterprises.

Let’s check them out!

1. SocialPilot


Price: $35/month

SocialPilot is one of the best digital marketing tools available, which assists in everything from creating posts on top social media apps, content curation and bulk scheduling backed by robust analytics.

It is one of the finest digital marketing tools that helps you with limitless customer management. Besides that, you can easily customize and design posts for each platform, create posts for impactful branding, and get recognized by your audience with adaptable scheduling.

SocialPilot enables you to analyze and document social media performance with the help of in-depth social media analytics. Users can operate, post, promote, run, and generate reports under social media banners through this tool. It is compatible with Facebook, Google, Instagram, Twitter, LinkedIn, TikTok, Pinterest, and VK.

Why Choose SocialPilot As Your Digital Marketing Tool?

  • SocialPilot is one of the best digital marketing tools to make customized posts for every social media channel.
  • The influencers’ analytics tool assists users in discovering top influencers that can aid in driving engagement.
  • You can optimize, strategize, manage, and visualize your content with a social media calendar.
  • With the bulk scheduling feature, you can upload up to 500 posts in one go.
  • It has LinkedIn and Facebook-specific audience targeting available.
  • You can get new content suggestions with the content curation feature.
  • You can easily access all page conversations in one place by leveraging the ability of the social inbox.
  • You can set workflows in team collaborations for seamless work.
  • SocialPilot has Canva integration to create the finest designs.
  • You can reach your potential customers by targeting the right audience.
  • It lets you manage up to 70+ social media accounts to operate all your customers from one place.

What Do People Think About SocialPilot?

Luis Ignacio C.

I implemented SocialPilot as the primary tool for content management. SocialPilot is truly amazing. Apart from all that, they also offer you a complete section of analytics, which allows you to show the orderly evolution of your work.

Rekha S

I always stay ahead of everyone in my field with the help of its advanced scheduling feature. And the capability to solve all the queries of my audience of different social media accounts from one spot is just amazing. I don’t need to switch my account every time to engage with them.

Kate W

Over the years, I have used quite a few of the social media management packages. I always found something that jarred with each one until I tried SocialPilot. Not sure how many years I have been using this now, but I love it, and it forms a big part of my engagement strategy. The best thing about it is that it’s so easy to tailor messages to each channel and to tag relevant businesses into the posts on Facebook and Twitter. Analytics are good, the calendar view is great, support is excellent.

2. SmartTask


Price: $11/month

SmartTask is yet another digital marketing tool that makes working with your team easier. There are many tasks to be accomplished in digital marketing.

Everything needs to be scheduled, from publishing posts to getting the blog posts approved by the team. Many digital marketers, companies, and individuals use SmartTask to brainstorm content ideas, strategize, assign tasks, and fulfill deadlines.

Built to be straightforward yet efficacious, SmartTask integrates with a rich feature set that includes custom fields, powerful search, custom charts, direct messaging, and mobile apps, to mention a few.


  1. The tool has many features, such as comments, reminders, and auto-complete, making working with a team more comfortable.
  2. The file storage option ensures everything is on the cloud.
  3. The interface is user-friendly and straightforward.

Dave O.

SmartTask is straightforward to use. It is packed with useful features that my company uses daily. It’s perfect for project management, task management, and CRM. We even use it to manage outsourced work and remote employees. The Integromat & Zapier integrations make the possibilities endless.


  1. The mobile application isn’t that good.
  2. SmartTask could make the user interface better.
  3. You’d have to use several other tools for your digital marketing needs, and the price can be steep.

Verified User

They have a “genie” feature that could be cool, but it needs a lot of work. It actually makes adding tasks more frustrating.

3. BuzzSumo


Price: $99/month

BuzzSumo is a digital marketing tool founded in 2013 and valued by marketers globally. It is an all-in-one content marketing and content curation tool that gives you content research, analysis, and performance insights.

Used by professionals to generate new content, BuzzSumo is one of the favorite tools of pro marketers. By entering a specific keyword or a domain name, you can get a list of the most shared content on that topic.

Also, BuzzSumo is the world’s most extensive index of social engagement data, with over 300 trillion engagements, 8 billion articles, and millions more indexed daily, giving you quality data you can count on.


  1. It is easy to use and saves your time by generating different content ideas.
  2. This tool helps determine top influencers in your industry and encourages you to connect with them.
  3. You can also execute backlink research with this tool.

Reynold D

The platform is very user-friendly and gathering, analytical information, tracking required content is really very easy. Our workload is a lot less stressed with BuzzSumo.Thanks for that.


  1. The price is too high, primarily for small businesses and entrepreneurs.
  2. It doesn’t calculate social shares on LinkedIn, one of the enormous social media platforms.
  3. It takes time to get familiar with BuzzSumo navigation initially.

Ivy D

BuzzSumo doesn’t have many filtering options for the content it populates. I also see a lot of repetitious content for similar keywords.

4. Feedly


Price: $12/month

Feedly is yet another digital marketing tool that will aid you in checking all the content ideas without the information overkill that usually comes with this job. You can pick various blogs, topics, and publications you’re interested in, and the platform will aggregate them into a feed that you can manage efficiently.

You can also see what content gets better results for your competitors than you. The app is highly efficient in operating content sources and the actual content itself, as it allows for the customization and filtering of different feeds. It is also helpful for monitoring and keeping track of brand and product mentions across the web, including social media.

It allows users to pull together and manage web content from different sources into a single platform and then use it whenever they like. Feedly is an AI-driven application that offers cloud-based access for web browsers through a sign-up process.


  1. The recommendation feature lets you get matching content recommendations for article subjects you want.
  2. It is easy to use, even for someone new to the domain.
  3. You can customize your feed by dividing it into interests like science, entertainment, digital marketing, etc.

Keith N

Signing up with Feedly is as simple as ever with any type of software I use for business. I like being able to add multiple news feeds from popular mainstream outlets and also smaller blogs and Twitter accounts. Feedly keeps all of its features and menu links very concise. It’s not confusing at all to browse around and use the Feedly account. It’s visually easy to look at navigate to the feed that I want. I enjoy being able to find new feeds as well through the categories.


  1. The mobile version isn’t that great.
  2. Sometimes the entire article is not visible on Feedly, and you have to go to the originator’s website, which could be time-consuming and frustrating.

George N

I think the pricing for the higher plans is more than I think it should be. Feedly is a good value, but the pricing should be more competitive in order for some users to make sense of using it.

5. Hootsuite


Price: $49/month

Hootsuite is yet another popular digital management tool for individuals and enterprises. It comprises over 16 million users and 1,000+ employees. Hootsuite is one of the most useful tools to manage social media, get insights and run analytics reports on different social media channels.

Hootsuite assists in managing, scheduling posts, analyzing social media research, and providing useful analytics. It has integration with many platforms and social media channels.

You can also monitor different social media channels with its social media stream feature. This tool is excellent for small to medium-sized and even large enterprises, businesses, and marketing agencies who want to boost digital marketing.


  1. It has a comprehensive dashboard that allows you to add other networks for fast monitoring.
  2. Hootsuite lets you know how your social media strategy is working by providing reports 24X7.
  3. The impressive and most used feature of Hootsuite is digital management, automation, publishing, and scheduling social media posts.

Stefanny A

I love that I can create a single post and not only publish it across multiple platforms. I can schedule it for a specific date/time. Then I select each platform I want it to go to. We also love that we can collaborate as a team and all view what is scheduled to be posted and when.


  1. Hootsuite is quite a pricey application for entrepreneurs and small businesses.
  2. Priority support is not available for every customer.
  3. The user interface is not friendly and is complex to understand.

Zainab E

It is not straightforward for first-time users. It is slow. I’ve had a better experience in scheduling posts on Facebook. I have to upload multi-posts manually, and I do not consider this automatic scheduling.

Which Digital Marketing Tool Should You Choose?

Digital marketers need to be active and updated on every online platform. And the fastest way to do that efficiently is with the help of a handpicked set of tools. And one of these is undoubtedly SocialPilot.

Social media platforms are now a vital part of digital marketing. SocialPilot will help you conquer and dominate top social media apps with its cool analytics and scheduling feature.

With SocialPilot, you get quicker visibility and increased engagement opportunities 24X7.

Are you ready for seamless and hassle-free management of everything from one place? Then activate your 14-day free trial now.

Frequently Asked Questions

🌟 What is digital marketing?

Digital marketing refers to advertising and promoting brand products and services on various online platforms like emails, social media, blogging sites, ads, and more. Marketers leverage digital marketing to draw more leads, potential clients, and sales.

🌟 What are digital marketing tools?

The tools used to organize, curate content, strategize, run, and analyze your digital marketing campaigns are digital marketing tools. These marketing tools assist in content curation, scheduling posts on social media, developing keywords, handling email campaigns, etc.

🌟 What are some top digital marketing tools?

The top-performing digital marketing tools are:

  • SocialPilot
  • SmartTask
  • Feedly
  • Hootsuite
  • BuzzSumo

🌟 Is there a cheaper form of digital marketing?

Social media marketing is the cheapest form of digital marketing. It also has a high ROI as it projects with many users each day. You can easily use a digital marketing tool like SocialPilot to conquer top social media apps.

🌟 Which digital marketing tool is a comprehensive and all-in-one tool in nature?

SocialPilot is a robust yet comprehensive digital marketing tool that helps operate all your social media needs. It has many features like scheduling, bulk scheduling, content curation, team and client management, social media insights and analytics, and much more at a reasonable rate.

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